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Barb's Book Review... Chilled

***Spoiler Alert***

Talk about a good start. There is a plane down in the Oregon in the Cascade Mountains. The Madison County search and rescue team is assembled. Jim Wolf, Thomas Todoroff, deputies with the Sheriff's office, Ryan Sheridan a cop from another county and Brynn Nealey; a forensic nurse with her dog and they get an update. A small plane carrying a convict that was being moved has gone down.  The Sheriff (Patrick Collins) informs them that Alex Kinton was being sent from the US Marshall to accompany the team. The moment Alex shows up he couldn't help but notice Brynn. The only woman on the team. He is caught a few times staring at her more than is sociable. This was not going to be a quick S&R mission. It would take days, the cold and wet making it miserable (more so than usual) for them all. Makes for fun times when you are not really sure what you just got yourself into.

Darren, the convict in the plane starts to wake up. Pain eats him up and the small amounts of snow beats in on him as he starts to move around. Still cuffed it was limiting his movement... at first. The US Marshall who had set beside Darren was dead in his seat. There was no front to the plane as Darren looked for the pilots. What in the hell had happened? Darren searches the dead Marshall’s pockets for the keys to the cuffs and removes them. Then he pulled the gun from his holster and pulled the holster on himself. (That never ends well.) Now free and armed he exited the plane, or what was left of it. As Darren explores the crash site, he comes across the cockpit. The Co-Pilot was dead, and the Pilot was half dead. He was in bad shape. On death’s door. After snatching the pilot’s duffle bags and stealing the co-pilot’s coat her was all set. He could run now.

Things heat up more when two US Marshalls show up at the scene where Sheriff Collins is waiting to hear from his team. US Marshall, Paul Whittenhall, the man from the conversation this morning about adding a team member to the S&R mission was now in front of him along with deputy Marshall Stewart but Whittenhall seems confused by the way he is greeted by Collins. Confusion turns into dread. Something is wrong here. As the team moved through the forest, a few challenges had been made, a few accidents but the ones that were sweating was the US Marshalls at the base camp. Kenton was actually a former Marshall. Collins demands answers but tempers flared. Collins needed answers now. Was his team in danger?
When Air Force Pilot, Major Liam Gentry shows up things get tense. Liam was grounded, no helicopters were in the air because of the almost white out conditions but he had a vested interest in the S&R teams well being. Brynn was his ‘girlfriend’. When they discover who the convict on the plane was they all freak internally. The killer on the plane was, for all they knew, loos in the woods. His team had no idea what they were heading into. But Liam, being a force of nature of his own was able to get Whittenhall to spill the deets on Alex Kinton. Seems Alex was intent on getting Darren a lethal injection. An obsession that drove him to a nervous breakdown and causing him to lose his job with the US Marshall’s office.

Alex’s younger brother, Samuel, was one of Darren’s victims. Vengeance is alive and riding him hard. (And I can’t say I blame him.) Alex does eventually tell Jim the truth -once they locate the plane and find Darren is missing as is the Marshall’s gun and jacket- about why he is there. He isn’t a Marshall anymore but he is there to take Darren down. He can’t allow him to make it out of the woods alive. Not after all he has done. As time passes they try to assess the best way to get out of here and go back to base camp. With Ryan being sick, they aren’t sure he is going to make it out or not. Alex wants to go after Darren. And now. They decide, after he tells them all who was on the plane and thanks to Brynn to stay the night using the section of the plain available as suitable shelter. Then they will see what happens in the morning. But no matter what Alex is determined to keep Darren from getting out of these woods.

While Brynn makes it up the mountain to check on Ryan Alex, Jim and Thomas are left to themselves. All still feeling the sting of Brynn's wrath.  Alex decides to go up the mountain to where Brynn and Ryan are, he’s still not sure about leaving her alone fearing Darren could still be close. A little ways up the mountain they hear the helicopter. Brynn and Ryan start to wave their hands, then Jim and Thomas do. Which Alex sees when he himself starts to wave and jump around screaming. But he soon learns they aren't yelling at the copter anymore they are yellin’ at him. An avalanche is heading for him thanks to the copter. He manages to turn and then it hits. He makes swimming motions and disappears under a cloud of snow. The race is on for them to get to him and get him out of the snow. Twenty minutes later and a few frantic tears (on Brynn’s part) later they find him. Frozen but alive. Thankfully he managed to have an air pocket when he had stopped with the snow. Otherwise he would have been dead. When the avalanche too Alex under it also sent the pieces of the plane spinning into the trees. Carried off their backpacks and sent them God only knows where. They found Brynn’s while digging for Alex. So they are left with two packs for 5 adults and a dog. Its not enough to last.

The next morning after going to check the cockpit side of the plane for Darren, ‘cause Alex has a bad feeling they find a note written in blood from him. They really need to get out of here before Darren gets to Brynn or any of them. Alex, Brynn and Ryan will stay behind. Jim and Thomas will make the trek back down to base camp. They should only be one 24 hours then they can get help up to them all. They haven't seen the helicopter since its showing up yesterday so they think they lost their chance.

What they don’t know is that Liam (Brynn's boyfriend) and his brother Tyrone are in the copter and it went down. So not only do they have a rescue team they can’t reach from base camp but a rogue copter and two idiots that are lost in the freezing woods… with a serial killer. ( Yeah that’s not trouble. LOL ) Finally, while they wait for Jim and Thomas to return Alex tells Brynn the truth about why he was here. What Darren had done to his brother. Jim and Thomas make it back to the plane.. but they have two extra men in tow. They came across Liam and Tyrone’s downed copter and brought them into the plane. Tyrone was in bad shape but they were stuck until they could get out. Alex, Jim and Tyrone come up with a plan to see if they can get Darren to come out. As Alex trudges through the snow, Thomas behind him, out of sight of course. When  a shot rings out around his head he dives to the snow. Then follows the shots. Finding his friend, Matt, and his old bosses desk jockey, Stewart fighting. As things go on Alex shoots Stewart to keep him from shooting Matt.

When they head back to the plane he tells Matt what he thought the boss was up to. His conspiracy theory. Matt got what was going on. Why he did what he did with Darren while he was behind bars? Well.. he didn't want the other victim’s families to suffer. He was paying a penance in a way for not helping his brother. Self inflicting himself with pain to help others. The weather is supposed to be clear the next day, so they find out when they return to the plane with Matt. That means the copters will be out searching again. They will finally be able to go home. Question still remains though, what do you do with Darren? He is still out in the woods, waiting. Through the night Brynn wakes to find Liam is gone. Maybe he went to piss. But when its been longer than needed to hit the head (as the men call it) Jim, Thomas, Alex and Matt split up in groups of 2 and set out to find him. They leave Brynn, Ryan and Tyrone in the plane with the dog and a gun. When Alex and Thomas come up on Liam face down in the bushes, almost frozen they assess him and then they hear it. Gun shots. Alex has a bad feeling.

As he runs back to the plane (as fast as the snow will let him) he panics. When he reaches the plane he find Ryan bleeding, Tyron is extreme pain from being kicked in the head and blood all around the door. Keyana’s blood. Seems the dog attacked Darren when he barged in and was shot. But she was alive and following after Darren and Brynn. God, Darren has Brynn. He had a 15 minute head start but Alex has no time to waist. When he did catch up to him, it turned dire quickly. Thankfully Keyana was a big enough of a distraction for Alex to tackle Darren. They fought; hard. It was down to him or Alex and thanks to Brynn Alex was saved as Darren hit the ice cold water of the river.

They were safe and as Jim and Thomas came up on them the copters were heard. The rescuers were now rescued. Making it back to the bottom of the mountain and straight into the Sheriff’s trailer. (laughs) Seems the Sheriff had been busy while they were gone…

Now, that is all I can say. Except… I loooooooved this one. Ha. The heroine and the hero (Brynn and Alex) are just badass. The dynamic between them grew over the days they spent together. I kind of wish there was more of them after the rescue. Though it was a great ending. What I would have expected it to be.

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Barb's Book Review... A Face in The Crowd

a face in the crowd.jpg
Okay, so its no surprise that I am a huuuuuge Stephen King fan. Have been since I was a kid. The thing I love most about reading a King novel is the unexpected. You never know what kind of 'gotcha' moment you're going to get. (laughs) It’s like going to a haunted house and waiting to see what's going to pop out and scare the shit out of ya. 'Cause ya know its coming. I bought the e-book copy of Face in the Crowd almost a year ago. It was one of the first ones I bought and... yes I fail I am -just- getting to it. And I can say this... its not what I expected but in a good way. I was waiting for something to pop out and it didn't. Well not really.

We meet Dean Evers alone in his condo apartment watching the Red Sox. Its a new habit he picked up after his wife died last year. Strange things start happening while he's watching. (stage whispers) He starts seeing dead people at the game... But of course he doesn't believe his old eyes at first. When he sees 'Young Doctor Young' he thinks he's just seeing things. But is he? (snorts) Of course he is. Maybe he's going crazier than a chipmunk on a nut high, maybe not. As the story unfolds before us Dean sees a new face every game. And yes, that person has expired. Dead. He can't seem to fathom why he's seeing the dead. But when he sees his dead wife at the game... he knows he's in for it. Because not only does she wave at him through the tv....she calls him!! She reads Dean up one side, down the other then verbally gives him the heave ho in the nuts. Ha! Its not long after that when Dean decides to take a taxi to the ball field. There is an easy way to settle this.

Though when Dean gets to the ticket booth and asks if a ticket was left by someone for him -and there is- And he is ushered to his seat behind home plate. While he sits there a friend calls his phone. The man gushes about how an officer came by and told him Dean was dead... but he was talking to him on the phone and... he could see him on the television. The cop was wrong. But Dean knew. And if his friend was seeing him.... well that meant he'd save him a seat. He' be seeing him soon.

I liked this novel. It had me laughing almost all the way through it. The main character (Evers) himself is a big arrogant ass but.. he is funny. I wish it had been longer and more to it. I enjoyed it that much.

Now.. onto more books. Until next time, keep it turnin’.

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Book Blast... CM Doporto's University Park Series

Will she succumb to the temptations enticing her?
Publication Date: May 16, 2014
Genre: New Adult Sports Romance (18+)
Series: University Park Series, #1
College senior, Lexi Thompson, finds herself in a relationship to be wed to the university’s star baseball pitcher, Collin Norris. Collin’s damn hot, but his lack of spark has Lexi thinking twice before she says ‘I Do’. When she’s forced to tutor bad boy football quarterback, Raven Davenport, she soon discovers all the things she’s missing in her relationship with Collin. Will she succumb to the temptations enticing her, or will Collin be able to convince his sweet, innocent fiancĂ©e that his love for her is genuine despite his lack of affection? (This story will be told in three installments.)
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks

Publication Date: September 5, 2014
Series: University Park Series, #2
The engagement's off and with Collin behind her, Lexi has decided that the temptations of Raven Davenport are too strong to be ignored. It doesn’t take long for Lexi and Raven to find themselves wrapped in each other’s affection, but not without the challenges that life poses. But can she withstand the world he’s created or will the forces that are against them rip them apart? Love, faith, betrayal, and heartache ripple through their lives as they fight to be on the same side.

Publication Date: December 21, 2014
Series: University Park Series, #3
Lexi’s determined to keep her word and stand by Raven’s side because her love for him is too strong to deny.  As Raven learns to deal with the issues that are destined to destroy him and their relationship, their love is taken to a new level. As doors are closed and new ones are opened, Lexi and Raven find themselves in a heavenly bliss, but not without the challenges from Raven’s past. With a true test of love, Lexi and Raven have to decide if they are willing to do whatever it takes to be on the winning side.

CM Doporto lives in the great state of Texas with her husband and son enjoying life with their extensive family along with their Chihuahua, Mexican Redhead Parrot, and several fish. She writes Young Adult and New Adult stories about ordinary women who do extraordinary things, become a heroine, and find love along the way.

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Book Revision & Excerpt... Paige Tyler's Alaskan Werewolves

A revised Series from USA Today Bestselling Author Paige Tyler.
Alaskan Werewolves

Not only are werewolves real, but they're damn hunky, too.

Frustrated when none of the real newspapers will hire her as a reporter, Eliza Bradley takes the only job she can get—at a paranormal magazine. Her first assignment takes her to Fairbanks, Alaska to investigate the rumors that a werewolf has killed two local men.

When she meets Hunter McCall, a local college professor and an expert on wolves, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to him and ends up spending more time in his bed than worrying about werewolves. That’s when Eliza finds out Hunter isn’t just an animal in the sack, he’s an animal out of it, too—of the werewolf variety. Talk about a complicated relationship.

But Eliza can’t dwell on Hunter’s little shape shifting issues for long. There’s another werewolf out there with a taste for human blood, and she and Hunter are the only ones who can stop him. If they don’t, they’re likely to become his next victims.

**ANIMAL ATTRACTION was originally published in 2008. It was an EPIC Award Finalist, was chosen as BEST BOOK of 2008 at Long and Short Reviews, and received amazing reviews. When I got the rights back from the publisher a little while ago, I decided to revise and rework the story, adding in new characters, a new story arc, and more suspense, action and adventure, which turned the original novella into a full-length novel, and I think made it even better. Hope you enjoy it!


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-Excerpt from Animal Attraction-

“Anything else I can get for you folks?” she asked.
“Ketchup?” Eliza asked.
The woman nodded. “There’s a bottle on the table right behind you, sugar. Enjoy your dinner.”
Eliza had expected the woman to bring her a new bottle of ketchup, or at least grab the one from the other table for them but instead the woman walked away. Maybe it was a diner thing. Or an Alaska thing. Either way, it seemed she’d be going to get her own bottle of ketchup. Taking her napkin off her lap and placing it on the table, Eliza pushed back her chair. When the waitress told her there was a bottle of ketchup on the table behind theirs, she figured it was unoccupied, so she was surprised to see a man sitting there. And not just the average, run-of-the-mill guy she’d expect to find in a diner either, but a mouthwatering specimen of a man. She remembered reading in Cosmo that there was something different about Alaskan men, that living in the great white north made them more hunky and sexy. Staring at the man seated at the table, she could well believe it.
Thank God he was intent on whatever he was reading on the laptop in front of him because he’d think she was a freak standing there staring at him with her mouth hanging open. But damn, with that dark hair, chiseled, stubble-roughened jaw, and sensual mouth, how could any woman not be mesmerized?
Abruptly realizing how idiotic she must look, Eliza finally forced her feet to move. As she neared his table, the man looked up from his laptop and she felt her breath hitch as his gaze met hers. She’d never seen eyes like his before. Not quite brown, but not really hazel, either, the only way she could think to describe them was gold. Regardless, they were the sexiest pair of eyes she’d ever seen. The heat from them captivated her, pulling her into their depths, and suddenly she found it hard to breathe. Talking was completely out of the question. When he lifted a brow in question, she finally managed to break out of her trance.
“I, um, was wondering if I could steal your ketchup,” Eliza stammered, her face coloring. “We don’t have any,” she added, glancing back at her table.
The man followed the direction of her gaze, his gold eyes settling on the photographer for a moment before he gave her a smile. “Sure.”
Picking up the bottle, he held it out to her. As she reached for it, her fingers brushed his and she almost gasped at the sensation that swept through her. It was like she’d just gotten completely and thoroughly kissed. Her knees felt weak and there was a delicious little flutter in her tummy that left her breathless. It was also entirely possible that a slight purr had started between her legs, but she was too distracted to know for sure.
It was then that she realized she hadn’t actually taken the bottle of ketchup yet. She was just standing there touching him like a doofus. She tried to cover her bizarre behavior by grabbing the bottle, but ended up almost knocking it out of his hand. They both fumbled with the thing before she finally gained control of it.
Heat rushed to her face. Could she be any more lame?

Animal Instinct (Book 2)
Artist Heidi Gibson is spending the summer up in Anchorage doing some painting when she gets attacked by a crazed wolf. She is rescued by golden-eyed wildlife biologist Luke McCall, who calmly informs she has been bitten by a werewolf and will turn into one during the next full moon. Thinking he’s obviously out of his mind, she can’t get away from him fast enough.

When strange things start happening to her, however, she begins to think the ruggedly handsome biologist could be right. Not knowing what else to do, she goes to Luke and is stunned to discover that he knows so much about werewolves because he’s one himself.

As Luke teaches her what she needs to know about being a werewolf, Heidi finds herself falling hard for the Alaskan hunk. But while they’re intent on each other, the werewolf that attacked her comes back into the picture, and he’s not exactly happy that another of his kind is trying to take the woman he believes is his rightful mate.

Can Luke and Heidi's attraction overpower the jealousy of the rogue werewolf?


About the Author
Paige is a USA Today Bestselling Author. She graduated from The University of West Florida with a degree in education in 2000, but decided to pursue a full-time career as a writer in 2004. Since then, she’s written over fifty books in several genres, including paranormal, contemporary, western, sci-fi and erotica. She loves writing about strong, sexy, alpha males and the feisty, independent women who fall for them. From verbal foreplay to sexual heat, her stories of romance, adventure, suspense, passion and true love will leave you breathlessly panting for more.

She and her very own military hero (also known as her husband) live on the beautiful Florida coast with their adorable fur baby (also known as their dog). Paige graduated with a degree in education, but decided to pursue her passion and write books about hunky alpha males and the kickbutt heroines who fall in love with them.
When not working on her latest book, Paige enjoys reading, jogging, P90X, Yoga, Pilates, going to the beach, watching NFL football, watching movies and hanging out with her husband (not necessarily in that order!)

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Release Day Blitz, Teasers & Review... Georgia Cate's A Necessary Sin

Necessary Sin
Book 1 of The Sin Trilogy
Release Date: Dec 29

An epic tale of revenge and love in a new romantic trilogy from the New York Times bestselling author of The Beauty Series.
Bleu MacAllister is consumed. A horrific childhood incident has caused every decision in her life to revolve around bringing a monster to justice. With years spent studying The Fellowship, a Scottish organized crime brotherhood of liars, thieves, and killers, Bleu will rely on her skills as a special agent to cut Thane Breckenridge off at the knees. But walking hand in hand with retribution means risking collateral damage, in the form of Breckenridge's son Sinclair--until Sin becomes so much more than Bleu bargained for. She's always known this undertaking would place her life in danger--she never imagined her heart would be as well.

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ANS Teaser Monster.jpg
Sinclair Breckenridge’s POV:

“People don’t realize the things they say without uttering a word. Something as simple as the lift in the corner of one’s mouth can reveal thoughts and emotions better than any voice. Body language—it’s nature’s crafty trick, second only to falling in love.”
“Aye. It’s a shan.”
“A shan?”
“Americans would probably use the word shame.”
“Oh. You sound like you know from experience.”
I have no experience. I’m far too intelligent for such nonsense. “When one falls in love, that person makes the decision to become vulnerable. It’s not a path I’d ever willingly choose so, no. What about you? Has Bonny Bleu ever been in love?”
“I’ve tried dating but it never matters what I do. I’m always what’s wrong.” She’s nervously twisting the ring on her thumb. “I’m able to capture other’s emotions in photos yet I can’t get a grip on my own. I avoid connecting with people. I make myself an island so it gives me an excuse to remain alone.” She sighs and looks embarrassed. “Wow. That sounded like a psychological profile … or something.”

Instagram Thief.jpg

a necessary sin.jpg
First off we (Emmy and I), have to thank Inkslinger PR and the author Georgia Cates for providing us a copy of “A Necessary Sin” to devour (and yes that is what we did with it) in exchange for an honest review.

Today we have a double review as we do sometimes here. Because Emmy and I both are big fans of Georgia Cates after reading some of her previous books. My first thoughts (just from seeing the cover) was “Oh hell yes I want to read that!” and Emmy was like “Yes, we must read that!” so we did and yes it is very, very good. Personally I’d give it more than a 5 but as 5 is the limit that is where it stands. At the top of the mountain awaiting judgment. Emmy also gave it a 5 (which for her is something that almost never happens because a book truly has to knock her on her ass to get a 5) so its a total 10 for us.

I’m kind of speechless in a good way. What a novel! It started off with a bang and only got better from there. Bleu MacAllister is one bad ass gal. Like she could totes take you down and not break a nail and still look hot as hell doing it. I love that the characters have so much depth. Every page turned leads you deeper and deeper into the woods of deceit, lies and revenge. But we can’t leave out the fact that karma is a bitch and will slap you down any time she sees fit.


This novel took me by surprise in more ways than one.  We recently read the Beauty trilogy from this author and we both found ourselves pleasantly surprised. As in the Beauty trilogy, the author has done her research meticulously. The phonetic language she uses for Sinclair's can read it out loud and have a perfect Scottish accent. I love that. I'm a big fan of movies of this genre and found myself thinking of Goodfellas and Bella Mafia more than once.  This author is definitely one to keep an eye on as she demonstrates mastery of the thriller in addition to her previous triumph in romance.


*** Small Spoiler Alert ***

Stella Bleu Lawrence was a typical little girl growing up. She loved to spend time with her mom and bake chocolate chip cookies, play with her friends, love on her German Shepherd and just be a kid. But her world gets brought to a spiraling collapse when someone -a man- comes to their apartment. Her mother makes her stay in her room under the bed, telling her not to come out no matter what she hears. Blue does as she is told. She hears a loud bang but stays put. The man then enters her room, killing her dog as he attacks him and he comes for Blue. He doesn’t shoot her though. He pulls her out and its a voice she recognizes. A man she has heard in the apartment many times before when her mom thought she was sleeping. Thane Breckenridge. A Scotsman. He grabs a pillow and smothers Blue until she stops struggling. Leaving her for dead.

Years later we are face to face with a grown up, very capable 25 year old woman who was trained by the best of the best and is now a ‘former’ FBI agent. Trained to be a chameleon she can blend into any situation, into any place be as ordinary as anyone else despite her being drop dead gorgeous. She is on a mission. One that started the day her mother was killed. There was an off duty FBI agent, Harry MacAllister in her building and heard the gun shots over the loud music and came to investigate. He found Bleu not breathing and administered CPR until EMT’s arrived. Thus saving the little girls life. When Bleu was 12 she told her father -Harry- that she wanted to exact revenge on Thane Breckenridge. She wanted to put a bullet in his head. Harry had a choice train her, to make sure she was ready for it or.. she would possibly get herself killed trying to get the job done. This was why when she was of age he got her into the FBI. She would need all the training she could get so in a few years after many hours of experience under her belt she could go after the Scotsman.

Then -as it does most times- life gets in her way. After losing her adopted mother, Julia of cancer a few years ago now her father has it. Its pushed her revenge time table up to the next level. She now has to go and get herself into the hands of the “Fellowship” so she can worm her way into the hands of the hands of Sinclair Breckenridge, son of the man that killed her mother. What better way to get to him than through his son. As she starts her train to murderville all goes as planned. She has a solid story, all the searching they could do of Bleu MacAllister will show them only what has been planted. Nothing could ruin her story. She has had many years to prepare herself for what is going to happen. Step by step on the path she has chosen has been mapped out. Reexamined and planned over again. No way to fail.

With one exception, Sinclair “Sin” Breckenridge himself. When she set out to woo him and get him to take her in -so to speak- she never had a clue she would fall for this man. He was the son of the man, the monster that murdered her mother. How could she. Bu she set herself up. She gave him herself and that is a deal breaker I bet she will never forget. There are skeptics, as with any organized crime organization, that think Bleu is a spy for the competition. She is up to something why would this American all of a sudden be in way of getting a god at Duncan’s bar where the Fellowship happen to partake in. Good question. And the sad thing is they think she works for someone else but she is there for herself. No one would come looking for her really. Only her father knows where she is and what she is doing.

Their times together are good and when they are bad, they are bad. Sinclair is an enforcer, which means he takes people within the fellowship to be punished for crimes against the Fellowship. This is not an easy task. He gets shot one night and that one bullet hole turns septic. He ends up in the hospital, dying -literally- and Bleu is left aching and hoping like hell he makes it. This gives her a chance. Maybe one in a lifetime.. she can go after Thane, while she is staying in his home. But given the chance to take out Thane Breckenridge is given to her and with a flick of a switch it doesn’t happen. Seems Thane loved her mother. But why did he kill her? (I asked myself that a hundred times and I am not sure it was him.. but who really knows. Georgia keeps us on our toes here.)

As her time in the home of Sinclair grows to be longer day sand into weeks she gets closer to him as he does her. To the point where she needs to dodge threats, Sin’s uncle throwing shit at her from all sides because he doesn’t trust her. Finally a plan is derived to make it so no one can harm Bleu in anyway. She will be made a member of the Fellowship. But in order to do that she must pass an endurance test. That really means she would have the shit beat out of her  -to which she may not survive- and Sinclair is not having that. He takes her place in the endurance test that night. Bleu meantime is with his mom at her home when she gets a text and a video. When they see the video Bleu freaks out. When he makes it back to his flat -being carried of course- he is a mess from head to toe.

Even with her now being a full fledged member of the Fellowship, there is doubt from some. Its to the point of no return when Abram (the uncle) reveals just who Bleu is to Sinclair. Now he is left with only one recourse. He must stand by his word and kill the only woman he has ever loved. The only one capable of his love. He has to do it tonight because she is leaving for a two week trip back to America to get her stuff and see her family before coming back to him. Things don’t always seem to go as planned with those two. Tables are turned and Bleu gets out the house. Running to save her ass. But Sinclair vows to find her.

What will come of it? I guess we will wait and see in book 2 “The Next Sin’ due out on February 9, 2015…. ugh what a long ass wait.. (laughs and sulks)

I think this is the shortest review we have done in a long time because.. really there is so much action packed into this book at for us to tell more would ruin it and we won’t do that. But we can promise if you like suspense, romance and some good ol' fashion love you will love this novel. Fantastic doesn’t do it justice but its as close as I can think to get it.

Straddling Two Worlds.jpg
The Next Installment of the Trilogy is almost here!!!

The Next Sin, Book 2 in The Sin Trilogy, will release February 9, 2015. Pre-order on amazon_logo_RGB.jpg
One Last Sin, Book 3 in The Sin Trilogy, will release March 23, 2015.
ANS Teaser Darkness.jpg

About the Author
Georgia resides in rural Mississippi with her wonderful husband, Jeff, and their two beautiful daughters. She spent fourteen years as a labor and delivery nurse before she decided to pursue her dream of becoming an author and hasn’t looked back yet.
When she’s not writing, she’s thinking about writing. When she’s being domestic, she’s listening to her iPod and visualizing scenes for her current work in progress. Every story coming from her always has a song to inspire it.
Representation: All questions regarding subsidiary rights for any of my books, inquiries regarding foreign translation and film rights should be directed to Jane Dystel of Dystel & Goderich.
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