Monday, August 11, 2014

Book overlooooooooad....

Hello All!

Okay so, I love my Best friend, Emmy. She is the bomb! And now I can add her sister-in-law to that list. Laura sent Emmy home with 3 CD's full of her Kindle Library. Most of which she got off line and other places. Anyways, as we have been going through the first of the 3 CD's I have come across a few authors and a couple of books, series actually that have got my attention peeked. To think of my growing to-read list...I'll be honest it makes me happy.

Though, I have decided to read all of the books I already have on my kindle (which is hellava lot) then start in on the books I have found on this CD. I am ecstatic to move onto disk 2. My OCD is in over drive, to the point that I was working on this list all weekend. Don't worry, I was still reading too. If I don't read.. I may implode. I do love to read, well if the book is any good and trust me when I say all I have read this year has been killer.

Well, I bid you farewell for now. I have work to do... or pretend to do and a book to finish while I work on the names on this disk.

Happy reading my darklings! 

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