Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Barb's Book Review... Born

This Trilogy... has to be one of my new favorite. It's like Resident evil meets The Hunger Games and is slapped into The Walking Dead... Yep that's right it's a go getter....

Emma is one kick ass nineteen year old. And hello.. she has a pet wolf. (laughs) That ladies and gents is a bad ass wolf. Emma and Leo on their own were okay but she seems to come alive, no pun intended, when Anna and Jake are thrust into her by an accident. Things could have gone many ways but as usual Emma seems to get herself into sticky situations, though they are not her fault. She hates it but she grows into her role as a friend and then it happens.. Love.. it's a fickle little thing.

Emma is a strong girl, hardheaded and very outspoken. My kind of girl. When she meets Meg and yet again saves another person she seems to open up a bit more. She is like a flower that is in need of some sun. Then she meets Will.. and lord help the girl her hormones go into overdrive. Though I can't blame her. When you have been raising yourself in the woods, no human contact since you were 9 it’s to be expected. The reunion of the family.. Will and Jake were sweet. Even if it leads to danger.

Once Emma is taken and tries to rescue Anna we meet little Sarah. They make it out and just when you think it’s all going to calm down....Emma goes all Robin Hood on their asses and the road to salvation is going to be harder than she thought. She proves just how much one person, one determined person can make a difference in a world of chaos and indecision.

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