Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Barb's Book Review... Born to Fight

It wasn't as if she saw that coming. Hell no one did. Then there is Anna. Anna is there to save her. With the help of the scientist that gets her off the streets he gets a still very sick Emma and Anna on their way to rescue Leo. They make it out of the city. Anna has to run and get help when Emma collapses outside of the city. When she wakes Em thinks she has been left because she is 'dying'. But as normal Jake and Will come back with Anna and carry her to safety.

When they get back to camp and Will finds out what Marshall had done and that Emma had been pregnant from her time at the farm he attacks Marshall. Jake is the only reason Marshal lands in a coma and not 6 feet under. Things get crazy at the camp and they all think Emma is a threat. Marshall filled them with lies and bullshit about her so she decides to leave.

Emma sneaks off with Jake, Meg, Anna, Sarah and Leo. And that's not all. Meg's boyfriend, another teenager Ron and Mary along with her little devil child and Will follow her out. They go back 'Home; to the cabin. All is well until they decide to go back to the city and kill her Real father, Michael.

Will take Anna, Jake and Emma to Star's crazy smart brother, Bernard's mansion and gets his help. He works in the city and is allowed a home on the outside. He comes and goes as he likes. While they are they are there... they find out Star, the flighty bimbo type as Emma sees her is actually just like her. She is a Gen-Baby. They are half-sisters. If that's not enough to knock ya on your ass... while at the mansion they run into the infected. Anna is hurt and gets the nasty blood and goo of an infected person in a deep gash on her arm. Emma, Will and the CIA brother Bernard have to race to the city and retrieve the vaccine and cure.

While in the city they struggle. Anna is sick, Emma feels guilty for it and Will is trying to make her see its not her fault. FINALLY, those two let into the feelings and need they have for one another. It is hard to see them both struggle with their emotions. Hers are so powerful and he doesn't know how to not be a jerk. But they are like any real couple. No one is perfectly happy all the time.

Once they make it out of the city they race to get the cure to Anna. After a few days she is still not back to normal they have to take her back into the city for Michael to heal. Only he can save her. After almost a week of nothing, no words from Bernard, no news on Anna they go after her. Emma and Will go in and get her out with the help of Bernard and a spy named Allen. Both Will and Jake are given the vaccine to keep them from getting the infection and they set off back to the cabin with Bernard and Allen. Things are tense there but they have more to do.

Emma, Will, Anna, Jake, Star, Bernard and Allen set off to the camps again. They need more help to storm the city and kill the bastard causing all of this. Michael. Your number's up buddy.

I like the dynamic in this book as it grows stronger between the characters. Jake, Anna, Meg, Sarah break out more in small batches where you get to see into them further. Will as well... and just dayum that boy is trouble in all kinds of ways. And Leo.. Who can forget the wolf that is always there to save their asses?

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