Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Barb's Book Reviews... Reborn

While out on mission to get to the city and get rid of it and Michael Emma, Will, Star and Jake are ambushed. Taken by men with guns on horseback to a small village. Star and Emma are roughed up and the prospects of being man handled are looking good. Thankfully when they get there Jack, the old man that wonders camps is there. He seems to be their leader. Of course the group is pissed and Emma is ready to kill them all. Things go from bad to worse and in the heat of escape things get bad. Will is shot saving Emma. He is going to die without a doctor's help. Star rides off (on horseback) to get Bernie. He can get them into the city.
Once in the city Anna and Emma wait for word from Bernie on how Will is. When Bernie does make it back to his place he has good and bad news. Will survived, they saved him but they are now holding his hostage as a way to get Emma (who they don't know is already in the city) to the city. Michael want's her and wants her bad. Emma questions Bernie about his being in the city. Why he is so trusted. Bernie tells her and Anna all about how he played a vital role n the creations of all of this. But they know there was a plan.. Marshall had a plan t stop it all from the inside. With a little luck on their side they find a hiding spot in Marshall's apartment n the city. It’s a coded message. But what does it mean? They can blow the place to bits. There was always a backup plan!
While setting the backup plan into motion Emma and Bernie stop by to see Will. He was being kept in a Coma by Michael. When Bernie lets Emma say goodbye to hit she knows it’s the last time she'll see him. They make it to the basement and just like the farms there is a panel box. As Bernie works on breaking the codes and setting off the EMP Michael shows up. Bernie is shot in the back but manages to launch the EMP. Emma escapes and gets the hell out of town with Anna. They both believe they lost Will and Bernie in the city. They are broken and need their family.
Lots of things happen in life and as they do you have to put the pieces back together and make a life for you to live. A few months after leaving the city in ruins Emma, Jack, Anna, Sarah, and Leo move to the old farm house. It’s enough room for them. And with Anna being pregnant she wants to feel safe. She doesn't feel safe at Star's new compound. Too many people. After they get to the farm house they discover it is occupied. Not wanting to kill people because they go their first they decide to camp in the woods and head back to stars. While getting fire wood Emma and Jake hear screaming and run back to the house.
When Emma sees Will, alive and in front of her she hits the ground. He wasn't dead when she left the city. He had been moved and managed to escape. He is weak and sick from being shot in the lung. He isn't himself but he is alive. Time passes and the old ladies from the old camp join them their. They bring seeds to plant and they all decide to make this farm a working farm again. When trouble arrives in the form of Nick, Emma and Star's half-brother thing change quickly. Nick turns out to be a good guy. He wants to be with his sister and away from Michael. Stars compound is ambushed and taken over by Michael. She manages to escape and get to Emma.
Emma and Star go back to the compound with Jake and Mitch. They kill their father and make it back to the farm house. When they get back they find out Anna has lost the baby, her body just couldn't handle it. And Will is getting sicker, his lungs are infected and he is going to die without antibiotics. Emma, Star, Mitch and Jake ride to the trading post to see if they can get supplies. While there Emma finds the old lady that sold her to the military but she has no antibiotics. She does have needles though. Jake kills the old woman protecting Emma and they run. The innkeeper helps them escape through the hidden tunnel and escapes with them.
By the time they get back to the farm Will is on his death bed. Both Nick and Emma inject their blood into him. See if they can actually heal him... sadly it doesn't work. Will is laid to rest and they all try to heal from the loss they have endured. Time heals all wounds. Family helps you as well. Love then finds you in many forms.
Years later Emma finds her love, the right kind of love in Jake and they move on to live happily together surrounded by friends and family.

So.. this Trilogy has an alternate ending. It starts with chapter 16 of the third book... the one where everything went to hell in a hand-basket. I almost didn't read this one because I liked the way the trilogy ended. Yes it was sad but for me Emma got the right one in the end. With that being said I do love how the love of the few over power the bad of the many.

Will is saved thanks to Stella. She has a miracle in her pocket so to speak and thanks to the small vials of pink liquid (a substance that makes the Gen-Babies) he is saved. He heels. Their lives, their love it all magnifies and they marry.

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