Saturday, August 16, 2014

Barb's Book Reviews... Vampire Awakenings

I saw this book had bad reviews and good (like most) and I don't know why it has bad marks. Its a great story. The world of the vampire is so diverse lately. I like how this one is set up. It makes them seem more approachable and makes them seem more real.

The way Liam is with Sera is powerful but from the beginning you can feel the love there. It starts off like a rocket and.grows to an intensity that's astonishing. And the boys (Mike, Doug, David and Jack) well now they are just the best friends and take a lot of guff in this but they stick around and watch the drama unfold with Beth. Then they're all there to end it.

I'm ready to move to the next book!

loved this story. Years after Sera and Liam were bonded and moved off with Mike, Doug, David and Jack with their two children... they have a new life. It’s twenty plus years later and the fun is really starting.

Their eldest son (Ethan) and daughter (Isabelle) are determined to not be like their parents. They want to avoid the whole 'soul mates' craze. One thing we should all know, you can't hide from destiny or fate. On a chance encounter at their homestead Isabelle meets eyes with Stefan a 200 year old vampire hottie. The world shifts and then all hell breaks loose. Isabelle, the sheltered, unknowledgeable virgin has her world turned on its tail and she fights it the whole damn way. The girl if so full of the unknown and fear that she loses herself (in my opinion) until Stefan makes her see what she needs. he does this by leaving her.

When he comes back they both find out they are soul mates. They can't hide from it. Then his past comes back to slap him in the face. Love can overcome anything, right? hell yeah it can. They make it through the rough time. they talk it out, finally and the family all moves on. A new love blossoming into an eternity of happiness.

Love, honor and family. We would all be lost without those qualities in ourselves and the ones around us. Remember that! And go check them out.

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