Monday, September 29, 2014

Barb's Book Review... Hunted

First off I have to thank Alisa again for gifting me with an ARC of this book in return for an honest review.

As with the last volumes of this little nail biter I was not disappointed in any way. Crazy good. Addicting. And just.. (flails) Damn wolves I swear. There must be something in the water. Lucas, I know he is all broken and heartache fills him but the man needs a dose of reality in the shape of a size 9 boot in his ass. And Mia, poor sweet Mia needs to be the one to deliver it. Right dead center.

Alpha's are a tough breed by themselves. They are stubborn, hard to get along with because they think they are always right.. no wait that is men. My bad. (laughs) These two have a level of attraction that makes your heart skip a beat as you read. Lucas and Mia are like a ticking time bomb and when they go of... sweeeet Jesus things get down and dirty so fast it takes you a minute to catch up.

The way the other males of Lucas' fathers pack and his brother pack, namely Collin was to be expected. He is a man after all. He sees a hot girl that is unattached, even if he knows better he is going to go after it guns blazing.. (snickers) Though, I was glad she pushed him away. And God Bless Lev for being there to watch her. I don't trust Collin.. maybe it is me but she belongs to Lucas whether he wants to admit that or not.

She has his heart, he can fight it until the cows come home. It won't change how he and his wolf feels. Love is eternal. You can always fall in love again. Even if it hurt. You push through and then you find that one. Mia is his one. And she proved that by leaving him buck ass nekkid in the damn woods and stealing his car. That was just EPIC!!

Now she is in deep shit creek with no paddle.. He needs to save her but God I can't see how this is gonna go... Mia, Mia.. the danger magnet is at it again...let's see what happens next.

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