Saturday, September 27, 2014

Barb's Book Review... On Her Father's Grave

First off I would like to thank NetGalley and Montlake Romance for providing me and ARC of On Her fathers Grave in trade for an honest review. Secondly.. in all honesty this is one of the BEST thriller's I have read in ages. It's almost as if the 'drama' of the story sneaks in on you. The author did a wonderful job of bringing it out in so you are engrossed from line one of this novella. I wish there was more to it. 100 pages just wasn't enough! I could keep reading this story as it unfolds for a long time. It's just that good.

It's set in the small town of Rogue River in Oregon. It's a real place too so it helps to imagine this little town feel. As a country gal who lives in a smallish town, in the woods I was drawn in by it. We get to meet the hometown sweetheart, Stevie. Who moved away to see what the outside was like. She became a cop and worked in LA until coming home. She is one of the four children of the Police Chief who comes home to the small town she missed after her father passes away. She takes a job at the Rogue River police department ready to start her new life in her old roots. There is a death of a teenager out at the Lake and she is called into help with the crowd of teenagers.

The feel for the people who have loved and lost a child is overwhelming at times. I cried through most of the chapters at least once. The teens death brings back into play the recent death of her father, so does being in his station. The little things, some of which we take for granted each day threaten to overwhelm her. But she has the heart and determination to not let it win. We also meet Zane, the new police chief that is still a 'newbie' in town. Unless you are born in a small town.. you will always be a newbie no matter the length of time you have been there. You are a transplant and he is still working to try and be accepted as one of them. While he works alongside Stevie, spending time with her on and off the job he starts to fall for her.

It's endearing. They both have the feelings and want to fight it but I think love will win in the end. I can't wait until the next book is out. This is going to be a series I devour more than once. No doubt in my mind. So for now I say thank you again NetGalley for introducing me to a new author who I will have to book stalk and get into more of what she has to offer until the next Novella is out.

Keep in mind this is a collab series; the next novella is written with the collaborating author and then it rotates again.

All four Novella's are available on Amazon for Pre Orders.
Novella 1: "On Her Father's Grave" by Kendra Leigh; 10/ 7/14    Order Here
Novella 2: "Gone To Her Grave" by Melina Leigh; 10/21/14   Order Here
Novella 3; "Her Grave Secret's" by Kendra Elliot; 11/4/14    Order Here
Novella 4: "Walking On Her Grave" by Melinda Leigh; 11/18/14   Order Here

Order up and enjoy!!

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