Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Barb's Book Review... Sacrificed

First off, THANK YOU Alisa for the ARC of Sacrificed. 

As with the others I truly enjoyed this read. And my God my feels are all over the map here. The thought of Mia being in the grasps of mace made me want to crawl in the book and beat the crap out of him. (laughs) Damn crazy men make crazier shifters. For real. He took dark and menacing to a new level. 

The fact that the packs, Elder Sparks and his son's were willing, able and determined to go in  guns blazing, so to speak, says a lot of the packs acceptance of Mia. I know she already had pack protection but to see it in plain sight was a wow moment. I was glad to see Jak was willing and able to get the girls out of the house and to help them try and escape. I only wish she had been to the right part of the fence. then the Sparks' packs could have had an easy out.. but then where is the fun in that?

The packs quietly storming the cred Packs compound and getting in the house where the girls were being held was awesome. Moving as one. That is the point of a pack. The events inside the house, the fighting the injuries. My lord that broke my heart a few times. Then to have Jak and other wolves bring Mia back to the house for Mace to torment Lucas as he went to Mate with Mia... bad move dummy. I was glad they were able to eventually get out of there and go back to the fence  to get out. Mia, relatively unharmed. Scared and wanting to get out and get the injured wolves to a healer.

I was SHOCKED when they got to the fence and Jeeter was back there with four hulking boys behind here. One of which was Cade a friend of hers and Jeeters. Come to find out Mia isn't the only one that was hiding the fact that they were a shifter from everyone. Though he is not a wolf.. he is a Tiger. RAWR. that is cool. So with their help they manage to escape the fence and head for a healer. Thankfully one of Cade's tiger buddies is just that. 

Now, I neeeeeed more. (grabby hands)

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