Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Barb's Book Review... The Mortal Instruments

Well, this series is... over... (cries) Maybe there will be more to come in the years to follow.. one can hope so at least. As always Cassandra Clare has had me by the gills. This series is one of epic proportions. The Mortal Instruments wasn't something I would have normally just picked up to read. I'm a horror girl, or a paranormal girl..  (I'm more the crazy vampire, sexy lycan type,) I just didn't think YA was me.. as I am not a young adult (laughs); that was until I started reading. Thanks to my lovely fiance. She was telling me about the books, then we watched the movie (it was already out on DVD, yes I was that far behind everyone else) and I bought the 4 book box set that day. Why not? What could it hurt? My fiance has good taste in books, she's always up on the latest good reads.

Once the box set arrived I was addicted.. like seriously addicted; blown away even. I got the set right after my birthday in November of last year. I read all four books (City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels) and quite literally was frothing at the mouth for the next installment. I had to wait until it was released in December. It was unfair, I remember saying that a few times.. you could get it faster if you had an eReader. I wanted to know why. Well my fiance is the best and I got a Kindle for Christmas. So I was able to by City of  Lost Souls on Christmas Eve and yes as soon as that download was complete my face was buried in it. Then in May I bought City of Heavenly Fire.

I was in the middle of reading something so I waited, then another one was pushed in and I finally got to it. You know when you've been out of a series too long you forget things? Well I was like that in the first chapter or so. I almost put it down so I could reread the first five then come back to it but I changed my mind. I was determined to get it done. There have been SO many distractions that have pulled me away from this book. The blog, the CD kindle library Emmy's sister in law gave us, and a lot of shiny things... many other real life things, too. But it's finished now and just.. yeah I want there to be more.

So... I love being surprised.. and this one definitely did just that. You start off with Sebastian attacking and killing members of the institutes worldwide with his Endarkened soldiers. Clary, Jace and the gang being pulled into the NY institute because there has been an attack. This is where you see Sebastian and his Endarkened soldiers (Shadow Hunters he has turned evil with the infernal cup)at their deadliest. We also meet Emma, Jules and the Blackthorn family. Emma, Jules and his younger siblings are able to get out of the institute and escape Sebastian by taking a portal to Alicante.

All Shadowhunters are pulled to Alicante from where they are located; for their 'safety' but I hope they didn't exactly expect that was going to work. Because in true Sebastian fashion he busted right in. Though at the time no one would have expected HOW he got in. Seems the little fairy clan wasn't as loyal to the accords as they were saying they were.

While attending a dinner at the home of Melerone, a fairy knight that is on the ‘board’ as  representative for the Unseelie Court, Jocelyn, Luke, Mangus and Sebastian are kidnapped by the  Endarkened and take to Sebastian. Things happen so fast after that. Sebastian comes for Clary, Jace and the Heavenly fire runs him off, for the moment and then all hell breaks loose. Quite literally. Sebastian, being Sebastian, sends one of his Endarkened soldiers into the meeting hall and holds Jai at knife point, telling all the Shadow Hunter's that Sebastian will 'spare' them all if they hand over his sister and brother. Meaning Jace and Clary. Of course, with the fate of them all on their shoulders Jace agrees to go to Sebastian if he leaves Clary alone. A fight ensues and the Endarkened speaks of Edom (hell; actually a demon realm) and then poofs.

Events play out and they now have 2 days to give Sebastian an answer or he attacks. Emma comes to Clary and the gang to tell them that the Edom the Endarkened had spoken of was real. She had heard Sebastian speaking of it in Los Angeles when he attacked their institute. So... them being them.. set off to find Edom. They knew through reading a book Alec had gotten from their personal library that they would have to go to the Fairy realm and use a path through there as a way into hell. Why wait for Sebastian to come to them when they could go to him.

Clary made a portal, they landed in the tunnels of the Fairy realm and it was there that they learned the Fairies were the ones helping Sebastian. Dum Dum Dum…. They burst in on the Queen, Melerone and things go from dirty to murderous. Alec takes out  Melerone, Jace has his swords edge to the queen’s throat before she can gasp.. but he spares her only so she will lead them to the path to Edom. Once there Jace makes her swear to not tell Sebastian that  they had been there and were heading to him in his realm. Well as usual the bitch.. I mean Queen tells him they has LEFT her realm. So she didn’t break her word to not tell him they had been there. Go figure, damn fairies.

Once the kids all fall into hell they are met by a dream of sorts, a demon playing off their wants and desires. As they break the spell they join up and decide what to do. the land is burned and barren. Completely desolate. There are demons in the sky, on the ground.. its a nasty nasty world. But I guess it’s what you would believe hell to be. It takes some work, a few injuries and some quick thinking to get to where Sebastian is. Like they would give up and go home.. pfft…  This whole time Sebastian has known they were coming, he was ready. As soon as they were in the castle things got real and they went crazy all at once.  Clary, Jace, Alec, Izzy and Simon split up and they are able to rescue Mangus, Luke, and Jocelyn. Sebastian has a plan. Jace and Clary have a plan and the rest of them are all  out of the loop. Events, that is all you can call them , happen and Sebastian’s evil is burnt out of him.  He is Jonathan, the son, brother, friend none of them had.

In order to get out of Hell they are faced with a choice of nothing more than devastation. Mangus calls on his father… the ninth prince of hell to set them free of this realm. . he wants his son’s immortality in exchange for the others to be set free. If he were to take that from Mangus he would die, quickly. Simon, dear sweet Simon comes to the rescue. The daylighter is now what the demon wants. He will take Simon’s immortality, make him alive and human again. He will also take all of Simon’s memories of the Dark Shadows. he will not remember his friends, the fact that he was a vampire or that Clary has been his best friend since Kindergarten.

It’s a tough price to pay but in order to save them all he agrees. Willingly. they are all thrust home.

Months later…

Simon see’s Clary but has no memories of her.. she leaves him, heartbroken, devastated and torn.  Izzy and Mangus have developed a little plan to get Simon’s memories back, to get Simon back. They can’t take it anymore. they are all suffering because he was taken from them. At Luke and Jocelyn’s wedding they bring in Simon, a few memories have already come back to him. He knows where he belongs at least. The rest will come when it’s time for them to.

And yes, I left out a lot of stuff.. I mean I didn’t want to give it all away! Ha. Not this time at least.  I love this series and I am sad to see it end but it had one hellava ride while it was in play. I can't wait to jump into the next adventure Cassandra Clare tosses our way!

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