Thursday, September 11, 2014

Barb's Book Review... The Legacy

This book was on my to read list after I saw it on my Facebook page and the synopsis of it made me go O.O I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book from Necole herself and I promised to be honest with my review.

So... here are my thoughts.

In Legacy we meet Raevyn (Rae). Miss understood, heart broken, scared and pissed off all in one bundle of a girl who in my opinion is lost and doesn't know it. Her father, who loves her so much it hurts (you can tell by the way he handles himself) sends her away from a life that is going to get her into more trouble than she is already in. We meet Jeffrey, or Jeff as he is the one that greets her and her father at the front gates of the school. He is to show her to her dorm and help her get ready for her first day. Since it's the wee hours of the morning Rae has time to get herself together as best as she can.

After she meets her (coughs) bitch of a roommate and her 'crew' the pace of life at B. W. Fritz starts to enclose on her. She gets a job (per her father's orders) at the school's gym, has all Honor's classes and is dealing with drama queens all day. I swear I don't know how she did it. I'd have gone loco on them. It's a southern thing. But Rae being the headstrong, stubborn girl she was didn't let them get to her too much.

Days, weeks passed and she started to get into her life at the Fritz. Maybe this was the life she was always meant to have? Maybe not. She had feelings for one boy, another had feelings for her and it was all a clusterfuck waiting to happen. Jeff was into her, she was really into him but he was promised to another. She has a boyfriend... but she finally sees she needs to give up on him. (He doesn't like this, go figure.) That 'relationship' (Rae and Jeff) was doomed but it wasn't Rae's fault, she had no idea he was promised to marry a Fritz. That didn't stop her from hurting and feeling the loss of him not being around her when the kids all left for Christmas break. Rae was able to get caught up on all of her work that she had been slacking on, so that was a plus but then... the text messages and emails start "Get out now new girl". Is it just Regina or Andrea being an ass? trying to scare her off since they know she is into Jeff? 

Days pass and she ignores the messages until one night she is confronted by a figure dressed in black. She is left in a daze, half frozen and literally runs into Dre. (I'm not sure I like that he just happened to be there.)He gets her inside and again days pass. She is frightened, doesn't go anywhere alone and I don't blame her. Who could it be?

Jeff comes back to campus a week before the other students and he and Rae are able to sneak around a bit, have a few dates, hang out and be together. They are both happy with this. But once the girls are back and school drones on as it should they spend a lot of time apart. Why ruffle feathers, ya know. Jeff is one of those over achievers that gives over achievers a headache. He has to be on the top, getting to move up the ladder like his mother and father did. So when finals week starts he is stressing. Rea and the girls are up to be in the Xi sorority, which is the ONLY one to be a part of. It's the elite of elite. They are so focused on that and the ignition crap they are having to survive through to get in that Jeff's behavior slips Rae's radar.. until one night in the library.

When Rae confronts Jeff for loading up on pills.. pills she has no real idea what they are, he breaks down on her that he HAS to be in a yellow jacket next year because that is what his parents had done. Rae talks to him, makes him see he can make his own legacy so he promises to stop the pills. A day or less passes and the girls are all taken to the a hidden place on campus for their final induction into the XI sorority.. and thanks to her phone vibrating her ass like crazy Rae is called out and decides to answer it. The voice on the line, Brandon, Jeff's friend and roommate tells her he is in the hospital. he wasn't breathing when he found him. Forget the Xi's Rae takes off tot he hospital.

When Rae arrives she goes into the room with Jeff and lost in her sorrow she crawls up in bed with him and just holds him. Then she falls asleep with him still unconscious. When she wakes her world is turned upside down. Jeff is gone, the hospital room cleaned except a note... one she will never forget.

**** Yes I left out LOTS of details but I don't want to ruin it for anyone.. but I had to give you a good idea of what was up with this one! ****

All in all.... I LOVED THIS BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK! There was no way not to get drawn right into the book by the third page. I swear my kindle was like "whoa" there lady. I started the book and then 12 hours later (including working a full 8 hour day) the book was done. I could not stop reading!! Like OMG!! (laughs) As a white gal who went to a snooty high school full of rich, preppy, "I think I'm better than you" kids I get her frustrations. I realllllly do. No matter the skin color you are born with Rich kids are dicks. I am so impatiently awaiting the next book in this trilogy. I need it like now.. (begs)


  1. Thanks so much for your review! You had me cracking up!!