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Barb's Book Review... Thunder

Thank you NetGalley, and Bonnie for supplying me a copy of this book in return for an honest review of my thoughts. At first glance I was apprehensive. This is a stretch for me. When I say that I mean, it's not a normal read for me. Sci-fi stretches into worlds that are just not for me... but after reading the Novella, Tremors, I was a little more excited to step into Selah's world. it didn't seem to be that big of a stretch as I thought it would be. It actually made me want to dive right on into it. 

I did enjoy this book. There were a few parts where I felt it could have been... better isn't the right word. Maybe more descriptive. There were spelling errors, lots of them but then I have an ARC copy so that is to be expected. (I'm dyslexic so I missed lots of them. And the ones I did spot didn't keep me from getting what I was reading. lol) But in all it was good. I will definitely be reading more of this series!!

Now, onto the review!


Selah decides to defy her father and gets around her 'babysitters' and stalks the beach. She waits for a Lander. She is determined to prove she is a hunter and just as able as her brothers. The moment a lander hits the beach though things go from "I can do this" to "What do I do now?". She was ready for this but not prepared as she should have been. Go figure. The lander however isn't like she expected. Then, to make matters worse two boys from another borough show up and attack her. Bodhi (her captured Lander) came to her rescue and wiped the floor with them. Her brothers, Cleon and Raza, had been stalking and watching her. I guess she wasn't so good at playing keep away as she thought. Raza threw his boom and whacked Bodhi in the head after he had saved Selah.

When Selah stalks back home and into the house she is met by her mother. The love and concern shown helps her to calm momentarily and she tells her mother of the day's events. Her mother freaks out a bit. Asking if Selah touched the lander. Selah says no but in reality she had. Well he touched her but same diff, right? The evening carries on and when Selah wakes.. its her remembrance day. The 'birth remembrance day' she has been waiting on. She is 18, an adult. she can now prove to her father she can be a hunter. There will be no stopping her. Until she looks in the mirror. Selah has the wing shaded tattoo on her body, right below her collar bone. She of course thinks it is a trick of her brothers'. But once she tries to wipe it off and it fails to be removed she runs to her mother. In that split second decision changes her life as she knows it.
Her mother heart broken that this has happened, she had tried so hard to keep it from becoming an issue tells Selah that her birth father, Glade Rishon is a lander. Back before they started to enslave the landers they lived free along side everyone else.

When her mother was pregnant with her that changed. The minute they started to offer money for landers Glade left for her safety. Her marriage to him was dissolved. She was alone. Her mother had followed him as far as they were living now. By this time she was 9 months pregnant, no husband in sight and about to give birth on the side of the road. This was when and where she met her step father. He himself was a lander who's mark had faded. He wasn't 'noticeably' a lander. He has Raze (age 3) and Cleon who was an infant. Their mother died in child birth with Cleon. they were both not from here, no one knew them so they paid to be married and to keep it quiet that she had been single with a new baby. (I don't know how this was kept from her for so long.. I mean damn..)

Selah was obviously upset. She was handed all of the paperwork her mother had from her birth father and was told she had to leave. Her stepfather would turn her in and her mother wanted to save her life. She couldn't risk her. As Selah prepared to leave she thought of Bodhi. She couldn't leave him to be sold off, she owed him as it was for saving her life. Selah stalked the barn where she watched Raza and Clean load him into a wagon to head towards the mountain. She would rescue him from them. She was determined to. (Gotta give her credit the girl is not to be deterred from a task she is ready and willing to accept! She is a girl after my own heart. lol)

[At the Mountain]

There are things amiss in the people of the Mountain. This is the place where the landers are sold and where they are imprisoned. Yeah, imprisoned to be experimented with like they are lab rats. (Shakes My Head) we meet Dr. Everling. Head honcho, the big cheese if you will. His wife Bethany (a scientist) is dying of cancer. He is working with some type of serum, in which he is experimenting on himself and Bethany as she lay in a coma. After months of experimenting he has managed to merge lander DNA with his DNA.  His wife awakes and they decide to get rid of the Landers they have in the prison pods. They are no longer needed. Glade Rishon is one of those prisoners. A willing participant as it is. He did this to keep his child, aka Selah from them. They know and who she is.. but do they know she has run off and actually headed their way? Hmm.. interesting I think.

But the Doctor doesn't know that right under his nose there are people (His lab assistant, Treva and his personal assistant, Stemple and Charles Ganston, among others) planning and scheming to overthrow him and move out of the mountain. Also, his assistant and new lab tech are plotting something of their own. See what happens when you wield all the power and fail to actually listen to your people. The defect. They will do all they can to get free and live their own lives.


As Selah wakes she realizes she has let herself fall asleep and her brothers had already set up a camp, right where she thought they would. It's now dark. She waits until she knows they are asleep and sneaks into the camp to release Bodhi but is stopped. The small girl, looked to be 9 told her the brothers had made a deal with four men who were in the trees to keep watch half the night. The girl, Amaryllis pulls her away. Selah will have to try and get him tomorrow night. The girl takes Selah to a hiding place of hers. It turns out to be an old library. this is where she spends the night and the next morning she sets out to catch up to her brothers. The girl who is actually 12 at her side. Selah couldn't leave her alone to fend for herself any longer.

Selah and Amaryllis set up a camp and the girl goes hunting for birds. After a half hour she still isn't back. Selah goes looking for her worry creeping into her that the girl is hurt or someone has taken her. She finds her coiled up by a Burmese Python. (shudders) Selah kills the snake and rescues the girl. Later that night Selah 'breaks' Bodhi free. Well he does it himself but none the less she held true to getting him away. They leave the camp in a hurry. Bodhi carrying the girl as Selah leads the way back towards the South. Why go the way they expect you too? Amaryllis needed to heal before they headed North. They make there way back to the house where Amaryllis lived with her mother before she died.

This is where, while the girl slept, Selah told Bodhi about her mark and the letter her father had left her mother. Seems Selah is a novarium. Her father's legacy it seems was to bring the 'new change' into the world. And her father, Glade, loved her and her mother more than himself. As the information sinks in Bodhi freaks out. Since he was the one that caused her change, by touching her the day before her birth remembrance, he would be her protector. he was now responsible to keep her safe and alive. He wasn't ready for that. He had a mental melt down thinking he wasn't the right person for the job. They decide to move on and the girls take Bodhi to the library where they settle in for the night.

The next day was travel as usual. They got a ride on a wagon of a man who was passing their way. As they got closer to the 'Mountain' Selah came face to face with her brothers. Raza and Cleon. Raza had made them lay in wait knowing she would have to pass them here. As Selah, Bodhi and Amaryllis approached them, Raza pulled a gun on them. He wouldn't listen to Cleon to drop the weapon. Raza basically went loco. That is the only way to describe it. Raza lets it spill that she is a 'half breed'. Seems her step father told him years ago. It's one of the reasons he treated her so badly. He also knew what would happen that day at the beach adn her let it. It was the easy way to get rid of her. Raza even turned on Cleon. Told him that he and father both hated him for taking mother from them. Raza was just ll out to be mean. When he insulted Selah's mother she charged him, he went to fire the gun but Cleon tackled him to the ground. With a sickening 'crunch' Raza went limp.  He hit his head on a rock as he fell. It was an accident but now Cleon would never be able to go home. Father would know. No, he must stay with their group and get into the mountain to find her father Glade.

The next morning the 'adults', Bodhi, Cleon and Selah head towards the mountains main gate. They left Amaryllis behind, Selah made her promise to stay behind and stay safe. As the group tried to figure out how to get into the mountain Amaryllis showed up, slipped through the bars of the fence and opened the main gate. At the same time the gates' opening a hovercraft comes in for a crash landing of sorts. As soon as it pulls off they all run for the entrance, only to be stopped by the Mountain police in the hovercraft. (Just their luck. It was too easy, even Bodhi told them that. lol Poor man, no one pays him any attention.) So they got into the mountain.. and are being held in the security bays or whatever they call them to be questioned. They only think they are rogue merchants trying to sneak in. (If they only knew who and what Selah and Bodhi were they'd be having a hissy and calling Everling.. the crazy rat bastard.)

Dr. Everling's lab assistant Treva has been setting her little plan in order to help the Landers. (We still don't know what is going on with her but the more she does the more you want more.) Glade is the only one she seems to have bonded with while working the short time she has in Everling's private labs. They bond as she starts a treatment on all of the landers to wake them out of their drug induced fog. When Glade has a meltdown in his pod Treva is there to try and calm him down. He tells her Everling has broken their deal, he can feel his daughter is in the mountain. He can see her in a pod room. Treva has him focus n Selah to see if she is scared. She isn't. She knows her father's in here, she wants to get to him. Treva makes a promise to go and get Selah and her group. 

Treva does make it to the holding cells of the main part of the mountain after a run in with her uncle Ganston which didn't hold her up too much... but Stemple, the weasle is also watching her interaction with her uncle. He approaches her after Ganston walks away and gets aggressive. She gets away from him. She is on a mission after all. Ganston watched how Stemple is with his niece and confronts him. Not so nicely, which he deserved worse. (Maybe a swift kick in the nads.) Well seems Dr. Everling was doing some spying of his own and saw Semple talking to Ganston. He is a little on the mental side at the moment due to all the drugs he keeps giving himself. So, he thinks they are conspiring against him. (Laughs) He gets Stemple back to the labs, somewhat feigning to be in bad shape, though its not too much of an act. He locks Stemple in Glade's now empty pod (cell) and sets the kid ablaze. (I'm sorry but I lol'd at that. The dude is ten shades of wacko. It's amazing how a few drugs, an unstable mind and a conspiracy theory can cause. I mean I know a dude died but.. yeah he shoulda seen that coming.)

Meanwhile, Treva has the group (Bodhi, Cleon and Selah) follow her back to the lab. She is taking them to Glade so they can all get out. But.. when they get back into the lab there is only a burned body left in the cell.. and no it's not Glade. We know that but they don't. (laughs.. you have to love a great plot twist that makes your characters flip out.) Ganston barges into the lab, he had followed them from the containment area to find out what is going on. Treva has to tell him a few details of what she does for Everling.. trick is Everling is passed out cold in a containment pod in the lab and Ganston knows what Everling does. Its one of the reasons his is revolting and getting people ready to leave the mountain.. and all under everling's nose. Ganston takes they back to his office and calls his head of security. Mojica. An amazon beauty who has the skills of any military person comes in and they tell her what's happened. They make a plan to get the other Lander's and themselves, minus Ganston out of the mountain.

Once everything is in place, Bodhi uses his telepathy to try and calm the prisoners down so they can be rescued. There is a massive firefight once they reach the holding area. Th landers were set free and the four (Bodhi, Cleon, Selah and Treva) along with the landers were led out of the area to a hall that was to lead to a hidden back door. The door had been walled over but Cleon was able to burst through it with a little work. Once they hit the outside an airtrans shows up and they all scatter. But the airtrans is a good guy. It's Mojica. Bodhi manages to get most of the landers inside as she goes to take off. Selah has run out of the fence to find Amaryllis who was still in the woods. She was not leaving without the girl. 

As the airtrans takes off the guard that had been assigned to help keep the four civilians safe ran to the back of the ship, flung a door open and tossed out a rope. When he pulled it up he had Selah and Amaryllis and helped them onto the ship. They were all transported to the new location fro the Stone Braide Colony that Ganston was setting up. They'd be safe there for now. The Landers decided o move onto other Lander colonies up North. They didn't want to stay. Glade wanted to head back to his original colony, the place he was before he headed South and met her mother. They would come back down here once the colony is set up. For now they are off on their next adventure.

I am anxious for Lightening to be released. According to the exert in Thunder it is to be released in the Fall of 2015... not sure how I can wait that long. (laughs) I have no patience at all. 

Until next time. 

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