Friday, September 19, 2014

Barb's Book Review... Thunder

Thank you NetGalley, Revell Books and Bonnie for supplying me a copy of this book in return for an honest review of my thoughts. At first glance I was apprehensive. This is a stretch for me. When I say that I mean, it's not a normal read for me. Sci-fi stretches into worlds that are just not for me... but after reading the Novella, Tremors, I was a little more excited to step into Selah's world. it didn't seem to be that big of a stretch as I thought it would be. It actually made me want to dive right on into it.

I did enjoy this book, immensely. There were a few parts where I felt it could have been... better isn't the right word. Maybe more descriptive. Keep in mind that is only my opinion. There were spelling errors, lots of them but then I have an ARC copy so that is to be expected. (I'm dyslexic so I missed lots of them. And the ones I did spot didn't keep me from getting what I was reading. lol) But in all it was good. 

This story takes place in a world unlike ours in ways that we hope to never see eye to eye with. A post apocalyptic world full of worry, mystery and a longing that Selah Chavez doesn't see coming until it is too late. Selah is tormented by her older brothers (as most of us are) and looks after her younger brother. She is a self sufficient, stubborn and determined girl. Or I should say woman as she has her 18th birth remembrance. Her determination to be one of the family's hunters is commendable. She has a mind set as many woman nowadays have. If they boys can do it so can I.  But what she doesn't know is that meeting a lander she captures will change her life forever. Secrets lie in her past. Her mother, her father, they all keep this bundle of secrets that all explode into life on the birth remembrance day. 

Bodhi, lander, hunky man that will be a part of Selah's changing life drifts to the shores and as the hunter in her takes over Selah 'captures' him. Man, if she only knew how true those words would ring true as the adventure that is now her life takes over. We meet a lot of interesting characters throughout Thunder. The family Selah is forced to leave behind, her mom, dad, brothers' Raza, Cleon and Dane. Then there is the wandering little spitfire Amaryllis. Just to name a few. Once I got into the book, about chapter two I was like O.o 'oh crap not now' and the facial expressions... well needlesstosay I am a very vocal and expressionist when I read. I do talk to the characters (don't tell anyone I don't need a padded room... just yet) and I had a few times during Thunder I yelled, 'No! Don't do that!'. (According to my best friend it was entertaining.)

As the story of Selah's hidden birthright, her mothers and biological fathers life plays out we meet the people of the Mountain. You get to see the plot and the story take off into a high paced, action packed, adrenaline pumping tale. It is not what you would expect, or at least it wasn't what I expected. This is why there were so many moments of me talking and gasping at the book. I just literally could not put it down. And I got pissy when things in my life kept me from reading. (laughs) 

Sci-fi has a new definition in my mind now thanks to Bonnie. This is a total winner in my book and for someone who doesn't read sci-fi'ish books that is saying a lot. I am very picky and I don't like to stray from my normal genres.. but I am grateful to NetGalley for this opportunity to dive in, enjoy and now have a new notch on my reading tree. My best friend is now waiting for the release of this book so she can buy it only after me telling her the gist of what happens. I as well will be telling all of my friends, since we like the same things, about this one. I'm anxious for Lightening to be released. According to the excerpt in Thunder it is to be released in the Fall of 2015... not sure how I can wait that long. (laughs) I have no patience at all.


  1. Thank you Barbara, for hosting my book on your blog! Great and fun review! Your exuberance is wonderful! Stay tuned for more :-)

    1. We were glad to bring it aboard. I am very excited to see what will happen next! You have a fan here. And the blogs co-host will be getting both he Novella and Thunder to read herself. We love a good book!!