Monday, September 15, 2014

Barb's Book Review... Tremors

Tremors may be a novella, but it was an eye opening read. It's set in a world unlike the one we are used to. We meet Selah, her brothers Raza (the eldest), Cleon, Dane (youngest) and her parents. There is a mystery trying its best to unfold before Selah. It definitely starts off with a bang.

Selah seems to be a bit of a hard head and doesn't heed her father's warning to stay away from the beach for the week. When she spies on her older brothers and her father she seems a boat coming in. It has a lander on it. It's what they are called, the ones that come in by boat. There is a web keeping the lander alive it seems but her father and brothers aren't into taking them in for bounty. Instead Raza cuts the webbing away. Selah runs down from her hiding space to stop him. She doesn't understand why he would let the family lose the bounty the lander would bring.

Her father, furious that she did not listen to him and stay home with her mother and Dane, her youngest brother. He orders Cleon to take her home at once. When they arrive back home she asks him what is going on but he can't tell her. He does inform her that their father and Simeon, the father to the man her father has agreed to marry her off to will be meeting him later in the big barn. Yeah, she is not happy about that whole I'm marrying you off at 18 and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Besides the fact that she doesn't know the guy, she is not one to be 'controlled' by a man. (Apparently in this world that is what happens. (gags) Like men need more of a reason to be assholes.)

After a confrontational lunch with the family Selah is upset more than before. Someone is 'after' her. They want to kidnap her so she is to go no where alone. One of her brothers (Raza or Cleon) must go where she goes. Now she wants to know know more about this meeting between her father and Simeon. She sneaks into the barn and waits. Finally Simeon and her father show up. She listens, and at a point is almost horrified to find out she is being 'married' off for a Petrol supply. Guess that is a big deal to the men, because they act like its the best thing since chocolate milk. The longer she listens to them talk about the marriage, years of planning this has taken and that they need her and Jericho, the guy she is supposed to marry having babies soon the more upset she gets. Her father says she will only have boy babies. Why only boys? This is the question she needs answers to.

But Selah has to be 'watched'so how can she spy on her father to figure out what is going on here. I mean, really what is happening.. well she comes up with a plan to get away from her brothers and on the beach in the morning. It's time for her to make her own play at her life.

I'm anxious to see where this goes. So far it has my attention. This is not really a 'normal style' of read for me. But.. it's all about opening new doors and taking that step forward. Let's see what happens.

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