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Our Book Reviews... Black Dagger Brotherhood (Part 1)

Hello All! So, as promised here is the review for the Black Dagger Brotherhood from both Emmy and I. We warn you now, this beast is m-a-s-s-i-v-e because there is no way to review it as a whole series and not give you a little bit of our thoughts on each book. And, we are w-o-r-d-y. There are 12 books in this series, yes I said 12 books. (Though I hope there are many, many more in the future.) There is also a Novella tossed in there.

This series is one of those that you just can’t put down.. or you hate it from the get go. (Or it was for us.) I know people who have mixed reviews on it as a whole. I was told by a few people, including Emmy that I needed to read it, as it is all about Vampires. Not that I’m a vamp girl or anything.. (shifty) It’s definitely a top favorite in the world of what all we have read. Since this series is so biiiiiiiiig we are dividing it into 4 parts. They’ll be posted in a close line behind each other so you don’t have SO much to read at one time.

We also ask you to keep in mind, you have 2 people doing a review on a book at the same time. Our reviews may be similar at times because we like to explain what’s going on, leaving as much to the imagination as we can. Now, here we go. Part 1… (For our Ratings.. if we both differ they are stacked according to who is the first or second reviewer.)

We hope you enjoy!! Happy reading!!

Barb) Okay to start off.. just LOVE this series like.. a fat kid loves cupcakes. (As a fat kid I can say that!) Though this may shock a few.. (shifts) I’m not a big fan of Wrath… ugh asshole was my first reaction to him. Though, he did grow on me after a bit. He’s on the list at least now. He was going to be fed to the dogs if he didn’t watch himself. As I said, he grew on me. And Beth, lord help the woman. She was destined or doomed to be dead or a vampire. At first I was worried Butch was going to win her over. Then Wrath got growly and took her. Sexy times. This is also where we get to see Thorment at his finest. He is Beth’s body guard for a bit in the book. He is trusted to not try to steal her is what it is.. (laughs)

I can’t imagine how Beth actually felt to get the news that she was what she was. A human, a vampire.. a half-breed…(sounds like a bad bar joke) The change could make her new or make her meet her maker… thankfully she won the fight of the change and then got her man. Wrath  fought it, he was determined to not go there but that sexy little thing won his cast iron heart. They become mated, the ceremony, can’t lie made me tear up as I read it. Thankfully the whole ‘9 letters’ didn’t take him out as the brothers carved her name on his back. It was final, no turning back after that.  It was a great start to the series.

Emmy)  I also thought that this was a great start to the series, and a great new take on vampires in general.  At the time I was coming off of a huge Twilight bender, and was craving vamps with fangs again.  And actual bite.  And that’s another long story that I’m sure we will go into some other time.  The fact that this version of vampire, while capable of feeding from humans, can only truly feed from the opposite sex of their own race was IMHO, a wonderful twist.  I liked the fact that they weren’t just turned humans, with all of our religious baggage and such; they had their own religion as well.  And I have to admit, I like the idea that the sun would harm them - us humans got to have SOME advantage, right?  I actually liked Wrath, even though he came off as a dickhead more than once.  I truly loved Beth, and found her infinitely relatable, as she was thrown into a world where she was just as lost as we were.  As soon as I finished this book, I went straight into the second of the series, which should tell you something.  

Emmy)  The Brothers call Rhage Hollywood, due to his movie-star good looks.  He spends countless hours either fighting their enemy, or screwing, to burn off the energy of his curse. He’s  Mr. one-night- stand, until he meets Mary.  Several storylines begin in this book, and it flows seamlessly into the third book at the end.  Mary befriends John Matthew, a mute teenager who often calls the suicide hotline where she volunteers just to hear her voice.  He follows her home one night, where Mary’s neighbor Bella (who just happens to be a vampire as well) recognizes John Matthew as one of her own kind and arranges a contact with the Brotherhood.  

Mary goes with him as his translator, because she knows sign language, and that’s where all the fun begins.  Rhage hears her voice one time and cannot get enough of her, the man is attracted to her, the beast is calmed by her -his mind is made up, he has to get more of her.  Mary thinks he is playing some kind of cruel joke on her.  She has just gotten bad news from her doctor, and she has relapsed with leukemia.  She can’t let herself believe that this out of this world gorgeous man is serious about her.  

We get to see more of the Lessers in this book, the soulless enemies of the Brotherhood.  They have been kidnapping civilian vampires, trying to torture the Brotherhood’s location out of them or draw the Brotherhood out.  Mary and Rhage encounter them one night, and they steal her purse in the scuffle.  Mary is no longer safe, so against all orders Rhage brings her to the Brotherhood itself.  That causes issues between Rhage and the rest of the Brothers.  Mary has her own issues with Rhage because for all that’s happened she is having a hard time trusting anyone but herself - herself is all she has had for so long.  Mary is fearless however, and that’s one of the things I like best about her.  This was another one that I finished and went right into the next, as it ended on a cliffhanger for another character.  

Barb) One word.. no two words.. HELLO DADDY! (laughs) Yeah, I love, love, love Dragon boy! Or Man.. yeah he is totally a man. Just dayum. Poor fucker has a curse but that curse is kind of hot. I’ve got a thing for dragons. So sue me. I liked him from the glimpses you get in the first book. Who doesn’t need a ken doll of their own? And one that is a smart-ass as well. But he is loyal, a great friend and a brother no one wants to piss off. Mary, what can I say, she is awesome. A badass all her own. I mean who goes toe to toe with a brother and walk away in one piece.. only Mary! Damn men can’t stand to not be put in their place by their girls. Human or vampire. I liked Mary from the beginning. Mary is a woman who is set in her ways.

The moment you see them really connect, the morning he wakes up in her house and gets burned by the sun. (I was wide eyed and totally nose into my book by then.) Mary took such good care of him, they bonded deeper than you would have thought. I was devastated that she was sick. Rhage found his soul mate, even though she was human he risked everything to keep her by his side. Even to the point of growing up, manning up and making his dragon more than a curse. It was going to be a part of him forever in return to save his Mary. It was a way to show he wasn’t all about fun and games. When Rhage wants something, come hell or the deity he was getting it. No matter the cost. He is at the top of my list for yumminess!!

Barb) Man.. where to start here, that’s the question. Through the first books you get a glimpse of Z. Your first thoughts, (well mine) were that he was unstable, serial killer material.. and well he is but there is more to him than that! As time passes and you get to see him, for him, as a man you get to see he isn’t all that bad. Angry, a bit off in the melon yes, but then so are the rest of them. His past is hidden to a point. you see his scars, see his blood slave tattoos and know that he has some dark shit behind that curtain. Do you want to be all over him... (squirrels) wait.. what I mean was do you want to get in his face? Urm no. He would eat you for dinner, burn the carcass and dance on your ashes. As things come to light you get to see the real Zsadist.

When the lessers kidnap Bella, lord have mercy, that boy goes total commando, psycho, crazed stalker. Honestly it was endearing. He hadn’t admitted to himself (I think) that it was ‘because she was his… even though they all knew it. When he risked it all to see to rescuing her. he risks a sunburn he won’t recover from, then is shot but… he gets his girl out and keeps everyone away from her. We get to see a softer, sweet side of him as he cares for her. then the needing hits and I’m sorry but all bets are off. It’s official.. they were just meant to be.

Z is one of my top five Brothers. Yes I have a top 5 he is #2. The way he fell for Bella, the care and down right possessiveness he had for her was endearing and, yeah it was hot. (shrugs) I like a crazy bad boy. Bella was good for him though. For many reasons. But this book showed me, love can get you through so many things.

Emmy)  This is the one book of this series that I have read more than 3 times.  This one is probably my favorite out of all of them.  Bella, who we meet in the second book, has been kidnapped by the Lessers, specifically by D, a lesser who is entirely too smart for his own good and mostly off his rocker.  He kidnaps her because she reminds him of his wife, who he is still obsessed with, although their relationship was anything but healthy.  He keeps her hidden in a “persuasion center” buried in the ground.  I suppose it should be a relief that Lessers are impotent, but if you are anything like me, that just brings to mind all manner of horrifying alternatives.  D terrorizes Bella for weeks and in a final fit before the Brotherhood finds her, he almost kills her.

Z had met Bella in the second book, and tried to brush her off as just a little civilian who wanted to play with the dangerous man, have a little wild time and go back to her perfect world.  He points her towards Phury, none too gently, but she gets under his skin, just as he had gotten under hers.  When she is kidnapped he takes it very badly, and becomes a killing machine until she is found.  And that’s just where the story begins.  It’s almost painful to read sometimes, because Z was stolen as a baby, and used as a blood (and sex) slave by a woman back in Europe many centuries ago.  Z has issues.  Lots of issues, issues with closeness, issues with body image, issues with pain and sex and violence - he’s messed up.  But he’s so protective of Bella that he won’t let her out of his sight, and he can’t even figure out why he cares so much about her. Then Bella’s needing begins while she is there in the house with the Brothers…..and all hell breaks loose.  She won’t have anyone but him, and he can’t bear the thought of dosing her up with morphine so she can sleep through it. He’s got to face all of his issues in a short period of time, and under pressure.   It’s a heartbreaking tale at points, but ends up being what I think is the best book of the series.  

Hope you enjoyed!! Stay tuned for part 2, coming soon. 

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