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Our Book Reviews... Black Dagger Brotherhood (Part 2)

Please keep in mind, you have 2 people doing a review on a book at the same time. Our reviews may be similar at times because we like to explain what’s going on, leaving as much to the imagination as we can. Now, here we go. Part 2… (For our Ratings.. if we both differ they are stacked according to who is the first or second reviewer.)

We hope you enjoy!! Happy reading!!

Barb) Duuuuuuude... even if he is a Red Sox fan (hides) I love him. From book one he showed he was a badass human. Yes, human. as in he can bite but not like the good kind of bite. (shifty) Well not at first. Marissa and Butch were a long time coming in my opinion. Talk about lust at first sight. I mean damn, they broke a chair on the balcony.. horn dogs. though I thought it was cute. (laughs) He proved over and over how tough he was. When the lessers take Butch and he meets the Omega, the grand puba of the Evil community, things go from bad to oh hell no. The Omega cuts off a piece of himself (gags) and drops it in Butch. talk about uber disgusting. Then they take Butch, drop him in the middle of the woods and leave him naked and dying. His only salvation is V.

Butch is taken to the hospital and in bad shape. V heals him a little at a time. Tries to get “his boy” back in shape. Marissa discovers that butch is in the hospital and goes into his quarantined room. Havers, her asswipe of a brother is none too happy by this. But what really gets his knickers in a wad is he catches them and thinks there is more to what has been done than there is. Havers then kicks Marissa out of the house (again, he’s an asswipe) and she has no place to go but to Wrath. As she has his blood in her she can find him. Marissa is welcomed into the manor by Beth and from there things between them start to settle out from rocky to smooth.

In many ways he was the missing link to the armor of this bunch. (In my opinion) Bringing in a human, who in fact is of the royal bloodline wasn’t what I expected but so glad it happened. You also get to see him become a vampire! Despite the error of his ways and Marissa's ways they found out they are stronger together. It was a beautiful tale of love and heartache.

Emmy) Butch was introduced in the first book, as a friend of Beth’s that came to know too much.  He had nothing left for him in the “regular” world and became the human kind-of-not-quite member of the Brotherhood. He saw Marissa for the first time in the first book and developed a connection then and there.  He has been pining after her ever since, and little does he know, so has she.   There were more than a few times in this series, not just in this book, that I wanted to clap Marissa’s and Butch’s heads together.  It was great to see Marissa grow a frigging spine finally.  Her younger brother, Havers, while being the vampires main doctor, is also part of the aristocracy.  The glymera has some screwed up ideas about a woman’s place in society, and as a result Havers has been keeping Marissa pretty much locked up.  

Butch is taken by the lessers, and harmed by the Omega himself, infecting Butch with a part of itself, the essence of pure evil. Vischous and Butch are very close, and he knows that Marissa is what Butch needs.  He sends Marissa to him while he is quarantined in the clinic.  They reconnect there, and some misunderstanding were cleared up.  Unfortunately Havers discovers them, and ends up throwing Marissa out of the house in “disgrace”.  I could write a book on how much I despise the glymera, the aristocracy of this series.  Think Victorian England, but worse.  Butch is revealed to not only be part vampire, and of Wrath’s line, but also the focus of a prophecy.  In this book you get to see something that I didn’t think we would see -- Butch transitioning into a vampire.  This one didn’t hold my attention as well as the first three did, but that was probably because I had read #3 twice before I would move on.   

Emmy)  V’s my favorite, even though #3 was my favorite book, V is my favorite brother.  V has the “gift” of foresight, and has the dubious pleasure of knowing how everyone dies.  He’s been dreaming his own death for awhile now. Also, he just met his mom, who is NOT who you would have thought.  This, of course, makes him restless, and reckless and edgy.  He took risks that he shouldn’t have and wound up badly injured, in a human hospital no less.  That’s where Doc Jane comes in.  She saves his life, then is taken back with V in the Brother’s mad rescue mission to take care of him.  V insists that she has to come with them - one look, and he’s bonded all ready.  

I really didn’t expect that either - for him to go so hard and fast.  Jane is tough, and gives the entire Brotherhood a hard time while she is locked up in the mansion to care for V.  We see lots of his backstory in this of his time in a training camp with his father, who was aptly known as the Bloodletter.  Not the kind of guy you want to get close to.  I enjoyed this whole story, right up until the ending.  I was not expecting Jane to be in the form that she is in the end of the book, and I was kind of disappointed that she wasn’t granted something similar to the fate that was given to Mary in book 2.  But, twists are what make good writing, right? I had to appreciate that the Scribe Virgin gave up something precious to her to make him happy, that gave her at least one brownie point in my book.  I mean, shit, after all she put him through, and let him go through, that was the least she could do, right?   V has his mate, the Brotherhood has a medic - all is well in the land (laughs)

Barb) Vishous… is just yummy. (coughs) Who said that? Oh yeah, I did. He is one loco mofo but OMG he is my number #3!! V is like the bionic man. He can crash you or light ya ass on fire. Who wouldn’t want that super power.. not to mention the fact that he can see shit coming. Well some of it. I am not sure him being clairvoyant is a helper as much as a pain in the ass. No one wants to see when their friends will die. Or how. At first, I’ll be honest the idea of him and butch getting together was what I was hoping for. (laughs)  In this book we get to meet V’s mother. Though I was shocked as shit to find out it was. I was like no way man! But it explained so much. We got to learn a little more of V’s inner pain as well. (We got to see his demons so to speak.) Not everyone could or would have survived what he had as a young man. Really, a father that is a totally psycho, murder, rapist and so many more things is no one that should EVER be raising a child. The kid was fucked from the get go. I think V came out on the good end though. he was able to kill the men that were hurting him. He got away from the Bloodletter and found the Brotherhood. He is where he belongs. His destiny, or was it?

No, his mother. Her royal pain in the ass, wants him as Primale. In other words a man whore but she dresses it up. His harem awaits him. As he ponders this he is shot. Dying, his heart’s been hit. He was taken to a human hospital, as no one knows what is going on. Then.. Doc Jane pops up, saves his ass and when he sees her the first time. I mean really sees her it was like “Ello poppet”. You know there has to be drama, what’s a good book without it? Jane seemed to open him like a can of peaches and sort of molded him out of himself. It was great to see him finally start to really be himself. Not just be the angry, aggressive asshole. After it looks like things are on a  good roll.. Jane is shot and dies. V is beyond broken. His mother though finally makes a move that we can appreciate. She brings Jane back to him. Not in a form I saw coming but it works. She has him, he has her and Wrath now has a full time Doctor for the Brotherhood. All in all it worked out for them all.

Barb) Erm… well this may come as a shock (hides) but Phury is possibly my least favorite brother. I take that back, there is no probably, he is. He didn’t do anything for me, except make me want to go through eh books and choke the life out of him. I know, he was weighed down by what had happened to Z. He really couldn’t get over what he went through during that time and all but man grow some balls. He just… he’s a pansy. Dope head.. not really anything more to say about that. He is obsessed, yes obsessed with his brother’s WIFE. Even before they were ‘mated’ he KNEW his brother wanted her. But, Phury being Phury thought he was in love with Bella.  He reallllly thought he was gettin’ in them panties but nope the right brother won that right. He did his job quite well too. (laughs)

Phury did man up, only to hide from himself and everything that was in his head. Truth be told he did it to try and run away. again, he’s a pansy. Phury saved V from being the Primale but... then he turned around and hurt Cormia, intentional or not. I liked Cormia. And honestly… I feel she deserves better but it’s just my opinion. I did cheer when John Matthew beat the piss outta him when he thought Phury took advantage of her; best part of the book. (snorts) I mean, he did hurt her. Made it not a good experience for her but the matter was quickly settled. The man maybe a looker but he gets a no comment from me. I believe Corina was what he needed to straighten him out inside. See himself as a man and not his brother’s keeper but he still is at the bottom of the list for me.

Emmy)  I actually put the series down after this one for awhile.  Sad to say, but Phury isn’t exactly my top dog either.  I’ve got to give him credit, for all he did for Z over the years - dude is a decent brother to him.  And that stunt he pulled back in the third book taking Z’s place in a dangerous situation, I gotta give him credit for that too.  On paper, I should really like Phury - I just don’t.  The whole obsession with Bella, and the waffling about about being the Primale, the typical addict’s behaviour - it all just made me want to grab him and shake the hell out of him.

Yes, I realize your head is full of snakes….I get that your mom and dad spent their lives mourning the twin they lost rather than loving the one they had, and that’s messed up; but dude, there comes a time when you gotta quit blaming everything on everybody else and grow the fuck up already.   I have liked him a lot more in the later books, he’s starting to get his head on straight, but he’s still got aways to go in my opinion.  Maybe Cormia needs to hang out with Mary and pick up some tips, because Phury would seriously benefit from a - ahem -  firm hand.  Better yet, Cormia needs to hop a genre over to Tiffany Reisz’s world and take a lunch with Mistress Nora!

Emmy)  I ain’t gonna lie, the scene in the hospital made me cry, but a good cry.  Z is having issues, and if you look at it from his pov, he has a point.  But he handles it all the wrong way.  I have to agree, I called him an asshole more than once in this story.  It goes to show that issues like he has are an ongoing thing, it’s not all going to be fixed by getting a good mate, and having your life improve - children do not fix people.  People fix people.  Children don’t fix marriages either, which is something society as a whole would do well to remember.  His issues with his tatts and scars are really issues with self esteem, and it’s a rough ride at points.  He really doesn’t feel worthy of all he has been blessed with, so he reacts the only way he knows, by pushing it away with both hands.  I ain’t gonna lie, this little novella is a wringer for the emotions, especially if you really connected with Z and Bella’s story back in Book 3.  So….**claps** well done, JR Ward, very well done.

Barb) This little novella was a tough read. Not that way! I was emotional. I went from happy to sad then to where I wanted to put my book up Z’s ass. He may or not have been called an asshole a few times. Nalla, our pretty little baby is a constant reminder of his past. He is worried about his scars and tattoos, what she will think of him because of said scars and tattoos. Poor Bella is almost driven mad… well she’s driven to be pissed the fuck off and ready to walk out. Leave it all behind. But as always Zsadist redeemed himself and got his head out of his ass. And with a little understanding and some loving cuddles from his daughter he really becomes the man Bella and Nalla need.

Hope you enjoyed!! Stay tuned for part 3, coming soon. 

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