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Our Book Reviews... Black Dagger Brotherhood (Part 3)

Keep in mind, you have 2 people doing a review on a book at the same time. Our reviews may be similar at times because we like to explain what’s going on, leaving as much to the imagination as we can. Now, here we go. Part 3… (For our Ratings.. if we both differ they are stacked according to who is the first or second reviewer.)

We hope you enjoy!! Happy reading!!

Barb) It’s Rhev. What else is there to say? Empath maybe? What a cool mix he has going on here. Not only is he a badass vampire, he’s a mobster, a bookie, a drug pusher and a sympath. Talk about needing a new business card. I like Rhev from the first time we met him in the series, though he is not one of my favorites. He is a mystery wrapped in fur… no really. He wears a sable coat ALL the time. It’s all shiney and he looks like new money. (laughs) Can you imagine a big ass, well built vampire halfbreed walking around in a three piece suit, sable coat and a frigging mohawk?!? Well now you can. Talk about a crowd splitter.

I guess we’d all be like that if we had to keep ourselves doped up to keep our inner demons at bay. Dopamine, such a common event for him he thinks nothing of it. It’s just what he has to do to stay in control. As time passes Xhex see’s he in need of some medical assistance. His injection sites on his arm are infected. So, reluctantly he goes to Havers clinic. None of the woman there, or anywhere for that matter like to deal with him. Well Elena, nurse extraordinaire takes him on, examines him and sees that he needs help with his arm. Though Rhev isn’t having that. He gets Havers to give more dopamine, needles and leaves. (After erasing Haver’s memories)

Seems.. Elena is the one person to get him unnerved in a pleasant “I want to fuck you now” way.  Rhev makes a way for her to meet him at the penthouse, she has brought him antibiotics that she STOLE from Havers… (laughs) She was in love and needed to care for him and had no idea. (My opinion anyway.) I love Elena. She is smart, passionate and the best fit for Rhev. Well Elena loses her job for stealing, has to deal with her sick father and stresses over this man she can’t get out of her head. Things are rocky, seriously out of the world fucked up for them but they make it through the rough times now all that is left is the good times. (Or we hope so.)

Emmy) Honestly, I didn’t put too much thought into Rhev at first.  He’s Bella’s brother, Phury’s drug supply, bar owner and all around someone not to be messed with. That’s what I get for not looking closer….dude has layers.  He’s a sympath, which is sort of like an empath; they have a bad rap in this world due to a full sympath’s tendency to manipulate everyone around them - they are basically sociopaths. So he’s got this whole dark set of impulses to control.   He keeps himself doped up to dull this ability, as my partner in crime above has already observed.   He was Marissa’s feed for awhile, which put tension between him and Butch.  That was all resolved when she and Butch were mated, but left Rhev high and dry.  Although, he can only feed from another sympath, to keep from revealing his nature.... He’s being blackmailed by a creeeeepy princess to protect himself and Xhex from being shipped off to the sympath colony, somewhere near Canada.  The princess is making him sick, literally, sick in body and sick in soul, and it’s getting worse every month.  

Then he meets Ehlena. Ehlena is a nurse at Haver’s clinic.  She worries about Rhev’s sepsis infection (from all the shots of dopamine) even though he creeps her out.   I like Ehlena - I like how she’s not high class, super rich.  I like that she knows how to operate in the real world, and how to put family above herself.  She’s NORMAL, which makes me love her.  I enjoyed her and Rhev’s love story, even though a million other storylines were happening at the same time.

This is the book where John and Xhex first get together, then she acts like a bitch, so he starts acting like a bastard back---ugh, get it together all ready you two!  Xhex is kidnapped at the end of this book by Lash, and that’s a whole other can of worms.  Lash is the Omega’s son, half vampire, half pure evil, and ALL asshole.  He has taken over the Lessening Society as its leader after Qhuinn “killed” him in the last book.  Lash is different from the other Lessers, as he has all of the strengths of the Lessers, but none of the weaknesses.  He’s just….ugh, I hated his ass, which was what JR Ward was going for, I’m sure.  So, in conclusion...I was surprised just how much I like this book.  It was twisty and dark, which are two of my special favorites, and also had moments of tenderness (both romantic and brotherly-love type) that would leave you misty eyed.  

Emmy)  Anyone who has been paying attention in this series already knows that John is Darius reincarnated, right?  

I have rarely been as frustrated with a couple as I have been with John and Xhex.  As a whole, I mean, not just with the happenings in this book.  They actually got their shit together in this book, briefly, long enough to actually get mated.  At the beginning of the book, Xhex is missing, kidnapped by Lash and John and company has been frantically searching for her for weeks.  Too long, he thinks, surely she’s dead by now.  John has her name tattooed across his shoulders, in the place it would have been had they mated.  Xhex, on the other hand, is very much alive, although she is wishing she wasn’t.  Lash isn’t like the other Lessers, as I mentioned before, and he is NOT impotent.  Yes, I said NOT….bad things happen in this book.  It is not for the super-sensitive.  It is brutal, and horrifying, and heart-wrenching.  And so freaking worth it when Lash gets what he deserves.  

Side note: the storyline with Murhder  threw me for a loop...I wondered for a minute if a piece from some other book got accidentally pasted in with this one at the publishing house.  I realize that it’s being set up as a future storyline, but it just threw me out of the story that I was reading completely. (I agree with this.. Barb)
The whole sideline with John reading Darius’ diary was interesting too, although I kept waiting for John to have a whole brainflash “I remember that!” thing to happen.  I realize now, that we were being reacquainted with Tohr for his upcoming book.  

Barb) John.. John.. John… where to start. He went from a boney to fabulous.. (laughs) Kidding.. but yeah kinda not. So, we have John John here who is tenshades of clucterfucked. Our angry mute bear, if you will who is in love with… wait for it… Xhex. But if you were paying attention during the books you would know that. He kinda had a moment of lust at first sight that turned into I WANT HER! By the time John gets his head out of his ass so much has changed around him. Quinn, his ever present shadow (so to speak) and Blay are still in limbo. Gah I could just shake them all. Men. I swear. The beginning of this one the Brothers, John, Quinn and Blay spend most of their waking hours looking for Xhex who has been kidnapped by Lash.. yeah he is such a dick. It takes a while but Xhex, God love her saves her own ass with the help of John and the others whether they know that or not. Xhex and John.. frustrating. That is the main word I can come up with.

The anxiety and drama between these two can make you mental but when they are real and good to each other, they are great. They Mated, thank fuck. I don’t think the boy could handle not having her to himself. It’s not one of my favorite books but I do love that Xhex got to take out her vengeance on Lash, makes it all worth it.

Barb) Payne is no Angel…. but she is the daughter of a deity. Wooohoo.. she hates her life, her mother and is a real pain in the ass. There isn’t much I can say on this one. It could have been a lot more epic than it was but I did enjoy meeting Manny. He is a kick ass dude. Smart, funny and totes serious about kicking ass if he needs to. It’s cool that he is Butch’s .. uh half brother. Which makes him royal blood too. Not that he was willing to have the shit Butch went through done to him to make sure. I don’t blame him though. It’s not worth the risk in my opinion. Manny’s taste in music is awesome. I loved that he is so different than the others. Plus, most rap is.. well over rated and not my thing. I like that Manny and Payne are together. I think they fit but again.. it could have been so much better. (just my opinion)

Emmy)   The main romance of Lover Unleashed is focused around Payne (V’s twin sister) and Manny (Doc Jane’s former coworker/friend).  

Payne is V’s twin sister, whom the Scribe Virgin had kept in stasis most of her life (after she killed the Bloodletter for all the nasty shit he did to V) and only set free a book or so ago.  She is living with the Chosen, and it is becoming obvious that she has taken more after her dad than her mom.  Side note #1, WTF is up with the Scribe Virgin?  She really needs to pull her head out of her ass and be a damn deity again. What good are you, if you’re not doing your JOB, lady?  Is this whole race stuck worshipping a pouty teenage girl? Sheesh!   Payne’s a warrior, and she and Wrath have been sparring regularly to take the edge off for both of them.  She’s injured, badly, and Wrath poofs her back to the Brotherhood in a panic.  Her injury is beyond Jane, so she hightails it over to her former friend Manny to ask for his help.  After he recovers from the heart attack he has over Jane being “alive” (kind of *grumbles*) he agrees to help.  He and Payne are goners from the second they look at each other, which is actually kind of sweet.

V’s having a total meltdown, because he had NO IDEA he had a sister at all.  All of a sudden here she is, she’s injured badly, and your king did it, even though it was an accident.  Add that to Jane’s Manny (who he didn’t like anyway) is called in to operate on his sister and there is an undeniable attraction between them.   And Payne wants to kill herself if she can’t be healed.  And there’s problems between him and Jane.  **V’s head explodes**  It’s no secret, V is my favorite, and the scenes he had in this book were the best parts for me.  That one with him and Butch and all that underlying history…..**flails, collapses, dies** hell, just go read it.  I can’t do it justice.  For me, this book was a V story, with a side line of Payne and Manny.  Side note #2,  I approve of Manny’s taste in music.  I didn’t really care for him at first, but that turned the tide for me. (lol)  

This is also the book that introduced the Band of Bastards, the plot device to replace the lessers for the time being.  They are lead by Xcor, who thought he was the Bloodletter’s son, but turns out he wasn’t.  He’s an effective leader, even if they are working against the Brotherhood. They were interesting in this book, no so much in the following installments. Also, they got the best sex scene of the book, which left me in the awkward position of envious of a prostitute.  So wrong.  *sighs*So bottom line, I enjoyed it, even if it was more for my own reasons than the actual main romance of the story.  

Hope you enjoyed!! Stay tuned for part 4, coming soon. 

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