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Our Book Reviews... Black Dagger Brotherhood (Part 4)

Keep in mind, you have 2 people doing a review on a book at the same time. Our reviews may be similar at times because we like to explain what’s going on, leaving as much to the imagination as we can. Now, here we go. Part 4… (For our Ratings.. if we both differ they are stacked according to who is the first or second reviewer.)

We hope you enjoy!! Happy reading!!

Emmy)  This book met my living room wall more than once.  It’s heartbreaking, and infuriating. It deals with heavy serious emotional issues and if you connect with the characters it will tear you apart.

I almost thought we would never see Tohr again after he did the poofing act in book three.  I understand him totally, wandering around the wilderness, trying to starve himself to death.  He and Wellsie had one of the best portrayed relationships in the series, and I was majorly upset when she was killed.  I didn’t know how he could be made to “move on” from that.  I just couldn’t see it happening.  When Lassiter dumped him back at the Brotherhood I expected him to soldier on as the shell of the warrior he had become, not to try to be mated again.  He would have been happy to do just that if it wasn’t for Lassiter (I love Lassiter) informing him that he HAS to, or Wellsie and their baby would never make it to the Fade.  

There’s so much push and pull with this book, it was exhausting on the emotions.  Tohr and No’One eventually connect, and blow apart, and connect again; they had a really rough time of it.  It helps that this is a long story - it takes place over the space of a whole year.  That made it a little more believable for me.   And poor John, him and Xhex are on the outs and he’s just miserable. I wasn’t sure how I felt about No’One at first.  She’s Xhex’s mom, and it’s great for them both to be able to know each other, and I got how she and Tohr were connected in the past - I couldn’t help but be somewhat against her for the fact that she couldn’t face raising her own child, even if she was conceived the way that she was.  I don’t know, I was conflicted about the whole situation.  She has her own lesson to learn in this book, as does Tohr, and Lassiter as well.  

Eventually Tohr realizes that just because you’re sleeping with somebody does not mean you’re moving on.  He actually has to let Wellsie go and it’s heartbreaking to watch him try so hard and not succeed.  The Fade ceremony that he finally has for Wellsie and the baby…..I ain’t even gonna lie, I sobbed through the whole damn thing.  Although we have seen the mating ceremony more than once in this series, this is the first time we see the other end of it, as it were.  I got so involved in this book - no other in this series have messed with my emotions the way this one did.  I would say that after Book #3, this is the next best book in the series.

One last note: We meet a vampire named Assail in this book, who totally captured my imagination from the get go.  I am hoping there’s a book for him sometime soon, because he’s a very interesting character.  

Barb) Tohrment… should be called tortured and broken. He had a break after his wife died in book 3. I thought he was a goner but then a heavenly creature who has landed on his ass, respectfully, returns him to the brotherhood. at first I wasn’t sure what an Angel was going to have to offer these fella’s, besides bringing Tohr back. Tohr is underweight, closed off, hurting and totally in his own world as he is still grieving from his lost love and child. He shuts everyone out.. even John Matthew. As time progresses John Matthew tries to get his father to live again. He needs him. he has needed him from the moment he was dropped into their laps.

Things start to progress when John Matthew mates (marries) Xhex.  By this time her mother, (No’ one; a chosen) is brought in to be Payne’s personal servant. She is a ghost of Tohr’s past.. a past he slowly starts to remember and run through. His time with Darius.. the memories of what happened to No’One then. How she killed herself after Xhex was born. Only to be standing in front of them now as a chosen, a fallen chosen but a chosen none the less.

Lassiter rides his ass like a tick on a hound dog and honestly I think that was the push he needed. Without him falling in love with No’ One and being able to move on from Wellsie’s memory he would have condemned her and their unborn to an eternity of nothing. Patience, time and an Angel up his ass he moved onto help No’ One, who became Autumn and himself move on from their pasts. He and his new love were able to grow into a comfortable established relationship and start a new future together. One with a happy ending, hopefully.

Barb) Oh my God!!! I swear I wanted to smack the shit out of both of these idiots! It’s like HELLO Captain obvious.. he LOOOOVES you!!! My boys.. these two have been favorites from the beginning. Not only are they kick ass and cool they are not what you would expect to see in a Brother. Well maybe Quinn is. He has that hot ass temper, heart of gold and will jump into a burning ring of fire to save his family. And, John, Blay and the Brothers are his family. I give props where they are warranted. JR Ward opened a door here that so many are worried about or scared to open. So they are butt bangers, who really gives two shits? They are two men that know what they want and thank fuck they finally pulled their heads out of their asses and made the step in the right direction.

I know they’ve been looking at each other, sizing each other up their entire lives but it’s different when you are in a stressful situation. Quinn has a short temper and um.. well he is a man he doesn’t like to share what is his. So when the cousin.. (grumbles at him) comes in and steals Blay.. and honestly I wanted to kick Quinn in the nads when that happened. (I may or may not have shook my kindle. (laughs)) Then to toss more shit into the mix…. Layla has her needing and asks Quinn to service her. I don’t get the  “will you service me” shit. You are not a transam you are a woman. Just say fuck me man and move on. So he does and apparently he is a gifted mofo ‘cause his boys stick and Layla is preggers.

The tension between the boys gets more intense after Quinn knocks Layla up but finally things start to trickle. Quinn saves Z and even flies a plane to get him to safety after he is shot badly. Without him he would not have made it back to the Mansion. Things never stay calm for long. They are searching the woods where Z was shot and find a cabin, the last one to search.. and with a little luck and good grace I guess find Quinns brother. The Omega goo he was stores in, (yes stores in a 55 gallon container like oil) kept him alive. He had been so abused, beaten and broken that they had to get him to the docs fast. The time ticked by slowly. This was the only true blood family he had left after Lash and the Lessers killed his family. Good news came after that… Quinn was made a brother. Full fledge and a true hero. There is so much more that can be held for their future. I am ready and anxious to see it!

Emmy)  This book is known as “The one where Qhuinn and Blay finally pull their heads out of their asses and fuck all ready”.  To save time, they called it “Lover at Last.”  And boy do I mean at LAST, the UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension) for the last, what, four, five books was just frigging unbearable.  This has been going on for absolute ages, even when they were puny little pretrans’. Some quick history, just to keep the timeline straight in my own head: #6 (Enshrined) is when Qhuinn became John Matthew’s Bodyguard after he, Qhuinn, killed Lash.  Lash is revealed as the son of the Omega and leads the attack on the glymera in the next book (Avenged).   From then on Blay and Qhuinn are both living with the Brotherhood and the tension between the two was just unending.   Honestly though, I think I enjoyed the “leading up” to the big event,more than the big event itself. There was so much miscommunication between the characters and missed chances that it was seriously frustrating.    I have read a lot a mixed reviews on this book both lauding JR Ward for including a homosexual relationship in her series and dissing the fact that some people think she “copped out” when it came to the sex.  

I didn’t like that their first few times were kind of clandestine, on the side.  It cheapened it, for Qhuinn to think that Blay was still with Saxton and not care, and that Blay would be broken up with Saxton and deliberately act like he still was.  That bothered me.  On the whole though, I liked the story well enough, even if I did have some problems with it.  This is also the book where Layla goes into her needing, and she and Qhuinn decide to have a child together.  I have liked Layla throughout the series, and always thought that she deserved to have her own story, her own happy ending.  I didn’t see this path for her, but I’m not the writer, I’m just along for the ride.  I’ll sit back and let it go where it goes.  I couldn’t give two shits less about the Band of Bastards though.  I just wanted to get that on the record. I see where she’s going with this, since the lessers have kind of been scattered and are not an effective enemy at the moment.  The Band of Bastards have their function as the “Big Bad” for the next however many books until the Lessers get themselves back together.  I have seen ever so many people predict this, and I will agree that eventually all the Bastards will most likely turn good and join the Brotherhood.  It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if V roasted them though!

Emmy)  Wrath needs a Xanax for the better part of this book.  His job is stressing him the hell out, he just got shot not long ago, The Band of Bastards is trying to take over, he’s now completely blind and the aristocracy is full of self-serving backstabbing two-faced glory hounds.  (I really don’t like the glymera, can you tell?) He just wants time to kick back, eat a leg of lamb and spend some time with his girl without somebody calling his name.  Alas, it is not to be, and to add to all this stress on him, Beth wants a baby.  Wrath has said from the beginning that he would not risk her life that way and that he didn’t want to curse any child with the burden of the throne in the way he was.  

You also get flashbacks in this book to Wrath’s dad, which I really enjoyed.  There’s a whole concurrent storyline with Trez and Iam (the Shadows) which I enjoyed the hell out of too.  I’m ready for their book to come out. I spent the better part of this book wanting to knock Wrath out for being a meathead, and the same to Beth for not opening her eyes and seeing the bigger picture.  A legal attack gives them the kick in the ass that they need, and we see the take - no - shit Beth from the first book come back.  All in all, while at times I found the characters infuriating - but hey, that’s good writing - I ultimately enjoyed this book and am eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Barb) Well, well, well…. something has crawled in his ass and he isn’t a happy mofo no mo’! (laughs) He really seemed to not get laid enough. I mean it was like he had a broomstick permanently up his ass. Though, if I were blind, felt helpless at times and stressed out more than a whore on a street corner I would too. I do like how you get to see into his childhood, his past, the way his parent’s deaths hit him. You also get to see a glimpse into his father and mother’s lives. Really get a good understanding of the trials and tribulations they dealt with and lived through to get him into the world. It wasn’t an easy life. We also get to see just how the Brotherhood came to be how they are today. That bond was forged when Wrath was a wee babe in his mommies tummy.

Beth wants a baby. I mean she is young, and ready to have a mini Wrath. Well his royal asshole handles the news not so well. Especially after he finds out  that Beth has been hanging with Layla. It’s taboo to hang around a woman who is pregnant. It could bring on your own needing. Yeah, I saw nothing wrong with her logic until I got to see into him more. He was scared and not wanting to punish a child by putting the burden of being his offspring and having to deal with royal shit. Commendable but it could have been worked out.  When Wrath shows his male sized ass, Beth’s not having it and walks away from him. Reality check please. Wrath handles this not so well. Has a MASSIVE hissy fit, destroys the parlor and has to literally be knocked out by Lassiter and a dart to the ass... (I laughed my ass off at that scene--Emmy)

This, no matter how hard it was, desperate it made them both as they were not handling separation well, was needed. Wrath was able to get into his role and open his heart to his people as commoners, ordinary folk repaired his parlor room that he destroyed. He bonds with his people again, the way his father used to. Beth comes back to him, feeling icy and her needing hits. She is seen by Doc Jane and Doc says she needs and OBGYN cause…. (dramatic pause) she is already pregnant. She was pregnant before her needing! Halfbreeds! That is cheating but in the end Wrath thanked her for giving him something he never knew he was missing. It was a good ending to that part of their lives.

We hope you have enjoyed this series as much as we did. There were a few books that yes they could have been better in our opinions but we liked them just the same. Until next time, happy reading!!

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