Friday, September 19, 2014

Mail call... Eye opener...

I had an interesting, eye opening email this AM from a publicist about a review I had done for their client's book. Seems I was too descriptive. (Sheepish) I gave too much of the story away. So, I have edited what I originally had written up and I am reposting it here and on Amazon. As with everything I read, whether I buy it or its a gift of any kind I always try to review on Amazon, Goodreads and then here. Not sure if here will change much though... I really don't want to give away too much of any book but I want my readers to be able to understand what it is I am or have read. I'm not sure how to keep myself in line when doing a review I get too wrapped up in what I am reading to leave things out. I do however, leave out a lot. I will do my best to give you the same kinds of reviews maybe just tone some of the details down. I want everyone to enjoy the reviews and then go and enjoy the books if they are your cup of tea.

Also, we will start adding the book, author information like I see other sites do. I don;t like being the odd man out. Well, not with this at least. In all honesty with the exception of a few things... most of the things Emmy and I read are rated at 5 stars. There are a few four stars and a few that should be 3 but we upped them because of the overall series. That is only in a series. If its a single Novel or Novella is doesn't have any backbone so to speak so it gets what it gets.

The new changes will start with today's posts. (Thoung me and my OCD are arguing about that.. so I may be going back and editing the past reviews as well... lol) As in the rating scale and such. All reviews can be found on our good reads pages as well.

We will be using Rain drops (as rain is the theme here) so look for it.. the whole site is now updated! (B @ 4:11pm 9/20/14)

Now, onto your regular scheduled programming.

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