Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Barb's Book Reviews... Bedtime Tales From the Apocalypse

This short story series was a great find! Literally. I came across the author on Facebook, spoke to him about a subject that was on the timeline. The Girl with No Name and Aluminum Butterflies was gifted to me by the author after this chat. Thank you Michael for a great reads! They were so good at drawing you in, making you want more that I went back onto his page for Amazon and bought the first two stories, though I had them and the third installment. I give credit where credit is due. He has found a big fan here.

Since Michael is a new author, let me introduce you to him. He is a father, a husband and a veteran of the Iraq war. He alongside his wife and daughter live in Arizona and are trying to make the best of what they have. Its a shame that the men and women of the armed forces risk their lives for this country and it's 'freedom' but when they need a job no one has one. (steps off my soap box) Anyhow,  Michael has taken his writing from just a hobby to trying to make it a job. I give him kudos for this. And I have faith that if he keeps this up he will get the glory that comes to him.

This is a new take on a world of what happens after it's all over. The girl, the one that is sleek, cautious and bad ass has her plans of revenge. Vampires killed her family. She has a plan. And it seems nothing is going to stand in her way. Along her journey she gets a tag along from afar. A little coyote who has a secret of it's own. The Boss as he is called in now interested in the girl with no name... what happens next? I can't wait to see. I loved this short story. It was refreshing and totally had me drawn in after one page. Now, I'm off to the read the next two!!

Seeing our girl with no name remembering her past. What happened to her as a child. How she is different. You get so see her beginning. Then it happens. her family is killed and it brings a whole new light into her hatred of Vampires. Not that they are the nicest of beings anyway. The pain and agony she felt as she watched her family die at the hands of vampires is heart wrenching. It was not an easy thing to imagine, as with most people you see what you read. I was cheering her on as she remembered her first kill. A vampire.

​Well Michael has done it again. I was drawn in, eyes wide at one point. (Apparently it was humorous to the people in my house 'cause I was REALLY into the book.) Our little vampire was hunted down so to speak. Her little coyote seems to have been keeping an eye on her for many reasons. The girl with no name was approached, started to get antsy so they had her staked, yes I said staked! I gasped and called them assholes. (loudly) But then the plot thickens. Traitorous things start to plan themselves out and... I reallllly reallllly need more now. This is so awesome! This is why short stories rock!

I really enjoyed this series so far. Sometimes you don't need 200 pages of words to make a story great. 50 will do it just perfectly as Michael has shown us. I hope you will all go and check it out!

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