Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Barb's Book Review... Confronting The Demon

I came across the author Ciara Ballintyne as I was searching on Goodreads for another author. What did I notice about her first.... that she was Australian. Yes I am that kind of dork. It made me go O.o hell yes! I blame my fiance for that because... just she's an Aussie so I fan girl at that fact. But the title of this novella did catch my attention as well. I mean it has Demon in the title. Demons interest me; for that I happily blame Kim Harrison and the Hollows Series... but I digress.

Before I go to far, I must thank Ciara for sending me and e-arc of this novella in return for an honest review.

This is a fantasy. It's kind of sci-fi'ish to me with a kick of paranormal. I like Paranormal. After I got past the first few pages of the novella it seemed I was lost. So I reread what I had read and lordy be I was still confused. It felt like I had missed something. So I read it a third time. Still confused; that happens sometimes. I have learned, with the help of Emmy and her patience of a God, to not just dismiss a book until at least three or four chapters in. That makes sense. But even with that I was confused and a little lost. So I tried again. I kept pushing on and I finally made it a little further through the novella.

It's written well. There are a few 'big' words in there that I literally had to look up. I was like.. what? and yeah that is all me. I'm dyslexic (believe it or not) so sometimes I look and see one thing but it's saying something else. And I hate to give bad reviews, say negative things about someones hard work. Their blood, sweat and tears but I just couldn't get into this novella. I sat it aside and came back in between others.

When I got about half way through things started to pick up and kind of click together (for me). The story is one of misunderstandings and bad timing. Very bad timing... like EPIC fail in timing.

We have Alleron, the sorcerer in hiding; Gisdayne, the high sorcerer's daughter and Ladanyon. All of them are powerful. This story shows you that no matter how much you know someone they can turn on you like a rabid dog. Alleron is hiding in plain sight, as with most people he are trying to prove they are innocent when they know who is behind the bad shit. Come to find out Ladanyon is jealous of Alleron. Why you ask? Because Alleron is a better sorcerer than he is. So his poor little wizard ego is crushed and he is having a tantrum to get into the high class. Which in my opinion, is so like a man. His balls are bigger than mine so I will open the gates of hell.. yeah that's a great idea!(shakes my head) Men. I swear.

Once the plan is unfolding in Alleron's mind Gisdayne tracks him down together they discover the workings of Ladanyon's misdeeds and put in a plan of action to stop him. But wouldn't ya know, Alleron wants to be a hero, save her from pain and heartache by letting the demon take him. But as a badass chick as herself does she takes matters into her own hands. They make it to the square before the heavens open to hell. THe demon (who reminds me of an epically pissed off octopus starts cause chaos. Tearing up the square, smashing buildings and it takes them some time and pain but Alleron is able to close to the hell gates with Landyon on the right side. Let him rot where he plays.

Now... we wait to see what the next tale of the demons shows us...

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