Monday, October 6, 2014

Barb's Book Review... A Curse Awakened

I have to say this author is a new one for me. I came across her name in a NetGalley email and.. something drew me to this series. I am usually leay about new authors. I am picky I guess.. but I was too intrigued to turn back. So, I bought her series up to what I could. This book was a novelette and let me tell ya.. it went from O.O to O.o in about two pages. (laughs) It's fast paced, funny, heart pounding and a damn good story. 

We meet Celia (a shifter of sorts; tigress), and her sisters, Shayna (sweet but deadly with wood or metal), Emme (quiet, shy and a healer) and then we have Taran (hot headed, stubborn and could out curse a sailor on shore leave) when her very human, nerdy, ex-boyfriend Danny calls her and says vampires are trying to eat him and his father. Yeah that is a double blink and silence. But Celia being the caring person she is agrees to meet him at the park a few blocks from her home. 

That is where things go from bad to diving off a cliff that has no end. The vampires show up, cause a ruckus.. and die. All but one. But that was not all the girls doing. Quennel, a vampire nonetheless, dressed in his biker gear shows up and helps dispatch the vampires. Quennel asks them where Giavanna is. everyone is like.. who? Come to find out, Giavonna is the vampire mistress (a master vampire) that has been after Danny adn his father. Namely his father. apparently he is her feed bag. (shudders) He is after her to kill her for his master. If he does so he will gain her family. He will be a master himself. Celia knows they are not going to let Danny lose his father but how can they take on a family of vampires.. and survive themselves? They barely made it through this encounter and it was only seven vampires and they had Quennel to help them.

Well seems that Danny has been doing some research on his own and tells the girl his theory that their powers, abilities, whatever you wish to call them have been bound. If they can break that binding they will be better, stronger. With heavy hearts they go n search of this.. curse. Cecilia remembers things from her childhood that helps them to figure out that jealousy and I am sure fear that they would be an epic power were behind this. 

If that wasn't enough torture they have to go through hell (not literally) to break what has been done to them. With Danny's help they make it out better. And now it is time to take on the vamps, rescue the human and get the hell back home so they can leave town in a few days. A new life awaits. Another adventure too. 

This is definitely going on my top list of books to read. if this is just the beginning it makes me want to hurry and run through them all as fast as my eyes and brain can handle. Epic, epic story and idea here. I love it!!

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  1. What a lovely review! Thank you for taking a chance on me and my series. I hope that you continue to enjoy my work. I'm very thankful you took the time to feature my WEIRD GIRLS series. Thank you, again!