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Barb's Book Review... Cursed by Destiny

*** Spoiler Alert ***

Holy Crap! I am sooooo in love with this series. It gets better and better with each book I read. Or in the case of this one, devour in a day. A long day but sweet Jesus.. It was off-the-frigging chain!! (Laughs) I love how the characters seem to be developing more and more in front of my eyes. Cecy has done an amazing job.

So now... this book takes off in a fast paced, heart throbbing, curled over laughing way and ends just the same. I love Celia and her relationships with the person's around her. Weather they be wolf, vampire or family. 

Celia, for now at least is staying with Misha and his 'family', since she and Aric broke up. The house where she stayed with him has too many memories. Too much has happened to her. Her hope and love has been squashed. But, staying with the bloodsuckers.. (coughs) I mean vamps is helping her train to be the ultimate weapon for the good guys. Her efforts are not done in vain. Sparing with the fangs and using her shifting ability to its fullest power is helping her grow into a fighter. Martial arts, sparring, yoga and a lot of curses has built up her momentum and strength. 

It makes sense, she needs to be focused. On her toes even. The Tribe is still out there, gunning for her and not backing down. The Alliance has managed to take out large numbers of the demons and their minions but that isn't enough. While sparring with the Catholic School Girls (Edith Anne, Maria, Liz, Agnes) she is bitten on the ass (lol) and the shoulder. No blood taken or tasted just just the wounds inflicted. Well.. let's just say Master Misha is NOT a happy boy after this. (Even if I found it hysterical) 

Misha being Misha healed her shoulder wounds with his tongue. Her body acted as anyones does to vamp venom. Turn on! Even if she fought it the whole time. But he had to use her fingers (by sucking on them to wet them) to close the wounds on her ass because girlfriend wasn't having him anywhere near that... (snorts) 

"Kitten, why must you make things so difficult?"
"Misha, I don't want his. I told you that before I moved in."
"It didn't appear that way a moment ago."
"I know, and I'm sorry.  But I can't stay here if this is what you'll expect of me. You promised you'd keep your hands to yourself."

So, Misha backed off for... now at least. We all know he will try again. As they walked from the training facility back towards Misha's main house and the limo waiting to take them to dinner. That is when things go from... frustrated to downright deadly. As Celia goes to step into the limo a rushed smell of herbs hits her nose. She manages to step back, grab Misha and Hank (the bodyguard/driver) and shift them all before it explodes. The witches fire as Hank calls it once they resurface is angry. The limo is toast. 

It was Hank that started putting it together in his head that someone tried to kill Celia. As they stood around watching the fire the phones of the vamps all starting ringing. They were ignored until Misha told them to answer it. It was Koda, Celia's big bad brother in law. (laughs) He was calling to make sure she was okay. Aric was there too. They seemed to believe her and settled down.

In order to punish the naughty vampires for biting Celia during their sparring, since Celia asked Misha not to kill them he took away some of their gifts and gave them to Celia. Taran's birthday was here and everyone gathered at their house in Dollar Point. The girls, their wolves, Bren, Danny and Celia. Celia gave the gifts Misha had gifted her (a car and a diamond necklace). They vampires left and the family went inside. They chatted, they ate and just when they thought everything was calm.... a Tribesman shows up. Not just any tribesman. A big ass snarling worm. (gags)

After a chaotic fight the thing is dead. The witches bring in a rain shower to wash the evidence away and they try to settle their nerves. But as with anything else in life their nerves stay on edge. It seems that no matter what they do they can't get a break.

There are things that even Celia can't foresee... Misha though tries to make her see her ability to change into another creature as a good skill and not one that is meant to torment her. She of course doesn't want anything to do with it. Does he listen, no. So he forces a change of her into a damn Spaniel. Not fun since she can't seem to calm her shit to change back. But he isn't one to give up. He will force it if he has to. It only makes things worse when he brings in a bald eagle. Maybe her being a predator is whats needed. And slowly it works but its not a form she can keep. Practice makes perfect, right?

Time passes... 

While attending a Gala at the Den, Celia is escorted by Misha and his family. This is a big deal. it's to honor the Alliance. She was nervous but this was something that had to be done. It could have been the skin tight white dress, or the fact that it barely covered her assets.. or the vampire on her arm but she drew many growls from Aric. The wolf was not happy. Though he was miserable without her. He had to tolerate the whores Anara kept thrusting at him after he refused to marry Barbara. Can you blame him? No!

This is when... Celia meets her "Destiny". Apparently the soothsayer, Destiny, the freaky chick with very bad fashion sense has seen that her and Tye, a werelion are going to have babies. ((laughs hard) This book I swear made me laugh more than any others.) Of course, no one except the big cocky lion is happy about this news. Well the elders maybe but no one else. 

Aric is in over his head. Celia is in over her head and it takes them yelling at each other in one of the Campus gardens to bring themselves closer. After a hot and steamy reunion they pat ways. This gets off a chain reaction of secret rendezvous of hot, primal love making. Though it isn't long before her sisters and others will find out. (laughs)

As time goes by more and more things happen between them, with the elders and with the Tribe. The bastards have been cut down in large numbers thanks to the Alliance but its not enough. There is a meeting called at the Den and Celia knows its bad if she is willingly invited. As are Danny and Bren, who are pack but not really pack. The demons are trying to raise a 7 headed demon dragon... (blinks) that can't be killed. He can only be put back to 'sleep' for a millenium with 2 special rocks. One is in Chile, one is in Africa. So as usual teams are made and the Alliance scatters.

Aric, his warriors and Taran are sent to Chile with the biggest majority of the Alliance members to take on the dragon, get the first stone and hold him off until Celia, Danny, Bren, Emme, Shayla and Tye can get the second stone and get back to them with it. During the time Celia's team is in Africa they battle demons and the tribe.. but find the stone. 

Arriving in Chile they see the devastation that the dragon brings. Volcanic ash, death and more death. After getting their asses beat up, thanks to Misha;s arduous pushing for her to learn to take other shapes Celia is able to go Eagel and get Tye to the dragon. They hit him with the stone and he poofs. They are all lciking wounds but the immediate threat is over. 

Aric, Koda and many more of the Alliance are injured. Badly. Things are never going to be quite the same. Especially when the one behind the curtain, the one feeding the Tribe information on Celia is revealed. (And no I won't spoil that... but it made me blink.. though i had honestly already figured it out.)

Until next time... ENJOY!

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful feature, Barb. I'm beyond thrilled that you are enjoying the series. Thank you for including the spoiler alerts and yes, there are quite a few laughs in this one.