Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Barb's Book Review... A Cursed Embrace

*** Spoiler Alert ***

Heart stopping! That's what this book was. The drama, the love, the lust it all takes off in a 747 in the beginning, crash lands and goes up in flames. but then, all hell breaks loose, literally and it fires the 747 back up.

What was sparked as a friendship, awkward at times between the girls and their wolves is starting to sizzle and cement itself into the heart throbbing love it was meant to. Things are edgy due to the deaths that surround the Tahoe area and various other places through the US. mean and Woman are disappearing. Bodies of mutilated men are showing up. Eaten. Marked. Gross, but it is what they have to deal with right?

Aric, Celia, Shayna, Koda, Tarn, Gemini, Emme and Liam are all living in the girls house. It's now home. Wolves are pack animals after all. Misha, being Misha, the tall dark and handsome vampire master is indebted to Celia for saving his life, yet again so he has one of his vampires go to Celia's when learns a dead were is on her doorstep. No, like dude fell through her door when she opened it. (laughs hard) What a good start to the morning, right? Yeah no. Their wolves show up along side Paul, the wereracoon alpha. Wereracoons... I'm dying. I love it.

This story in itself is a continuation of the first book but it takes on a whole new level of "WTF?" and made me go from laughing, to pissed, mainly at Aric, to crying. The level of WTF... again, my God, it's just EPIC.

Seems alongside the weres, the vampires and the Wird girls there are also Demons running around, eating, raping every woman they can snatch up and being evil. Not only do they just leave the bodies of the evil endeavors everywhere. The escalation of the deaths, the packs all hunting for the culprits once they figure out what is going on spins them in all directions at once.

Aric is attacked, mauled and left to fend for himself full of gold bullets. Emme and Liam are attacked outside of the club by a horde of vampires. The deaths keep coming and the elders think Aric is 'distracted'. No shit, really?

Aric, as a leader is in over his head at times. As they all are. the elders, especially Anara (asshole will suffice as a name) are up Aric's ass and not in a pleasant way for his interactions with Celia. Seems that, even if she doesn't know it at the time, they are mated. Even his wolves, his warriors know it. They can feel it. So as things escalate with the deaths, the fighting his frustrations, her anger they all come to a head.

Finally, with the help of Danny they are able to figure out a way to summon the demon who they think is the leader to them. That little trick almost worked. But as the girls are leaving "The Den", the weres hidden compound they are attacked by a horde of demons. Big, small, nasty little fuckers. Celia, Shayna and Emme are taken. Taran barely manages to get away. The girls were shot with special spelled bullets that took their powers from them. When Celia wakes up from blacking out they are in Ohio.. (laughs) who knew Ohio was Demon central.

The only thing Celia can do is think of Misha and concentrate on the sign she sees before her to the old prison. It is overflowing with vampires, weres, demons spawn and pregnant women. the girls are shoved into a cell in death row. I was like... erm... (snorts)Celia and her sisters devise a plan to save themselves. Using what little power Emme and Shayna have left they make it out of the prison. They are at the wall and ready to run when the demons grab them up. They meet the big nasty. He gets his children to take them back inside. In order to break Celia he orders his minions to take Shayna to be food for his children. Leaving a werebear to break her other ways.

Celia stabs him in the eye, knocking him out for a bit and is able to dig the bullets out of hers and Emme's body. Of course the idiots at the door think their pain and screams are from the werebear. But they learned when they were killed. As they are escaping the Cavalry comes in. Blasts catch the hordes off center and the world erupts in fights. Snarls, growls and punches.

The demon master (asshole) is taken down. With lots of fighting and lots of pains. The wolves set off to find Shayna... they do and it's not good. Her body is so badly hurt Emme can't heal her. Koda is distraught. Out of his mind so he bites her and runs off with her. Celia goes into shock and when she truly wakes again she is in her bed, Aric at her side. Even if that won't last.

Time passes and we are at Shayna and Koda's wedding. What will happen at the full moon? Will she shift? Who knows. She's alive that's what is important. At the wedding Celia and Aric confess their love to each other and acknowledge they can't be together. Celia tells him to remember she loves him no matter what happens next.

What happens next... Misha shows up and whisks her away from the wedding. The only thing keeping Aric in control is his wolves grab him....

Not sure I like this but Misha so far seems to be okay with her. We will see.

This book is EPIC. I swear. Action packed to the gills, and then some. I am so ready to dive into the other. (runs off to do that)

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  1. Hi, Barb! I'm so happy you loved A Cursed Embrace as much as you did. Truly, I'm honored by your enthusiasm. Since a great deal of the story is summarized, would you mind including a "spoiler alert" so your followers are aware? Thank you!