Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Barb's Book Review... A Cursed Moon

*** Spoiler Alert ***

First off I have to say thank you to Cecy for giving us a story that is all Bren. I loved seeing him come to life more as a character in this series. He is one of my favorites out of the wolves. He is a quirky, smartass with a heart the size of Cali. And, as you have said to me he is such a frat boy; playful, with a bite that can kill if you fuck with his family.

This was a novella but in all honesty it was so action packed it felt like it was more than that. It picks up right after where "A Cursed Embrace" left of... The big uglies are trying to surface, take over the world and destroy humanity. Like the wolves and other supernatural's will let that crap happen. As if.

Our story starts off on a sour note. There are ghosts, spirits popping up everywhere; but why? Who is the culprit behind it? Well a bad guy or gal but what good is it? Are they just trying to distract the packs, good witches and others from what they are really up too? Yes most definitely. The air around them is tainted with the hints of despair and willingness to fight to the death to keep the ones they love and themselves safe; alive even. When Aric offers a place to Bren in his pack.. I was surprised he took it. He is a lone wolf. Makes his own rules type of man. But, in order to assure he can keep his real pack (Dan, Celia and her sisters) safe he will do just about anything.

That being said, this is Bren we are talking about. Of course he is not one to follow rules he has not made for himself. When Aric confronts him about not pulling his weight with in the pack it leads to Bren being Bren, Aric being a hard-ass Alpha and a fight in the yard. A planned fight might I add. Bren says he can best Aric or any of his warriors when Aric says he needs to learn the proper ways to fight. (laughs) A wolf fighting is a hot prospect. Just saying. Well as they go out to the lawn Liam sends messages to everyone so the audience is huge. Bren tries to use a tactic of bringing out Aric and Celia’s dirty laundry is you will to try and get Aric off his game. All he succeeds to do is get his ass knocked-the-fudge-out! So, he loses. (snorts)

He wakes in a disgustingly dirty bathroom with a note STAPLED to his damn head. You know it’s going be good when it starts off Dear loser, molds into “One more thing. Celia is my mate. If you ever disrespect her again, I’ll tear out your fucking throat” and ends with Sincerely, Aric Conner, aka Your Fearless Leader, who knocked the shit out of you. (bwahaha) That was like icing on the ass whoopin’ cake. But it doesn’t end there. When Bren gets to Celia’s ‘old’ house as he calls it, (since she is living in Misha’s guest house) she pumbles his ass for bringing out all of her shit in front of Aric’s pack. And, yes, he deserved it.

After she threatens to leave his body buried in the ground (she shifted him into the ground) he tells her Aric called her his mate. She doesn’t believe him at first but once she lets him out of the dirt he shows her the note that had been stapled to his head. (laughs) She asks to keep it, and he agrees. It’s not as if he needs it. They decide to go out and watch over Danny. Earlier in the day Bren and Danny made a bet… that Danny couldn’t get laid without Bren’s help.

They show up at “The Hole” and start to have a good time. That abruptly ends when they are swarmed by some sort of siren ghouls. No Bueno! After an epic ass fight all the things are dead; Celia, Bren and the four vampires Misha sent to ‘watch’ Celia are unscaved but… Danny is missing.

Bren is a tracker. His nose is good for more than smellin’ out a good restaurant or a piece of ass. (smirks) So, Celia and Bren jump in her Lexus and hauled ass up the road, Bren’s nose tracking all the way. They manage to track Danny’s scent. And they locate the bitch... oh, I mean witch. Celia takes on the witch while Bren (in wolf form) takes on the ghouls as he tries to get to Danny.  Bren sees Danny lying on the ground, his head at an odd angle and thinks he’s dead.  He lets his inner beast out and annihilated them. To the point Celia had to call him off. His wolf had taken over out of anger.

They rush to Danny’s side; he’s barely breathing and fading fast. Their hearts are breaking. It would kill Bren if his best friend, his brother from another mother died. In his grief he plunges his fangs into Danny’s heart and hears Celia’s screams before his world went black.

When Bren wakes, it’s been about 40 hours since he and Celia went to rescue Danny.  He starts to panic, his worry over what happened to Danny. Before he freaks too much Celia calms him and then… a big ass BLUE wolf falls into the doorframe… dum dum dum… it worked!! (happy dances) Our little nerd is a puppy now. A special blue merle according to the elders. So he is special. More so than he already was.

Now, we just have to wait and see what happens next!

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  1. Thank you, Barb! Yes, I love Bren, too. He's a good wolf to have on your side. If you don't mind adding a spoiler alert, I would really appreciate it! Thank you, again, for you kind thoughts and feature!