Saturday, October 25, 2014

Barb's Book Review... Dying by the Hour

Just... I'm not sure where to start with one. It has soooo many good parts. Kory's vision of who and what her characters are is seen with each page you turn. The inner struggles between Jesse, Lane and Alice is like watching a puppeteer work the puppets as they struggle with the inner thoughts, hopes and fears.

As usual what life throws them turns their worlds into a tail spin. What was supposed to be a simple replacement and a snatch and grab of vital information turns into a circus. Thankfully Ally was there to help sort through the pieces, keep bystanders calm and make sure everything went as smoothly as possible. Or as possible as they could go.

Jesse did manage to snatch what she needed from the house so she could hand it over to Brinkley. A hard drive. Seems a church member should do a better job at having a security system. Oops.. (laughs) Come to find out the hard drive has a list of names... potential victims of caldwell's. This sets Jesse's mind to rolling when not only is her name #2 on the list but Ally is #8. Even Lane makes the end of the list. Question now is... what is Ally doing to that would put her on the list? Well thats what she aims to find out.

Lane asks Jesse to accompany him on a death replacement. Since he is still working on getting his death replacement license. She agrees, I mean, why not right. If she cant help her boyfriend who can. But, I don't think.she planned on being in the back of a van full of animals. Gerbils, snakes, spiders.... and other creepy crawlies. The things you do for the ones you love. (laughs) The replacement goes.south fast. There's a helluva wreck. Lane can't get the body he is trying to accept him. Jessie has to jump in and use her new found gift to shock the poor fucker and she replaces him in death. Needless to say... that did not go over well with Ally. Though, I don't blame her for being pissed.

She is as much to blame as he is though. Ally has been keeping her distance from Jesse or so it seems. She has spent the last year working (in secret might I add) with a group of individuals who are trying to stop Caldwell, aka Eric Sullivan, aka Jesse's biological father. Of course Jesse knows nothing of this and just thinks Ally is pulling away from her because of her relationship with Lane. And, yes that is part of it but Ally is trying to do anything and everything she can to keep Jesse safe and out of Caldwell's grip. She'll do anything to keep Jesse safe, even if that means putting herself in danger.

As the days pass Jesse and Ally seem to grow further apart. Ally is back to living in her own apartment, again. Jesse is trying to keep her chin up when her world starts to spin out of control. More so than usual. People are disappearing, people that have been saved by replacement agents. So Brinkley sends Jesse and Gloria (the AMP) off to find the #1 girl on Caldwell's list. Jesse is trying to figure out why this girl is so important to Caldwell. As she works on why Ally is on the list. But things go terribly wrong when they find the girl. Seems she is not who or what she seems to be. A rescue mission turns into a fight for their lives. Not only is Jessie in trouble, Gloria is too. 

In the heat of battle your mind has to run over and over the things you never got to say to the ones you love. The images of their faces, it would all seem to be too much but Jesse handles death on a normal basis like a champ... until now. Caldwell wants her powers but in order to take them she has to do something she isn't ready for. Well she thinks she isn't ready for. Face to face with her father she has to make a choice. Run or fight. Running is the smart thing to do... only she doesn't make it far enough. 

Caldwell shows his true colors as he shows off his powers. Nasty ass man can play with your head like he is picking on a guitar. Jesse is helpless against him. How could her own father do this to her? Well it;s simple. He is batshit crazy with a side of fucked up in the head. Caldwell decides the only way to make her submit and give him what he wants is to make it happen. So, Jesse is locked in a box, buried in the ground and left to die over and over. Her mind starts to go crazy. Though, that was the plan. If Caldwell can make it so she isn't thinking right he can get what he wants. But I don;t think he counted on her people and Ally's new friends to come to her rescue. 

When they get her out... all hell breaks lose. Jesse snaps and its like a caged animal has been set free. She runs towards a pull she can feel. What is it? She has no idea until she finds a basement full of people. Some she knows, some she doesn't. They are all people have have been replaced. Snapping into gear she tries to get them out. Even if she has to do it one at a time. Her people catch up to her and between Jesse, Brinkley, Lane, Ally and Gloria they are able to get almost all of them out before Caldwell shows up. Now... Jesse is caught between Caldwell and a choice that could change her life Jesse relies on the one person that has always been there to save her. Even if she didn't know it. 

What happens next is nothing more than a showdown of the fittest. Caldwell, Jesse and Ally. What happens? Well you will have to read to find out. Because trust me it is more than worth the read. Awesome is one word to describe this book. It is a page turner. I can't wait for the next. Hopefully Kory won't keep us waiting too long. Though no matter the wait time I will be pacing the floor waiting. 

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