Friday, October 31, 2014

Barb's Book Review... Her Grave Secrets

First, I need to thank NetGalley and Montlake Romance for providing me with a copy of this novella in return for an honest review. And secondly, I am LOVE, LOVE, LOVING this series.

** Possible Spoilers (if you haven't read the first two novellas) **

Stevie, Zane and Seth are still working together to try and figure out who is the supplier of the drug C-22 (or Bacon as it’s called on the street) that is killing people not only has there been a death or two in relation to the drug there are still people dying around the coast. What's the hype about a drug that can kill you the first time you take it? An incredible high to be exact. Yeah, sorry nothing is worth your life, not even something called bacon.
Seems not all is as it seems in this little hidden town. Country folk stick together. As a country gal I see that all the time. So... when the crap hit the fan and the towns rumor mill starts going on by the time it gets where it's going you have a bigger conspiracy than it should be (that's a small town for ya). But with a new body uncovered things go from effed up to over the hill in a moment. Roy, our ex-police chief who disappeared two months ago... didn't disappear he was killed. Poor bastard didn't have a chance. Seems that after a little looking he was on the take. (On the bad guys or gals payroll) This throws Stevie and her family into a big depression at his loss. Not only was he a friend of theirs her was like extended family.
Then her father's tests come back. Her mother was right her father didn't die of natural causes. Whoever is behind all of this bacon business is cleaning house as the cops get closer and closer to the answers they need. Those answers almost cost Zane more than he was willing to pay. But thanks to Stevie and her mother’s 'feelings' she was able to save the day. More importantly, Zane's life. Now that the trail for the drug dealers and supplies is forging ahead I foresee things getting rockier and rockier for the people in this town.
What can Zane, Stevie and rest of the police department going to do? How will the community cope and adapt to the troubles to come? Wait... for the next book and we will all see together.

On a personal note... I think this series is great, I think it appeals to me for many ways but as the daughter of a retired Military Police Officer stories like this one hit home, ya know. Plus it's just kick ass! 

Until next time, happy Reading!

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