Sunday, October 12, 2014

Barb's Book Review... Sealed with a Curse

*** Spoiler Alert***

Well, I'll be a monkeys auntie! This was book one and holy Hannah it was soooooooooooooooooo freaking GOOD!!! I love how Cecy makes it so you absolutely fall in head over heals for the characters. You can't help but laugh when they laugh, gasp when they do and cry with them. this book has it all. In a matter of pages we go from calm to chaos to growls and back to calm. (laughs)

Celia, Tran, Shayna and Emme try to stay out of trouble I know they do but that predatory need Celia has to help makes them all get in over their heads many times over. Though, she can' be blamed for it all. The vampires and wolves have a big ass hand in making it a powerful, spellbinding mix of lust, love and discovery. 

When the girls are called to Vampire court for killing a vamp things go from... 'really' to 'oh hell no' in a matter of minutes. Seems the Master vampire of the vamp killed has brought them up on charges. Misha, the tall, dark adn very handsome Master can't seem to keep his eyes off of Celia during their 'trial'. Yeah, that never means trouble, right? As the girls tell the court 'what they are' they are readied for court. 

Tigress, fire-breather, knife thrower and gypsy. We sounded like the headlines for a freakshow. All we needed was a bearded lady. That was what happens when you're the bizarre product of a back fired curse.

As things progressed it was ruled the girls were not guilty and they were able to return home. You would think that would be when life would settle down and they would work, come home, go out and have fun and all would be good.. right? Wrong.

One night when the girls decided to go out on the town they met some wolves in the bar where their lone wolf friend Bren works. Shayna, Emme and Taran are taken by their new finds. As the wolves are with them. Being the odd woman out Celia decides to go home. She passes 'her wolf' on the street. This is the second time she has seen him and both times its like they are drawn to each other. They can't take their eyes off one another. Finally they move along and Celia gets a cab. Home right? Yeah.... no. During her cab ride she scents blood in the air. She jumps out the ca, barrels towards the smell and comes across two very dea, mutilated bodies. 

Then, all hell breaks lose. Three wolves surround her. They attack and with a little finesse and help of her 350 pound Tigress she is able to somewhat best them. It's then she meets her wolf again. He slams her into the brick wall of the alley and demands to know what she is. Its as if a spark is set off between them. He goes from aggressor to savior. Keeping his wolves off of her. That's a night Celia won't forget. Seems the humans that were made into mince meat were killed by a vampire. One suffering from bloodlust. As the one they had been charged with killing was. 

The story takes off from there like a runaway wagon that is lead by two wild stallions. Celia's wolf, is the leader of the pack. A pureblood. A powerhouse that makes her inner kitty want him. Makes her want him. Seems he wants her too. But, as with any good action packed episode of her life isha, our rish, very hot vampire Master wants her too. 

Celia decides to help Misha when he decides to go after the Master vampire he is sure is responsible for his family getting infected with bloodlust. Of course its a bit more than they were prepared for but they make it out.. alive at least. Aric, Celia's wolf, Koda, Shayna's wolf, Gem, Taran's wolf and Liam, Emme's wolf are not happy and get over protective at this point. (drools- that is just hot) You would think that would keep them out of trouble... erm, no.

This book is packed with drama (the good kind), love, lust, power and an eternal gnawing at ya leg to get on with it. There are so many things that happen. Words that are said. Growls, hisses and screams (not the good kind) that you literally can NOT stop turning the pages. It's like the more you read the more you need. You crave it. THAT is the making of an epic book. This one so gets that rating for me. It's a mix of vampires, wolves, weird and magic. Can't beat that combo any day!

Again, there was simply too many things to chose from to write in about... and I didn't want to ruin it for anyone. I promise, I laughed, yelled along with the characters and cried with them. This book will have you on the edge of your seat, panting. Wanting more. 


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  1. Hi, Barb! Thank you for taking the time to read and review for SEALED WITH A CURSE! I'm so happy that you loved it as much as you did. To this day, it remains one of my favorite books I've ever written. I hope you get time to read the rest of the series, and enjoy them equally as much!