Thursday, October 30, 2014

Barb's Book review... Sudden Backtrack

Well hello Al's POV!!! I'm going to admit it. As soon as I saw the email from Kim's blog about a new short for the Hollows I preordered it! And, I'm so glad I did. Its a 'short'... so its short. But in the short little pages here you get to learn a lot about what happened between the Elves and the Demons. Something that's hinted and talked around throughout the Hollow's series. Gally (Al) and Newt face off against a hunting team of Elves. But what happens next makes it all too clear exactly why Newt, female demon, and one of Gally's friends goes nuttier than a basket of walnuts.

One of the biggest questions I had running through my mind since we meet her in the Hollow's series. And... I was right about it. Yes, I guessed it thanks to my detective skills and paying close attention to the series. But, I can't spoil it for y'all. You'll have to read and figure it out.

This is a Series that I fell in love with from book one and I hate, hate, hate to see it end but I am in no ways doubting that Kim Harrison won't bring us something new that will knock our socks off!

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