Thursday, October 9, 2014

Barb's Book Review... The Weird Girls

Man oh man.. this just gets a bit more epic as I read. The Wird girls, Celia, Taran, Emme and Shayna have moved to Tahoe. It's two years after the first novella and you would think they would be taking it easy, staying out of trouble and working to keep a low profile... but that's not the case.

The girls start out in a club. Having a few drinks, a little dancing and as usual a whole mess of trouble. Witches can make anyone lose their shit but when you pick on a Wird girl, you get the wrath of them all. (laughs) And it all started with a trip to the bathroom. There were two witches in the bathroom and one started making fun of Emme. And dude, that is a no go. Taran, little miss hot temper wasn't going to have that. By the time Celia, Shayna and Emme get into the mix the witch has let all of her power flip out and floods the clubs bathroom with Rats... (gags) Yeah not what ya want to have happen. After a long time of fighting the club's bouncer busts into the bathroom and squeals like a girl, has a fit and falls out. (dead)

The girls get the witches Talisman and destroy it. And the club along with it. Thanks to Celia's shifting abilities she was able to get her sisters, the club's bouncer and herself out of the club as it burst into flames. They managed to slip out of view and hauled ass home.

Does it end there? Hell no. After Celia makes a call to Danny, there is no relaxing. When the person you call for "help" tells you to move, get out now.. what else can you do? Then the witches, a coven of them shows up and the leader issues a "to the death" decree until Celia invoked the Ninth Law.  Which meant she (Celia) would take on the head witch, alone. A trial of 3 scenarios will be fought out between them. It doesn't have to be to the death but.. you never know.

Celia bests Larissa, the head bitch.. I mean witch on the first trial. then the second. So she got creative. And down right nasty. The third trial started and literally all hell breaks lose. In the end Celia was able to best her. Celia and her sisters were safe. She won the trials. Yeah, she is the shit, ya know.

Now, let's see what happens next. I can't wait. This is the start to a greeeeat series! <3

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