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Emmy's Book Review... Enraptured

This book centers around Orpheus, who is a character I have been interested with since the beginning of the series.  We have been given very few clues about him.  We know that he is either half daemon, or is cursed in some way.  He can shift into a daemon form.  His eyes glow green when his daemon side is provoked.  He can “flash” (a form of teleportation, an ability that all Argoleans have) indoors, which is something no one else can do.  He has some knowledge and experience with magic.  He brings merchandise over from the human realm to Argolea and sells it- he has some kind of black market pawn shop.  He’s just outside of the law, just outside of propriety.  He’s helped the Argonauts more than once, and in the last book you find out that Gryphon (one of the Argonauts) is his brother.  Last book, Gryphon was injured and his body and soul separated.  His soul is currently languishing in Tartarus, being tortured for all his wrongdoings.  His body is being controlled by an evil warlock named Apophis.  

Apophis has stolen the Orb of Kronos, and is looking for the four elements (water, earth air and fire) to charge it for use.  If he finds them all, doom is imminent for everyone, because whoever has control of the Orb can release the Titans from Tartarus and would have more power than even Zeus.  The Titans were the original Greek gods, the parents of the Olympians (Zeus and company)  They were defeated by them and locked away with the help of the Orb.  Then Zeus took dominion over the skies and such, gave his brother Poseidon rule over the seas and left his other brother Hades the rule of the Underworld (he’s not thrilled about that either.  He wanted to rule the human realm.)  So everybody who’s anybody is looking for this thing.  But Orpheus is looking for it with the hopes of getting his brother out of what basically amounts to Hell.  

He has been on the trail of Persephone’s (Hade’s wife) daughter Maelea (her daddy was Zeus, loooonng story) in the hopes that she may be able to track this warlock down.  He finds her at a metal concert (I was wishing she would have said who was playing) but loses her when daemons attack her and (what he thought) was a human.  The human whips out a bow and starts fighting the daemons with him, so she is obviously not what she seems.  Turns out her name is Skyla, and she is a Siren.  The Sirens are ran by Athena, the goddess of wisdom.  The Sirens are her assassins.  They work for Zeus and the rest of the Olympians.  Skyla is after Maelea, because Zeus is after the Orb as well. Skyla is best physically described as “porn star Barbie” as Sirens are meant to attract, seduce and then kill.  The original Sirens, which you will find in the Odyssey, lure sailors to their deaths on rocks with their entrancing voices.    Skyla and Orpheus go back to the apartment she has rented in the area while she was tracking Maelea, since Orpheus had shifted to fight and was injured.  They both noticed an immediate attraction when they first passed by each other, and it was not a fleeting thing.  

I have mentioned in this series before about how the author like to draw out the “action”.  Generally the characters don’t fall into bed with each other until at least halfway through or near the end of the book.  These two….not so much.  They don’t even make it through the first 24 hours of knowing each other and they are up against the hallway wall.  That was a pleasant surprise!  But Skyla starts acting funny immediately after….. turns out that Orpheus is the her old lover from about a thousand years ago, reincarnated.  That’s why they were drawn so irresistibly to each other.  I thought that was a funny twist, because it’s usually the Argonauts with the soul mates that are the total opposite of what they would choose for themselves, due to Hera’s curse on them.  Orpheus is technically an Argonaut now, so does the curse affect him as well?  Time will tell.  He doesn’t “recognize” her as being his soul mate, even though the Argonauts -cheesy as it sounds, it’s true- only recognize them once they’ve slept with them.  

So now Hades is after Maelea, Zeus is after Orpheus, and Athena doesn’t trust Skyla to get the job (get the orb, kill Orpheus) done so she has sent more Sirens in to the field.  Hades is causing earthquakes and sending hellhounds after them, left and right. The three of them barely survive a train wreck and hellhound attacks long enough to make it to the Misos colony and safety.  Skyla is playing her knowledge close to the chest, and poor Orpheus is out in space, man….he’s got no idea what this girl’s damage is. For some reason Orpheus’ daemon isn’t wanting to come out, even when he needs him too.  More Sirens are spotted coming towards the colony.  The rest of the Argonauts, the queen and her sister Casey are at the colony at the time, so Demetrius goes out with Orpheus to meet ( and fight) the other Sirens.  Things are said that make Orpheus wonder just what Skyla’s motivations are, and why hasn’t she done what she was sent for.  Skyla on the other hand, has been observing his actions, and keeps thinking to herself that he is not all that she was told.  Why does he keep protecting Maelea, and herself if he is the soulless daemon that she was sent after?  

When she finds out that he only wants the Orb to save his brother she realizes that she has been lied to by Athena, and Zeus as well.  The word “Hero” keeps coming back to her, stronger and stronger each time.  She decides to help him, and tells him she wants to go with him to the Underworld to find Gryphon.  They have another (intense) encounter, which only leaves Orpheus more confused and determined to get away from all this drama and get what he needs from Maelea.  He goes to her room.  She gives him the information without a fight, surprisingly, and gives him something he needs to get into the Underworld.  I feel bad for her, she is exiled to the human realm, her daddy doesn’t care anything for her, she’s forbidden to go see her mother in the Underworld, and I get the feeling Mommie Dearest doesn’t take a whole lot of time to come over to see her.  Plus, Hades wants her dead, just for existing.  She sees what Orpheus is trying to do, and thinks it’s honorable.  

Demetrius and Orpheus, with Skyla’s help, trap the warlock Apophis, who has taken over Gryphon’s body.  Orpheus was dead set against Skyla helping, and going with him to the Underworld.  He tries to play it off like he thinks she is a nuisance, but the truth is that he feels more for her than he wants to admit to.  He is still getting flashbacks from his previous life of her, and has no IDEA what is going on with that.  They secure Gryphon’s body in an abandoned house with Demetrius watching over him, and head off to find the entrance to the Underworld.  That trip goes a lot smoother than I expected, and they bring Gryphon’s soul out of the Underworld, but not before THOROUGHLY pissing Hades off.  He’s getting greedy, you see.  Instead of being content with Gryphon’s blameless soul, he wants all three.  Their pain and torture would give him even more power.  And he wants to keep Atalanta as well, just to see her suffer.  Atalanta had found Gryphon in Tartarus, and made him her doulas, her slave, in exchange for an end to the torment he suffered.  So did they rescue him from the Underworld, only to find that Gryphon is a ticking time bomb set by Atalanta?  Either way, the man is broken - three months of torture in the Underworld is bound to have a large effect.  They return with him to the Misos colony, where Callia, their healer, is waiting.  

And then all hell breaks loose.  You thought we were coming to the end, didn’t you?  So did I.  The information that Skyla’s been hiding comes back and bites her square in the ass.  Orpheus winds up in a showdown with the other Sirens, with the rest of the Argonauts at his back, when Hades shows up to make a bad situation even worse, and Zeus starts throwing lightning bolts from above. There’s a big twist that I’m going to keep to myself - trust me, it’s a humdinger.

I think this one is my favorite of the Eternal Guardians series so far.  I have been curious about Orpheus from the very beginning of the series, and I was not disappointed at all with this story.  His past is tangled and twisty, and I’m constantly wondering about his motivations.  I like the guy a lot, but then again, I’ve always been drawn to the complicated characters in a series.  I didn’t know what to think of Skyla at first, but she grew on me as the story went on and we found out more and more about her.  I’m dying to know what happens with Gryphon, and am wondering if he is going to wind up with Maelea.  Either way with all of the damage that was done to him in the Underworld I’m thinking it will be quite some time before we see him in any kind of a romantic situation.  Update: Color me surprised, I just checked the list and Gryphon's story IS up next. 

I told Barb the other day that I thought I would take a break from this series after this one, but now, I don’t know….I might have to go straight to the next one!

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