Friday, October 17, 2014

Emmy's Book Review... The Ghost and the Graveyard

***possible spoiler alert ***

This series of books - three so far - were a gift from my awesome sister-in-law, Laura.  She insisted that I would love them, and her instincts have been proven right once again.  This book is a pleasure to read, it flows so well that time slipped away from me while reading it. Sooooo, I kinda found myself still up at 1am because I couldn’t put it down.  The heroine is relatable, and her reactions to the situations she is put in made me laugh out loud, more than once.  

Grateful Knight is your average young twentysomething nurse.  She has a habit of getting in too deep and too fast in her relationships, which leads to the pickle that she is in when we start this book.  Grateful’s last boyfriend Gary pulled a runner on her, along with her life savings.  She is flat broke, and has lost her apartment.  Luckily her father, who is a real estate agent, has a house that he has inherited that he agrees to let her live in rent free.  It’s in a tiny town called Red Grove, a short commute from the hospital where Grateful works. 

When we meet up with her she is driving into town with her one box of belongings.  She passes a man on the side of the road when she is driving past a large old graveyard.  He’s so pretty she nearly runs off the road with the force of the fantasy she is hit with when she sees him.  She recovers, and finds her new home, a drafty old house with both a basement and an attic…..and a couple of ghosts.  And her house backs up onto the graveyard that she passed earlier, which was more than enough to give her the creeps to begin with.  Then the man who almost caused her to wreck shows up on her doorstep - turns out he’s the caretaker for the cemetery next door.  His name is Rick, and he is extremely mysterious and keeping a very big secret.

Rick suggests to her that her house in haunted, and after a few strange encounters, Grateful finds out (without a doubt) that this is true.  Prudence, the “scary old lady” ghost, and Logan, the “friendly, considerate” ghost.  Logan’s also one hell of a cook, and before long is leaving her breakfast and dinner every day.  He’s also developing a huge crush on Grateful which is tying him more and more to her.  But there is Rick to consider as well; the attraction between him and Grateful is undeniable, and what’s more, uncontrollable.  She tries really hard to hold herself back from both him and Logan, but finds herself in over her head again and again.  There’s a reason for that….

I hate to give anything about this book away, because it IS such a good read, and flows very quickly.  The author must enjoy smut as much as I do, because, DAMN, she does not leave us lacking in that department.  Fair warning, there is some blood play/exchange which may squick some people out.  Anybody?  **Looks around** No?  Yeah, it didn’t squick me either.   I was reminded in a way of  Buffy, Charmed, and the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning and it was a pleasant mix of the three.  I will tell you this - the graveyard is a “prison” of sorts, and you will find all manner of beasties within.  Vampires are not the only creatures in this world.  There’s werewolves, all manner of fae, demons, you name it, this world has GOT it.  Rick may be the caretaker of the cemetery, but that’s not the only thing he’s the caretaker of.  The story between him and Grateful is twisty and deep and I would say transcends time…. but that sounds corny as hell, so I won’t.  

So, in conclusion, I found this book to be a VERY pleasant surprise that stayed practically glued to my hands until the last page.  I was relieved to know that I also have in my possession the other two in this series, because I started right on in on the next book.  

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