Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Emmy's Book Review... Kick the Candle

As I have mentioned before, this series is a gift from my awesome sister-in-law, Laura.  

I’m not going to worry about spoiling the series this time, because if you read the first book you already know the big secret. Grateful Knight is a twenty-two year old nurse, and also a hundreds of year old reincarnated witch.  She is Hecate, the sorter of souls, the judge and jury of the dead.  In the last book she discovered who she was, thanks to two ghosts and her caretaker, Rick, who houses a piece of her immortal soul.  She placed that piece in him before she was killed the first time; it makes him immortal, and gives him the power to police the various beasties that are imprisoned in the Monk’s Hill Graveyard along with her. 

Most witches wouldn’t have given up any of their power and would have been immortal themselves.  She willingly made him her caretaker, so she suffers death and reincarnation, as a sacrifice for having him.  The powers he gained from this not only includes the immortality, but the ability to transform into a creature that is some kind of cross between a dragon and a wolf and a cat---it’s hard to describe. That being said, his blood can heal her.  Her blood gives him strength, and he has not been at his best in years, waiting for her to come back.  They have met and married more than a few times since the 1600’s (when this all started) and Rick is understandably eager to marry her again and become the preternatural ass kicking team that they have been for so long. Grateful isn’t so sure.  

She’s young, and in this incarnation is not completely convinced that Rick’s motives are altogether to her benefit.  She’s being cautious, which hurts Rick’s feelings - also understandable - but she is a whole new person now, and he has to make the effort to know her as she is now, not just assume that things will be as they always were.  Logan, who was the ghost in her attic in the first book, has been returned to his body (he was in a coma in the hospital where she worked the entire time) and he is trying really hard to kindle a non ghostly connection with Grateful.  He’s really determined to do this. This drives Rick MAD, and is the source of many disagreements between him and Grateful.  

Now the plot for this book:  The house that Grateful is living in actually belongs to her dad, who is a real estate agent.  The first conflict that arises is that her dad has an offer on the house.  If the house wasn’t her seat of power, this would be no big deal.  As it stands, she HAS to keep this house.  Besides the whole seat-of-power thing, it’s also right next to the graveyard that she has the keeping of.  She doesn’t feel that she can tell her dad about all of this, so she is scrambling to come up with a down payment to keep him from selling the house out from under her.  Now, you would think he would just take it off of the market, but no…..I’m not even gonna get into the comparisons with used car salesmen now, I think you get my point. Remember, she moved into this house because her ex, Gary, ran off with every penny of her life savings.  Gary is now a vampire, which brings in even more trouble, will get to that in a minute.  

Next plot point - Grateful is told that she HAS to find the Book of Flesh and Bone, which was the book that the original Reverend Monk (of Monk’s Hill Church, which became the graveyard) used to bind her soul to her body to kill her the first time.   A fun part - she discovers a spell to call a familiar to her, to amplify her powers.  She does the spell and a raven shows up.  She’s not too thrilled at first, but she names him Poe.  And then he starts talking!  Yep, talking familiar, eat your heart out, Harry Potter!  Snarky talking familiar, as well!  The book describes Poe having a “muddled European accent” but I couldn’t help it, the minute that raven opened his mouth and spoke I heard Alan Rickman’s voice in my head.  **Big Grin**  I’ve adored him since I was 13, so **nyah**!  

So, armed with a sarcastic familiar and a clingy caretaker, Grateful is trying to keep all the supernatural  residents of her town and the surrounding areas in line.  All this while holding down a full time job as a nurse.  And hunting for a dangerous book, that everybody and their brother is also hunting for.  A local vampire named Ann Bathory (yes, like THAT Bathory, it’s rumored that Ann is Elizabeth's daughter) is causing trouble, there are problems with the fae…..Grateful has her hands full in this book.  Rick is not understanding Grateful’s reluctance to commit to him, and takes matters into his own hands - with possible drastic results.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, this series is awesome.  It’s been awhile since I tore through a series this quick, which says something to the quality of the writing.  The flow is good, the plot is tight….I can’t praise it enough.  And with the addition of her familiar and the new groups of supernaturals that have introduced to us in this installment, I know this series is only going to get better.

Keep it between the pages,

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