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Emmy's Book Review...Tempted

There’s no way I’m going to be able to review this book without revealing some of the secrets of it, so there will definitely be rampant spoilers ahead.  

In the previous book, Entwined, we briefly met Demetrius when King Leonidas tried to force him and Isadora (the princess) into a marriage.  Demetrius, if you remember reacted violently in the negative.  Isadora wasn’t too fond of the idea either.  Throughout their acquaintance, they have never gotten along.   He has always presented himself to Isadora like he despises her, and thinks she is weak and unworthy of both the throne and his respect.  Isadora seems to be if not afraid of him, then terribly intimidated.  I will admit that when I first met Isadora in Book #1, she came off as weak and wimpy to me too.  But when she sold her own soul to Hades to save her sister Casey it made me think better of her.  She grew even more of a spine in the second book, and by the end of it had cut off her long hair and started refusing to wear the gowns she had always worn before in exchange for pants.  She is secretly taking defense lessons, and finally forming her own opinions about how the kingdom should be ruled.    She hadn’t quite made it to independence yet though, and at the end of the second book was in a wedding dress preparing to marry Zander, who had volunteered to marry her when Demetrius had a hissy fit not to.  

About that time her ability to see into the future comes back online, and gifts her with a vision of her and Demetrius in the grip of some fantastic making out.  She freaks out, understandably. Couple the contents of the vision, with the fact that she promised her foresight for a month to Persephone (who shows up to collect right then, as soon as it starts working again) and the fact that she’s about to walk down the aisle to another man….well, like I said it was an understandable freak out.  Her faithful maidservant, Saphira, gets her a cup of tea to calm her nerves.  She takes a sip of it, and starts feeling woozy - Saphira is not what she seems, and spirits her away to parts unknown.  That is where this book starts, with the rest of the guardians coming to find Demetrius in some S&M club to bring him back to Argolea to help search for the princess.     He’s pissed, cause he just got cockblocked, and it’s all that dumbass princess’s fault, who probably just ran away because she didn’t want to get married.  Typical, he thinks.  

Meanwhile, Isadora has been taken to a group of witches, who put a fertility spell on her and send her to this warlock named Apophis, to fulfill some sort of ritual that would free him from his imprisonment in an enchanted castle and bring him back to life, as it were.  The Argonauts catch up to them though, and ruin Apophis’ plans. This is where you learn the first secret about Demetrius.  He has powers, knows magic.  He has not developed this ability very well, although you are given hints later in the book that he had at least tried to in earlier times.  He’s inherited these powers through his hero ancestor, Jason’s, line.  In the midst of battle Demetrius throws open a portal to the last place he had been, and shoves both Isadora and Gryphon, a fellow Argonaut, through it.  Gryphon had taken some sort of bolt of power shot from Apophis, and was gravely injured.  To add insult to injury, the portal Demetrius had opened happened to be to the Misos colony, which was overrun by daemons.  So they just stepped out of the frying pan, directly into the fire.  They fight the daemons, but Gryphon is out of commission, and despite Isadora picking up a sword and doing some damage of her own, (I liked that) they are overrun.  Isadora is knocked unconscious. This is where you find out the second secret about Demetrius.  The daemons recognize him.   They thank him for bringing them the princess. You see, he's Atalanta's son.   

And thanks to Hera's ever wonderful soul mate curse, he knows that Isadora is his soulmate. So basically Demetrius has been acting like an asshole to Isadora for the last however many hundreds of years because he secretly knows that she is his soulmate.   He’s an asshole to her because he loves her.  **rolls eyes**  So, he is Atalanta’s son, and has Madean (magical, Madeans are witches in this series) powers, through his father’s line. So he is trying to protect her from himself, and the mysterious “darkness” he has inside of him, which he is convinced will ruin her. Heroic, huh?   I had to suspend my disbelief here, because I just couldn't see him being able to conceal all of that for that long without someone suspecting something being up with him.  For pity’s sake one of the other guardians, Titus, is a mind reader.  You mean to tell me that for the last couple of hundred years that he hasn’t thought one kind thought about Isadora, or about his heritage at all where Titus could hear him?  He must have been one excellent actor, to convince everyone he knew that he had just been in a terribly bad mood for the last however many years.    

Anyway good old mom is thrilled with all this and with the fertility spell that has been done on Isadora because if Demetrius gets her pregnant then Atalanta thinks she can use their child to take over the Argolean realm. She dumps them both on a deserted island and plans to just let nature take its course, like they are nothing more than a couple of dogs that she wants to breed. Turns out that this island is where the argonauts once dumped all the mythological creatures that could harm people in the human realm as well. So he can't let Isadora out of his sight for fear if a harpy or some other nasty critter making off with her.  She is growing weaker and weaker the longer she is away from Casey and Callia, her sisters, because of the fact that they are bound together.   He does get her to a safe place and the timeless dance of 'I'll be an asshole to her to make her hate me' begins anew.

Meanwhile Gryphon has been found by the rest of the argonauts near death. He tells them that Demetrius is Atalanta's son that he betrayed them. Little do we know at the time but the spell he got hit with is sucking out his soul so that the warlock Apophis can take over his body. He just gets sicker and sicker. Orpheus our half daemon friend that has kind of been the wrong-side-of- the-track-argonaut since the beginning of the series is Gryphon’s brother. He brings in the orb of Kronos thinking that it's powers would help heal him but the exact opposite happens. Apophis takes over Gryphon’s soul is sent to Tartarus to be tortured.  Apophis steals the orb and takes off in Gryphons body. Soon as this happens the tattoos that designate a argonaught appear on Orpheus' arms-- with Gryphon essentially dead Orpheus is the last descendant if his line and is now an argonaut.  

Meanwhile back on the island - nature is trying it’s best to take it’s course with Isadora and Demetrius.  The suspense is unbearable and I found myself wanting to reach into the book and strangle him to death.  And her, she’s no better.  But she does FINALLY grow into her backbone in this book and I was glad to see it.  She faces down Hades, and gains an important element that will be figuring into later books.  We haven't seen the last of the Orb of Kronos, which has the power to release the Titans from Tartarus.  Naturally, that means that every damn higher (and lower) being in existence is out to find it.  They escape the island only to arrive back Argolea and have Demetrius slammed into jail for treason.  Isadora makes her stand to the council and her father, a new woman with a new purpose.  It was nice to see.  

Yes, I left stuff out.  Go read it.  

This series is getting a little bit better with every installment.  Next up I will be reading/reviewing the next book in this series, Enraptured.  It’s about Orpheus, so I’m really looking forward to it.  Since it’s October now, we will be doing lots of special posts here on the blog about a lot of different fun things, so check back often for a good laugh or a good book.

Happy Reading!

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