Monday, October 6, 2014

Our October Playlist... and more...

While discussing a possible playlist for October, since it Emmy's favorite holiday coming up. And mine too. Emmy and I were trying to think of just the right songs to have on it. I mean, it’s Halloween time. You need spooky shit. Or stuff that is twisted. Crude. Ugly… that list could go on and on. And to be honest, she is better at that than I am.. as my music world has expanded but not that much. I'm still a country girl. I do listen to Metallica and anything else Emmy shoves at me and say's "You'll like this" but dark broody, creepy music... isn't my specialty. So, while sitting at my desk at work, working (coughs) I get this from email from Emmy.

It’s a little more dark and creepyish than obviously halloweenish… picture this for a minute and try not to laugh - remember the Chamber of Secrets from Harry Potter?

Thats the hallway leading up to the main room

And, that’s the interior of the main room. Okay, picture it as a club, a bar. There’s a dj booth on top of Salazar’s head there, and a bar down where his mouth is.  

Right about here, so you’re up high…

Picture being in the dj booth, looking out over this huge underground room FULL of people. Kind of like this, but bigger...

It’s dark and gloomy and feels slightly Eviiiiiiiil…..That’s where I’m picturing this playlist being played at.  Get the vibe I’m going for?

(Dead) Is it wrong that I so get where she is going with this? I mean… ugh I am not really a HP fan.. (hides) I know, I know but come on give a girl a break.. even with that I knew the picture I remembered seeing it in the movies, that I watched with Emmy. And it is a creepy place. If you see it in your head. A bar here, a DJ there.. and a party all around you. It could be the best Gothic club around. Definitely would have that creepy ‘someone is watching me’ vibe. This is how most of our days go. Conversations start and as we work the ideas start popping out.. some crazy stuff…

Now, onto the playlist for this month.

Black #1 by Type O Negative
Fresh Blood by the Eels
Forty six and two by Tool
Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold
Closer by Nine Inch Nails  
Night Train by the Kills
Freak on a leash by Korn
Bark at the Moon by Ozzy Osbourne
Mercyful Fate by Metallica
The Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden
Down with the Sickness by Disturbed
Them Bones by Alice in Chains   
Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie  

How bout that, there’s thirteen of far...bwahaha…. you think I'm crazy now don't you?

She is right. I do think she is crazy but as her best friend it is my job to support her crazy with my crazy. (smirks) Together we shall share our crazy with the world. So, Enjoy!!

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