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Our Scariest Stephen King Books...

Our Top Five Stephen King Books (that actually scared us)

Emmy's Books: It’s no secret that Barb and I both are fans of Stephen King. I discovered him in high school, when a friend of mine gave me a copy of Carrie. She later brought me a whole backpack full of his books to hide at my house, as her overly-religious parents were having one of their “purge-and-burn” spells at the time. I tore through every book she left with me and started hunting for more.  

Funny story about this book - I put it in the freezer when I was done with it, it messed with me that bad.  When I first read this I was living at my mom’s and the window in my room faced directly out into the parking area for the cars.  One night after I fell asleep after reading this book, my brother came in late.  I woke up to headlights shining in my window and damn near pissed myself.

I don’t like clowns because of this book.  I don’t step on sewer grates because of this book.  I can’t look at a balloon without hearing a voice in my head saying “We all float down here…”  Occasionally when looking in the fridge I’ll get a flash as I open the door that says “There’s a head in there”.  And I spent MONTHS avoiding looking in the sink drain.  The scene with the bathroom and the drain… **shivers**  to this day it creeps me out.  It’s epically long, and it needs every page to tell the story right.  You don’t even notice the length, because you’re trying to get back to the kids and what crazy shit happens to them next.  

The Man in the Black Suit > Little kid goes beyond where his dad tells him to fish.  A strange man walks out of the woods and sits down beside him on the riverbank.  He was taught to be polite to grown ups, so the kid talks to him.  Comes to find out this guy knows a lot more about him and his family than he should.  And he smells strangely like a burnt match head.  This story terrified me on such a bone deep level that I was almost afraid to pick the book back up.

Maybe it was just a byproduct of being raised in a religious household, I don’t know, but seriously, it was one of those stories that pops into your head suddenly when you’re walking through a dark room.  You know the kind, the ones that make you hurry because you feel like something’s chasing you.  You run the last few steps to the light switch and…...then you feel like a dummy.  But it’s right there waiting again soon as you turn off the light.

I Am the Doorway > Ok, I’m just gonna put it out there.  I’m creeped out by bumps and lumps and the shit that is inside them.  I know zits happen, but, just,....ugh.   And that is the feeling that I got from this.  I hate ticks too, and I got  that feeling as well.  I wanted to go scrub every square inch of my skin off after reading this story.  This poor guy was an astronaut, and he picked up something on his last mission that didn’t wash off.  One day he discovers….eyes….eyes growing in his fingertips, on his hands.  Eyes that see the world around him with distorted, imperfect vision.  AAAACCCCKKKKKK!!!   ***Scratches***

The dolls, man.  This book is the whole, entire, complete reason that I HATE dolls.  Stuffed animals, I can live with, but human looking dolls - hell no.  I refuse to give them to children, when I have an occasion to give a small child a gift.  I don’t want them in my house, or anywhere near me.  This includes ventriloquist's  dummies as well.   Yes, Achmed the Terrifying Terrorist is hilarious - on my tv.  Also, I found out years later watching some paranormal show that some think that dolls of that fashion can be vessels for demons.  I don’t know about all that, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.  

This story is also about aliens, technology, radiation, and addiction.   It’s awesomely done and one of his very best.  Course that’s kind of redundant - I’ve not yet found a book of his that I couldn’t read or just didn’t like.  Read it next to Dreamcatcher - you may see echoes of the Tommyknockers in Dreamcatcher, and in From a Buick 8.  I cannot recommend any Stephen King book highly enough.  They are all phenomenal.  

Barb's Books: Okay, I blame my Stephen King addiction on many things.. and people. (laughs)  It’s no secret that he is the King of Horror and Emmy and I both fan-girl over him all the time. So let me clarify with my list here… the only Stephen King book to date that has “scared” me was IT. But I have had many of them freak me the hell out.. and that takes a lot. Emmy calls me the Horror Queen. Do I know it all? Have I seen it all? Have I read it all? Hell no but I have been watching and reading horror since I was 5 or 6. No lie. I watched The Exorcist at that age. My mom and dad were watching it and I was determined to watch it.. boy did I regret that choice after the pea soup seen…. I screamed and didn’t sleep for a week. To this day that movie freaks me the hell out but I love it.

This book scared the piss out of me. Ugh, I frigging hate clowns. H.A.T.E. them!! Creepy fuckers… And to this day I can’t lean over a sink and look down the drain. I wait for a blood puff to come up and pop all over the place. It’s crazy the things that affect you. (dead) Now, my secret is out. Masses of balloons have been known to make me side step.. ‘cause I am waiting for them to pop and blood to go flying everywhere. lol I think I scared myself when I read this one and I was a teenager but still… twenty years later I will walk allllll the way around a streets drainage opening. I refuse to walk over manholes… and so many more things. All because of this book!! So, its a frigging winner in my book!!!

This one.. (shudders) freaked me out. Like seriously creeptastically! (yes I made that word up) I wouldn't say scared but definitely gave me chills. I think it’s the whole zombie animals that danced in my head as I read this book. Not to mention that creeptastic part where Gage comes back… FREAKY! It’s something you know couldn’t happen but then if you are a nerd as I am and look up and research the old beliefs and things that the native American's did the legends and “stories” that you come across make you over think things. Well it does me at least. Talk about a way to mess ya head up. Man it is so good though. Then to see the movie… well that solidified it into my brain. Even though the movie has slight differences from the book you still get that creepy feeling surround you as you read. The goose pebbles that run up your arms as you turn the page to see what is next.

Autopsy Room 4 > Um.. my Lord I can’t lie.. I had to turn my lights up on high for this one. I think it was the whole Autopsy room itself. Death is not a thing you can take lightly and the fact that this story can play out so well in my head as I read it makes it all the worse. It’s a frighteningly great story. I mean, Stephen King wrote it. You would expect nothing else from the King of Horror. What would you do if you woke up in an autopsy room? Would you think you were dead? Alive? Me… I’d just kill over and make it as it was supposed to be. Now, I want to go and read this one again… hmmm I may do that.

Quote from Stephen King: "At some point I think every writer of scary stories has to tackle the subject of premature burial, if only because it seems to be such a pervasive fear."

1408 > Alright… as with many of Stephen King’s works of horror the main character is a writer. (laughs) You write about what you know.. anyhow, The main character, Mike writes about supernatural and paranormal things. Places to be exact. He goes to the Hotel Dolphin to stay the night in the well known room 1408. Needless to say.. he learns a lesson in paranormal that he will never forget. As it is if it were me I don't know if I could actively go to a haunted place and wait to see what happens.. though I kind of want to. This story was creepy and heart pounding. That question of.. ‘what would you do” replayed in my head as I read it… and I still can't answer it.

This one takes on a level of creeeepy that made my heart stop. More than once. I mean, the premise of the story itself is one that could happen in real life. Well, part of it. Poor Lisey loses her well known writer husband. And it’s been two years, though she still thinks about him and still is pained over his loss. She is distraught and as she tries to clean out his office and get her things together a ‘stalker’ aka “a big fan” comes into play. He attacks Lisey, holds her hostage in her own damn house… he hooks her to the damn sink in the bathroom. Crazy fucker. But as the story plays out over a few days, Lisey dives deep into thoughts of her husband Scott. Things come to light that had been pushed back. It’s an awesome story!

We hope you enjoyed our little Stephen King Horror Fest here! We love us some Stephen King books. We devour them like a kid does oreos. (laughs)

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