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Vampires... who's your favorite?

Our Top Five Book Vampires  


Vischous (The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward) - Like Shrek, V has layers.  Many layers.  His mom is the Scribe Virgin, his race’s deity.  His dad was a real stand up guy too...they called him the Bloodletter.  **shakes head** with that in mind, it’s a given that dude has some serious issues with trust, and you know, being lied to….I can’t blame him either.  He can see the future (sometimes) and has a hand that should be classified as a weapon of mass destruction.  His loyalty to his brothers is unquestioned, and he’s arguably the most intelligent of the entire group.  He’s got a great sense of humor, even if we don’t have the same taste in music.   I suppose the thing I like the most about him is his layers; he’s a very complex guy.  He’s got a lot he’s got to deal with due to his history and where he comes from - and for having it all dropped on him like it was he’s dealing with it well in my opinion.  I’m hoping to see an even more in depth look at him in later books.

Stefan (The Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs) - He owns a VW bus made up like the mystery machine from Scooby Doo.  That was all I needed to know.  Stefan is, admittedly, my newest favorite of this group.  I still don’t know a whole lot about him, but I hope to learn more and more as the series goes on.  I know the other vampires in this series call him “The Soldier”, which is a title as well as a job.  He’s something of a chameleon, because his outward appearance (casual clothes, the Scooby thing) is so non threatening that you actually forget that he is a vampire and therefore dangerous.  He obviously cares deeply for his “menagerie” the people he both feeds from regularly, and takes care of.  When they are attacked in one the books he just falls apart, and hasn’t been right since.  I’m hoping that he will recover soon, because I’m really fond of him.  I was actually rooting for him and Mercy to get together when I first started reading the series.  

Carlisle (The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer) - I know Barb is surprised I didn’t say Jasper :)   I could go on and on about Carlisle.  He’s got faith, which is something I sadly lack at times.  He’s got massive amounts of willpower, which again (looks at hips)  I sadly lack as well.  But mostly, he’s just an all around GOOD guy, which is rare as hell in humans, and even less so what you would expect in a vampire.  Sure, he could have lived off of humans.  He could have found a way to live with himself and feed off of humans, but no, what does he do?  He finds a whole new way to live, to turn this vampire thing that he has found himself in into a blessing, not a curse.  I have to admire that in the man.  He saves people; both those he has taken into his family, and humans that benefit from his medical knowledge.  He’s more than the sum of his parts, or the cards that he’s been dealt.  

Jean-Claude (The Anita Blake Series by Laurell K. Hamilton) - Like Lestat, Jean-Claude is just too fabulous for words.  And he has a weakness from blackberries, which endeared him to me.  In this world a vampire can taste human food through his human servant (Anita, for him) and the scenes where they would go out to dinner just so he could taste food again were completely hilarious.  Of course that’s not the only reason I’m so fond of him….  Jean-Claude’s characteristic to me is patience.  He has miles of it.  He becomes the Master of the City in the first book that we meet him in, which makes him responsible for a large amount of vampires, various wolves and other hangers on.  He has demonstrated massive amounts of patience with Anita, who is willfully bull headed at times.  And, just when you think you have him figured out, you find out something about him that he has kept quiet that totally changes the way you look at him.  Despite the endless cast of rotating characters in this series, he’s the one that I keep coming back to.  Even if there was no Anita, I would still love Jean-Claude.  

Lestat (The Vampire Chronicles Series by Anne Rice) - Lestat was my original vampire.  The first one I really “fell in love” with.  That is, if you don’t count the Count off of Sesame Street.  Lestat is arrogant, but grandly so, and starts off every one of his books with an in depth description of just how good looking he is.  How could you not love this guy?  I remember looking at the book and saying “yes, we all know you’re gorgeous, get on with it all ready!”  Lestat has also survived some rough situations, and that is the one characteristic that I identify with Lestat the most, survival.  It doesn’t matter what happens to him, because Lestat will always land on his feet, rise to the top, claw his way out of trouble, whatever he has to do.  And you can bet he will look good doing it!  


Vampires are everywhere in the Paranormal world. Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance and any variation in between. It’s hard at times to say “Hey, they are my favorites” but we have managed to get a little creative here and narrow down some of ours. I won’t even try to hide the fact that vampires are my thing. Well one of them.. all you have to do is say, “It’s about vampires” and I will beat you to it before you can say another word.

Who do I blame for that? Well that could be a long ass list but I’d say Stephen King. The fact that I have been reading Horror and all the inbetween since I was old enough to fully grasp it also fuels that fire. We each have our niche so to speak and this is mine. And, I am happily dragging Emmy along with me. (laughs hard) She likes it though, since it’s kind of her niche too.. lol

What is it that draws me to vampires and shifters? I’m not sure when it started. Whether they be book characters or movies characters… they have always just kinda been there. Maybe it was the fact that they were dark and mysterious? Could be. But then as I grew up, got older watched more movies, read more Stephen King books (that was ALL I would read when I was younger) the love and passion for the dark, broody bastards just set into me like a concrete barrier. Now, it’s a fascination that I am happily stuck with. I don't ever see that changing.

So my list… has a unique balance of layers here. No two authors really make their supernaturals that much alike. It would be too much of a overdue if they did. Each character has to take on their own life so to speak. And, with my list you will see just that.

Emmett McCarthy (The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer) Well… I mean it’s Emmett! Big dimples, muscles and a real heart inside that very big, chiseled chest of his.. (blinks) He has a heart of gold. He is willing to jump in, tear someone to shreds and not think anything about it as long as he keeps his family safe. A real man ladies and gents. But beside that he is playful, very colorful at times and an all around good guy. (My opinion) He is underdeveloped in my opinion, so much more potential there... even if he sparkles like he is covering in glitter after a drunken frat party gone wrong. He is one of the good guys.

Rhage (The Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward) - God, where to start? Can you say… the total package? I can. And homeboy definitely has the means and the goods to back up his funny side and the dragon within. He is badass, hardcore when it comes to fighting but as soft as a kitten (laughs) when it comes to the one woman who owns his balls.. erm.. I mean heart. Its like getting a double sided quarter. No matter the times you flip it you still get the same face staring back at you. It’s all in what you do with it, not what it does to you.

Dimitri Belikov (The Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead) - Okay, before you all lose your shit I know he is only a vampire (strigoi) for a couple of books but that is not the point. He is one BAD ASS MOTHER while he is all grrrr faced. Hot too.. I mean Jesus, you know I am right. (cheeky grin) But.. all in all it is him going from human to strigoi to human that makes him what he is as a strigoi. He goes after the one thing that he most desperately needs. Even if he goes about it ten shades of wrong. In the end its that determination that gets his ass staked and changed back. Along with Roses as well.

Doran (The Rylee Adamson Series by Shannon Mayer) - Now, let’s start with this.. Doran is a shaman, vampire and a daywalker. Sexy, crazy and has a few piercings. Tell me that doesn’t catch your eye and make you go.. O.o (smirks) He is also a crazy, crazy man. His love for a woman he has no right to keeps him in the good graces of the ones around him because it pushes him to become a new man. Well a new vampire. Vampire King to be exact. He is not one to sit on his throne and ignore anyone. He gets his hands just as dirty as the rest of them. Makes him  sit a little higher in my eyes.

Simon (The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare) - Simon reminds me of a lost puppy. He wants to be accepted, but is kicked to the curb by his mom when she finds out that he has become an unholy being. It wasn't his fault. Not anything he asked for it was just a chance meeting and the right bite. He proves himself many times over that he would sacrifice himself for his friends. For the love he holds in his unbeating heart. His ultimate sacrifice saves them all from a hell none of them would have survived. He was changed internally many time but to be granted a new life and a heartbeat makes him a top man on my list for his sacrifices.

We hope you enjoyed our little vampire collection… stay tuned for the next installment of our #OctoberSpooktacular...

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