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Weres... Who's your favorite?

Our top five book Weres/Shifters (of any stripe, not just wolves)

This is a category that is a wide as it is long. Weres, and shifters, depending on what you're reading, are an intricate part of the supernatural world. They can be wolves, tigers, coyotes, dogs, lions, cats.. in all honesty that list can go on and on. Any animal can be used as a face of a shifter. Some of our favorite stories have shifters in in. Again, not all wolves. Though, the wolf is the most used (in my opinion). Wolves are sexy beasts though... In books at least. Most of them in movies are made to look as if they are monsters. I mean, yes they are monsters but they don't have to look it sometimes... though... that is just in my minds eye.

What is it that draws me to weres and shifters? Honestly, that is a good question. But the moment I read “Cycle of a Werewolf” by Stephen King, they just became something I was into. There actually are many that I got after that one that only added the fuel to the fire. I love a mix of supernaturals, especially when I am reading. So, through the books I have read so far… I was able to narrow it down to my favorites. Hopefully this list will grow as I read more and enter new worlds.

And, yes, in a few cases you will see a repeat name. I mean Emmy and I do read the same genre’s but we have a few characters unique to books we have read. I won't try to hide the fact that shifters and vampires are my thing. All you have to do is say, “It’s about vampires” or “It’s got a sexy shifter in it” and I am all over it. Emmy will say, “It’s got a sexy shifter in it” and I am all over it. I pounce that book or even movie like it’s the last piece of birthday cake at fat camp. (And, as a healthy person I can say that… lol)

Now, onto the list.. I could have done twn but that would only lead me to fifteen and the list would never end. LOL

Mercy Thompson (The Mercy Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs) - Mercy.. gotta say for a shifter she is not what you expect. You hear shifter you think wolf. Nope not this little lady. She is a coyote. A badass, sharp tempered, tattoo covered, grease monkey. She is a total package in so many ways. Not only does she demand respect she will bust her ass to get it. Her neck is stuck out so many times in order to save herself and the ones around her. She grew up with a pack of wolves. She knows how they work, how they think and this alpha female is always trying to stay a step in front of them all.

Liam O’Shea (The Rylee Adamson Novel Series by Shannon Mayer) - What can you say about O’Shea? Well let me tell you about Mr. Tall, Dark and Growly. He wasn't always a shifter but something in him changed him after he was attacked by a guardian. (The Grand Puba of shifters) He was selected to the Guardian Wolf. That is a tall order to fill but he makes it work to his advantage. He can keep himself alive, keep his girl alive and hopefully save the world all in one breath. But when things get to a place that is impossible unless he sacrifices himself, he doesn't hesitate to do it. Even in death he is guarding the ones he loved.

Lucas Sparks (The True Alpha Series by Alisa Woods) - This Alpha is broken. Not just your average run of the mill broken but completely shattered. Though that slowly starts to change when he meets his Alpha female. But, as he is a stubborn ass man he fights it. That is where college student, part time bartender and intern comes in. An Alpha female, one with the balls to stand up to the boys, to not know when to be scared and run comes in. They are the perfect balance of good and bad. And sexy as hell together. Without Mia Lucas would still be a shell of a wolf. And.. who needs that. He is a smart boy and she will keep his leash tight and keep him on the straight and narrow.

Mai F. (The True Alpha Series by Alisa Woods) - Mia (as shown above) is just a girl, hiding from what she really is. Scared. Broken in her own way. Raised by a human mother who has no idea her child is a shifter. But not just any shifter. Mia is a wolf. Badass and an Alpha. That is why when she meets Lucas, even though he rejects her time and time again, for her own good he says, she still wants him. The inner wolf is helping to guide her to a world she knows almost nothing about. Wanting to learn about mating, pack life and trying to save herself from heartache she finally starts to make an impression on Lucas that he can’t fight…. it’s what he needs, even if he doesn’t know it.

Sam Merlotte (The Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris) - Saaaaaaaaam.. just yum. I love Sam. He is a shifter of a different type. He is what they call a true shifter. Meaning he can take on the shape of any animal he sees. He is a puppy, a big ass bull and a few other things during his time. Talk about a handy trick. He, alongside of being a kick ass shifter is a good man. You know the kind that holds open doors, slides out your chair, will cap someone’s ass if they start shot with you. He takes care of his friends and doesn't ask for anything in return. He is just Sam. One of a kind.

Em’s list:

Jason (The Anita Blake Series by Laurell K. Hamilton) - Jason is Jean-Claude’s blood wolf, and a bit of a whore, but he’s a trip, and I adore him.  There are MANY shifters and wolves in this series, and it’s hard to pin down just one to call a favorite. You see so much growth out of Jason in this series, that I think he’s one of the characters that Laurell has really done justice to.  He starts out young, of course, and like I said a bit of a whore, who doesn’t really care about the rest of his life as long as he is enjoying it at the moment.  He doesn’t think of the future, of possible outcomes.  As the series goes on you get to see him grow up, and while I hated that he cut all his hair off, I love the new attitude that came with it.  I hope to see him become the foil to Anita; the one that knocks her upside the head and says “Hey, you’re being an idiot.”

Seth Clearwater (The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer) - The reason I’m so fond of Seth is that of all the wolves in the Quileute pack, Seth is the only one who managed to think past the end of his own nose.  The rest of the wolves hate all vampires for their nature, dead stop.  Seth looks at the Cullen’s actions and decides what he thinks of them, not letting their nature make his decisions for him.  I think Seth as the youngest member of the pack is naturally the one with the most open mind.  Jacob is only (barely) civil to the Cullens at first because of Bella, and later due to Renesmee.  He never really accepts them, while Seth is the exact opposite.  I think Seth ultimately would have become the alpha of the Quileute pack, and I would have agreed with that over anyone else.  Seth would have taken the pack into the future, with the ability to use his brain, not just his base instinct.  

Sam Merlotte (The Southern Vampire Mysteries  (Charlaine Harris) - I’m so fond of Sam, I was from the very first book.  Like Carlisle from Twilight, he’s another one that is just a genuinely GOOD guy.  He’s a good friend, and he’s protective of his friends.  He had a very rough and strange childhood, but has risen above all that and really made something of himself.  I admire him for that.  Sam’s a shifter, and can become any animal that he chooses.  He can change at will, although feels the need the most at the full moon.  He’s got a sort of quiet strength that you really see come through in the series.  

Remus Lupin (Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling) - He’s the only Marauder that I wouldn’t kill.  (lol!)  No, seriously, I’m fond of Remus, I think he was handed the shitty end of the stick at a very early age.  I think he spent a lot of his life feeling unworthy and lonely over something that he really couldn’t do anything about.  He let himself be lead around by the nose when he was a kid, but later in life discovered his backbone.  He gave his life defending something he believed in, and in the end, isn’t that worthy of respect?

Mercy Thompson (The Mercy Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs) - Mercy’s badass, and I love her.  It’s no mistake that she is the ONLY female on this list.  She is a shifter, and becomes a coyote.  I like the fact that she is so independent.  She has friendships/relationships with people across all borders - wolves, fae and vampire.  In her world she is the alpha female of a wolf pack, and even though she isn’t a wolf, she has earned the respect of the rest of the pack with her actions.  I think that she is just coming into her powers, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens to her next.  

We hope you enjoyed our little weres (shifters) collection… stay tuned for the next installment of our #OctoberSpooktacular...

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