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Kory M. Shrum: #BlackFriday Deals (ReBlog)

##BlackFriday Deals for #Booklovers #FreebieFriday

Happy Black Friday! If you are a book lover or know a booklover, then prepare thyself. Both Books 1 and 2 of the Jesse Sullivan death replacement agent series will be on sale this weekend, in honor of Black Friday.

For this weekend only, get them both for 0.99$ each.

On the morning before her 67th death, it is business as usual for Jesse Sullivan: meet with the mortician, counsel soon-to-be-dead clients, and have coffee while reading the latest regeneration theory. Jesse dies for a living, literally. As a Necronite, she is one of the population’s rare 2% who can serve as a death replacement agent, dying so others don’t have to. Although each death is different, the result is the same: a life is saved, and Jesse resurrects days later with sore muscles, new scars, and another hole in her memory. But when Jesse is murdered and becomes the sole suspect in a federal investigation, more than her freedom and sanity are at stake. She must catch the killer herself—or die trying.

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80 5-star reviews on Amazon.  Also available in the UK.

Price $0.99
Also, there are two an audiobook giveaways for this title, here and here!

After 83 deaths, Jesse Sullivan knows how to die. As a Necronite, she is one of the population’s rare 2% who can serve as a death replacement agent, dying so others don’t have to. But using her NRD to save lives is why she’s being hunted.

For Ally Gallagher, death is permanent. If she fails to protect Jesse again, there will be no third attempt. After a quiet year the signs of serious danger have returned. People connected to Jesse are disappearing. Her home is vandalized and threatening messages are turning up in the safest of places. Then Jesse is taken and Ally has only hours to get her back. But no salvation comes without its price.

The latest Jesse Sullivan Novel with 20+ 5-star reviews.

Price: $0.99

Available on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Google Play, and more!

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Barb's Book Review... The Missing

First off let me thank Necole for sending me an ARC of this novel in return for an honest review.

After "The Legacy" I wasn't sure what to expect on the EPIC meter I mean. Necole is good at tossing you one way and just when you think you have figured out who done it.. someone or something else pops up and says "Ello Poppet". I can honestly say this novel and it's predecessor are golden! Epic! An art! And did I mention Epic? Well yeah I did but it needs to be said again! Ha... so frigging excited after reading this second book. The way Necole has the story laid out, the characters are so.. in your face but on the side lines at the same time. Its hard to explain and really do it justice.

As with the growth of the plot and the characters you get to see more into the soul of this story. The real deal behind all of the drama. The plague of emotions that are hitting the students adn the staff of B. W. Fitzgerald University. Its like being on a roller coaster. I usually hate roller coasters but this is one I willingly ride and love. I am sure I hit every emotion right along with them. From laughing, to gasping and calling a few people in this novel a few unlady like names. (laughs) And yeah that was done out loud, thank goodness I was alone. But hey, it was needed.

In this novel Rae is right where we left her in book 1. Jeff is missing, she is scared shitless and has no idea what happened the night that he disappeared. Nothing. She went to sleep and then he was gone. She was alone and as the days went on the pain and heartache hit her harder. She is being questioned by the cops. Was she guilty of something foul? Of course not but as the last person to see him alive she is a person of interest even though they have nothing on her.

Her 'friends' Regina, Andrea and Corinne are there for her at first until an article comes out in the school newspaper that she was in fact the last soul to see him alive. Well shit got stinky for a while. Though I guess that was to be expected. Every time I figured out what I thought was going on I was sent in a new direction. O.o awesome stuff. Then.. 'B' starts sending more cryptic texts, there is a beach party, and just when they all start to have a bit of fun and be 'friends' again... all hell breaks loose. Jeff is found dead. By now its been months and apparently he over dosed.

Heard the saying bad things happen in 3's? Well that is the case. Rae is torn in so many directions the kid starts to slip. Maybe she was going crazy, sure felt like it to me. More messages from 'B' turn her inside out when they are followed by strange things happening. Like someone trying to kill her. Or at least that is what she thinks. It is a crazy train that follows that girl in her wake. Add that to Rae finding a picture of her father that leaves her with more questions of her past, her family than she can find answers for. What will happen next.

One good thing comes from the ashes as they say. Rae meets Andrea's brother at the beach party and weeks later he calls her. Enough time has passed.. and he really likes her. He treats her good (so far) and I think for once as the pieces of the puzzle she is trying to sort out fit together Rae will find the answers she seeks. It can't all be for nothing.

I still stand by what I said after book 1.... No matter the skin color you are born with Rich kids are dicks. Rich people be cray-cray. The more money you have the more of an ass you are. (shrugs) You can't stop stupid and ya can't stop bitches from trippin' in their manolo's.

Now, just to be a little…. funny here is a row of gifs, to sum up the emotions and such for The Missing…



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That is all I can say. I don’t want to ruin this for anyone and I can only imagine the many happy faces that will be coming from the pages of this novel. Some may ask if I am biased since I am a fan of Necoles' and was given the book to read. Let's clear this up now... I am not that girl. I am honest as I am white.. and since I could glow in the dark.. that is a lot. I love when I can get so drawn into a book time ceases to be an issue. Who the hell needs sleep anyhow. Yeah so not my thing when I was nose deep in this little ditty. Reading is an escape for me, as I am sure it is with others so.. that being said lets just say I take my reading and blogging as series as I do my 40 hours a week job. This one is a bit more rewarding in the end because I get to help those that need it.  

I'd never steer you wrong. Trust me this novel, series and author are worth the time, energy and effort. It doesn't take but a minute to get it! The 16th of December will be here before you know it.

Click it! "Buy Here"
Read it!
Love it!

Until next time... happy reading!!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Barb's Book Review... Captivated By You

First I need to say I am a big fan of this series. My fiance and future sister-in-law introduced it to me at the beginning of this year and it was a new beginning for me. It is not the normal type of book I read. But, I am trying new things. And I loved the series from book one. I've even gotten a few other Sylvia Day novels since this series. So.. I was surprised by the feelings I got from this novel. And no most were not ones I expected. I expected to love it, right out and I didn't. My fiance wasn't impressed either. Not sure about my sister-in-law but my fiance warned me before hand when I said I was reading it next... Her words were, "Baby you trusted me about Lili's trust me on this one." Well I didn't listen. (laughs)

This is the 4th novel in the Crossfire Series and honestly after reading it I am just wondering.. what happened. It felt all out of sorts in this one. They were okay then fighting then fucking then okay and it was an on going cycle of love, hate, fight and fuck. Urm... I know this is an erotic/BDSM typish book so don;t hate but I wasn't impressed. I almost just left it sitting at 20% and said good day but then that little voice in my head was like "what if something epic happens?" so I finished it.. Why did I finish it? Well I'm a stickler for finishing books no matter how long it takes me. This one took 3 days. The others took a day.. so that says something there too. 

Once you get about half way through it is a repetitive motion over and over again. In the other novels there was sex, really good sex that made up who Eva and Gideon were.. but I feel in this one it was over done. There were good moments where you got to see them connect and there was meaning behind it. The rest... ugh was just sex. 

Eva and Gideon seem to be fighting a never ending circle of fucked up event, crazy ex's of Gideon's and their pasts. Like I said it had good moments. Eva's hot temper gets out to play a lot in this one. She will take on anyone that threatens her man. As he does for her. Though his protectiveness costs him a lot in the long run. There were many times I wanted to reach into the story and slap them both and tell them to get the fuck over it. Especially Gideon. he is trying to be the man Eva wants and needs but he is failing. Trying to hard on thing he should push her less about. 

But Eva is not innocent either. Pushing a man like Gideon never leads you to a road of daisies and chocolates. It will get you punished and tied to a hand rail in an elevator. (snorts) That was a very, very interesting and dangerously hot night but like all things it came to an end and just when you think they will be okay.... the brown bag of dog poo is set on the stoop and someone steps in it. 

Where this novel left off has me torn. The next books not out and I am debating if I will want to read it or not. I know not all things have happy endings but I was hoping for something that resembled that for this series. Though at this point I am not sure what will happen. I guess we will see what happens. I hate to sound negative in a review. It kills me a little but I'm honest. So here's to hoping the next two books make a difference and don't stay on the path to this one is headed down.

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Book Release... Jessie Evan's Diamond's and Dust & Giveaway


Jessie Evans' DIAMONDS AND DUST releases today and we're celebrating by honoring some of our favorite cowboys! We've got a great giveaway from a ton of authors - check out the details below!

DaD AmazonGRSW


A sexy second chance romance from NYT and USA Today Bestselling author Jessie Evans The home run neither of them expected… Pike Sherman is a legend in Lonesome Point, a hometown boy who made it to the big leagues. Literally. Professional baseball acquired one hell of a pitching arm and its latest celebrity bad boy when the gifted Pike was drafted seven years ago. Pike’s broken heart came along for the ride, too, but he kept that private, and since leaving Lonesome Point has kept his distance from his hometown. But when Pike’s little sister, Mia, begs him to be the Dude of Honor at her wedding, he can’t refuse. He takes advantage of a break in the season and returns home to find himself thrown together with the one woman he never wanted to see again. Tulsi Hearst is on the verge of losing her Equine Therapy business, and letting down all the kids she’s come to love. After a mix-up with the grant board, she needs to concentrate on finding more funding, not dealing with Pike Sherman, the boy she sacrificed so much for, and the one person she’s ever lied to. And what a lie it is… Pike would hate her if he found out. She knows she should stay far away from the brooding man her summer love has become, but Tulsi can’t resist a slow dance with the only boy who ever made her blood rush. After just a few days back in Lonesome Point, Pike can’t imagine life without the girl he left behind, but when Tulsi’s secret is revealed, his heart is broken all over again. The only thing worse than losing Tulsi, is losing six years with the daughter he didn’t know he had. 

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About Jessie Evans
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Jessie Evans, gave up a career as an international woman of mystery to write the sexy, contemporary Southern romances she loves to read. She's married to the man of her dreams, and together they're raising a few adorable, mischievous children in a cottage in the jungle. She grew up in rural Arkansas, spending summers running wild, being chewed by chiggers, and now appreciates her home in a chigger-free part of the world even more. When she's not writing, Jessie enjoys playing her dulcimer (badly), sewing the worlds ugliest quilts to give to her friends, going for bike rides with her house full of boys, and drifting in and out on the waves, feeling thankful for sun, surf, and lovely people to share them with.
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Book Release... All I want Anthrology

These 9 fabulous bestselling authors are giving you 9 HOT novellas to brighten your December. 


Snowflakes & Fire Escapes by J.M Darhower - Cody Moran and Gracie Callaghan wanted nothing more than to escape the life they'd been born into, but it's the kind of life that doesn't like to let go. A story of love and heartache spanning the streets of Hell's Kitchen to far, far away, where it doesn't snow.

Winter Kiss: Ryley and Ash by L.P. Dover - Now that his time for revenge is over, Ryley wants to make the season special for the woman he loves. Not only will you hear the sound of Christmas bells during the holiday, but maybe another type of bell followed by the pitter patter of little feet.

A Merry Mitchell Affair by Jennifer Foor - Come join the entire Mitchell clan for a very merry Christmas and a surprise wedding.

Hit or Mistletoe by HJ Harley - London and her twin brother Trent are headed home for the holidays. This year Trent has brought home his hockey teammate and friend Pratt Montgomery. Who if wasn’t for Trent, would have spent them alone. London is convinced Pratt is just another beer drinking jock, until she sees a completely different side of him when he opens up to her.

Stranded by BJ Harvey - Stranded in Chicago just two days before the holidays, Porter Daniels and Harlow Wilson have to clear the air. Can they finally stop circling each other and get what they really want for Christmas?

12 Days of Forever by Heidi McLaughlin - A Beaumont Novella - The Christmas trees are trimmed and the bells are ringing. For one lucky couple in Beaumont, Christmas has a whole new meaning.

Adam by K.A. Robinson: A Torn Series Novella - In Tamed, you heard Amber's side of the story. Now, it's Adam's turn. What happened after Tamed? What was going through Adam's mind in key scenes of Tamed? It's time Adam had his say.

Lost in Translation by S. L. Scott - When two opposites attract in Paris, can the language of love bring them together or will they be Lost in Translation?

Fighter by Tijan - Jax Cutler is one bail jumper Dale doesn't want to help her family catch, but he soon becomes the one she can't let go.

Now, this seems like the way to start off the holiday season! Check it out and see what you find in your stockings afterwards!

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Barb's Book Review... Scala

Once again, Christina Bauer has made it impossible to put my book down. I know this one was a novella but truth be told there is no way to NOT get sucked in. Myla Lewis, Scala, quasi-demon, child of the Archangel Xavier and quasi-demon mother, kick-ass arena fighter and all around cool cat is up to her eyeballs in a world of ups and downs. Why? because she is targeted. Yes, again. Does it stop her from being who and what she is? Hell no! She is a tough cookie. even tougher when pissed off.

In the 160 pages of "Scala" you get to see into the world that Christina brought us all. The love, the hate, the pity, the greed... you know all the seven sins plus some. Myla's world is on rocky ground because of Lucifer's Orb. Why does it always lead back to the Devil? Well he is a right asshole. Can't imagine it to be any different.

Myla, her Thrax-Prince-Boyfriend Lincoln, Walker and Cissy try to adjust to new roles. Her mom, Camellia is now the President of Purgatory. Her father of course is at her mother's side, where he belongs. Cissy is the new quasi diplomat, taking over for her Camellia. And under the constraints placed upon them Myla is unable to transport the waiting souls in Purgatory to heaven. if she tries, thanks to Lucifer's Orb they will be transported to hell. (rolls eyes) Damn Ghouls left did this on purpose.

As Walker searches for the Orb Myla is left to dodge The Lady Adir of the Acca house since she is the Thrax diplomat trying to cause problems for Myla. Doesn’t that just over joy you? Yeah, no.  I’d’ve put a boot up her ass but that’s just me. (laughs) Things get dire when Adair starts to make trouble for Myla at the already unstable “ghost towers”. Which is the place where they hold the souls awaiting a trip to Heaven or Hell. Finally the Orb is located but it will take searching an entire warehouse of ‘junk’ to actually find it. At the moment the orb is located Adair flips out. So not cool man. the building is cleared and Walker takes control of the Orb.

Something up with Adair.. more so than normal. As the book progresses so does the mystery of what is Adair up to now. There is a problem but it takes a lot to get to the bottom of it. Adair is trying to do anything to get Myla discredited as the Scala claiming to be the ‘real’ scala. And since she was already in the fake ceremony all she needed was demon blood… comes to pass that she takes on demon blood. But whose?  Hmm… why Armageddon of course.

Needless to say a lot happens in a very short period of time. Along with the daily drama of being the Great Scala. I won’t tell all but be warned this book made me gasp a few times and burst into a fit of laughter a few. So make sure you’re alone when you read. Haha.

Until next time, keep them pages turnin',

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Emmy's Book Review... Bound

Massive Spoilers, as always....

This is the sixth book in the Eternal Guardians series, and it focuses on Titus, the descendant of the hero Odysseus.  Titus has the ability of telepathy, and has some form of touch empathy.  The empathy is more of a disadvantage to him, because whenever someone touches his skin, he is assaulted with all of their emotions, which overwhelms him.  As a result of this, Titus avoids physical contact, wearing gloves constantly.  I can see how this would be a large problem in a battle situation!
We were introduced to Titus in more detail in the last installment, Enslaved.  We also met Natasa, the female lead of this story, in the previous book as well.  Natasa arrived at the Misos colony searching for Maelea, but would not reveal why.  At that point in time Maelea was being hunted by more than one interested party, all of whom were trying to kill her.  The Guardians detained Natasa and tried to question her about why she was there, but she managed to escape; but not before Titus met her and found that he was having a hard time reading her thoughts.  He touched her (on purpose) and found that nothing happened.  After her escape, he made an effort to track her, and has been trying to find her ever since.  

He doesn’t have to wait too terribly long, because Natasa shows up in Argolea on the day of their ceremony celebrating the recent demise of Atalanta, the Guardians’ biggest enemy.  Natasa is still looking for Maelea, and this time gets into the same room with her.  Maelea is afraid at first, but is surprised when all Natasa wants to ask her is if she has any idea where she might find Prometheus.  Maelea doesn’t have any idea, and Natasa thanks her and jumps out of her window.  Maelea’s soulmate Gryphon arrives to escort her to the ceremony, and Maelea tells him what just happened, and that while she sensed a great power within Natasa that was on the verge of being released.  Gryphon alerts the others, who start combing the castle for Natasa. They suspect that she is working for Hades, and is trying to get to the Orb of Kronos.

The Guardians and their Queen, Isadora, have found the earth and air element (earth in Tempted on Pandora island, and air in Enraptured because Orpheus remembered where he hid it in a past life)  They are still searching for the fire and water element.   Titus tracks her down heading towards the portal to the human realm, and now Natasa is running, trying desperately to get away.  Some random guard steps in front of her and she pushes back at him.  She is shocked when the guard screams and falls to the ground - with holes in the shape of her hands burnt into his chest, through his armor.  With the Guardians bearing down on her she jumps for the portal.  Titus manages to catch up to her just in time to grab her foot as she runs through and is pulled though with her.  The portal sparks off and BOOM….burns out.

Now, a short history lesson….All of this relates back to the Orb of Kronos and the four elements that make it work.  Prometheus is the Titan who made the Orb of Kronos.  The Orb is a very powerful amulet was designed to release Kronus himself (Titan and former supreme god) from Tartarus, where he was imprisoned by his children, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades.  When the Titans were defeated by the Olympians (Zeus and company) and imprisoned in Tartarus, Prometheus was supposed to used the Orb to break Kronos and his people out.  He didn’t, and scattered the four elements over the earth.  He hid the actual Orb in Argolea. Argolea is the one realm that the Olympians could not enter.

Ever since the Guardians uncovered the Orb, every one of them have been pursuing it because it offers unlimited power, more power than any one being, mortal, immortal or otherwise, should have access to.  For this crime of not handing over the Orb, Zeus had Prometheus chained to a rock in an undisclosed location, where everyday a giant eagle comes along and rips out his liver.  He heals every night, and every day it happens all over again. Also, Zeus knew of a prophecy that Prometheus’ daughter would lead to Zeus’ downfall.  So by chaining him up Zeus ensured that Prometheus would never have a child. We see a short scene between Hades, Zeus and Poseidon saying that they had to find Prometheus’ daughter, which made me think that Natasa MUST be who they are talking about.   They tell Hades to focus on finding the water element, which only makes him suspicious that they are up to something and know more than they are telling.  ( They are, and they do.  These Greek gods are assholes.)

Natasa and Titus land on the other side of the portal, and Natasa takes off running.  Titus tackles her to the ground and they fight, eventually ending up with Natasa holding a knife to his throat.  Titus is completely taken aback by the fact that she can touch him, that he can touch her without the emotional transfer knocking him flat.  He’s already attracted to her, almost addicted.  She lets him go, tells him to back home, she will go her way and he will go his, and that will be the end of it.  Titus disagrees, and says that he’s not going anywhere until she explains herself.  About then a pack of Amazons show up.  Natasa has been hiding with the Amazons in their tree city while on her quest, so she knows them, but she has to pass Titus off as her prisoner to keep him safe.  As you may know, Amazons have no use for men.  Well, they have one use.  And it’s not pretty what they do with them afterwards.  The Amazons take them to the city and grudgingly accept what she tells them about Titus.  They tell their queen, however, and once she claps an eye on the pretty man she decides she must have him for herself.  She has her guards attack and chain up Natasa, and bring Titus to her.  He is helpless to defend himself, his empathy gift/weakness going into overdrive with all of these people grabbing on him.  Natasa focuses her powers and manages to burn her way out of her restraints and rescue Titus from what was about to be a very terminal ritual with the Amazon Queen.  

Right about the time they are trying to escape an army of angry horny women, Zagreus, Hades’ son, attacks the Amazons. He got a tip from dear old dad that the Amazons had been hiding his nymphs, his favorite torture victims.  In exchange for this information he agreed to help Hades hunt down Natasa.  They run from the tree city, chased by Zagreus’ satyrs.  Natasa’s growing powers manifest again, this time in a fireball that she shoots from her hands.  They wind up jumping off of a cliff to get away, landing in the ocean and take shelter in a cave.  Following this, we learn a lot more about both Titus and Natasa both.  She was injured on the way out of the city, and now is in shock from blood loss and hypothermia.  As they talk and warm up, she asks him about why she can touch him.   It turns out that his empathy is actually a curse, from a witch that Titus fooled around with and threw over.  In essence she is the first woman that he has been able to touch without pain in a hundred years.   On her side of the equation, she is burning up.  She is always hot.  His touch cools her down.  Natasa is not only Prometheus’ daughter, she IS fire, unquenchable fire, the fire element in human form, which is why Hades and everybody else is hunting her.  

She’s Armageddon in cowboy boots, destined to destroy the human realm, and anyone close to her when the element takes her over.  She isn’t working for anyone, she is just trying to find out where her dad is so that he can stop this fire that is threatening to burn her up from the inside out.  She has been in stasis for the last 3000 years or so, Zeus put her there.  She woke up 6 months ago with no idea what was going on, not having aged at all.  While she sleeps her fever spikes so high that Titus panics, taking her into the freezing water to cool her down.  While she sleeps she dreams that she is on fire, consumed by flame.  Titus eventually broke and makes a run for a phone, and calls Nick at the Misos colony for help.

The rest of the Guardians in Argolea are trying to find out what they can about Natasa.  They suspect that she is a witch, so they go up into the mountains to speak to Delia, the leader of the coven.  She says that Natasa isn’t one of hers, but tells them that Natasa is important to everyone, and what she is.  Then she drops some knowledge on them about Titus’ ancestor Odysseus.  Odysseus was kept captive for some time by a water nymph named Calypso.  While there he bathed in a pool containing the water element from the Orb, and passed down that water’s properties through his bloodline.  Thus, Titus has traces of the water element within him.  This is why he can cool Natasa down, he’s the water to her fire.  Also, Calypso gifted Odysseus with secret knowledge, she was a witch as well as a nymph, I think, and he passed that down through his genes as well.  So here’s the breakdown: Natasa is fire, and they think the water element is hidden on Calypso’s island.  Also, Calypso probably knows where Prometheus is chained.  

Now everyone is gathered together at the Misos colony. Isadora and Casey and Callia are there too, despite their men’s protests.    When Titus is in the presence of the Orb, along with Natasa by his side, he has access to that secret knowledge passed down to him from his ancestor.  The fact that he can touch her, and can’t read her mind has been distracting him from all of these things that he should have put together before.  For some reason, Theron and the other Guardians think that Natasa is trying to cause destruction, that she means harm, which couldn’t be further from the truth.   Theron and Natasa have an intense conversation.  Right about then they are told that Zagreus is attacking outside the colony.  All hell breaks loose.  While everyone is distracted with evacuating the colonists and fighting, Titus thinks he can find the way to Calypso’s island, thanks to the Orb, so with Zander and Callia’s help, him and Natasa head there.   

Titus and Natasa are on Calypso’s island, trying to find the water nymph, and having no luck whatsoever.  Natasa knows that the fire element is getting closer and closer to taking over.  She’s afraid that she will kill Titus when it does, and just wants to be free of this thing, to not hurt anyone.  At some point earlier in the book she made a deal with Poseidon (this was long before any of the events of this book happened, she was trying to get more time to save herself) that he could have the fire element inside of her in exchange for keeping her fever in check - she realizes what will happen if he gets his hands on it now, and eats hemlock, to kill herself, so that he can’t have the element.  When Titus finds her she is very near dying.  An eagle leads him to Calypso, who tells him that the hemlock will kill her within a day, and that “ The only way for the element to be free is at her rebirth.”  Right about then Titus remembers that her name - Natasa - literally means, resurrection.  Zeus had forbade anyone speaking about where Prometheus was hidden, but luckily Titus can read minds.  He flat out asks Calypso if Prometheus can save Natasa, and she thinks back to him that he can free her, but he has to do it before the poison destroys the fire element inside of her body. He asks Calypso to touch him, and get hit with all of her emotions and memories, and more importantly, her knowledge of where to find Prometheus.   

Back at the colony, Isadora had to have an emergency c section, and while she and Demetrius now have a baby girl, her blood pressure is dropping like a rock. Hades appears, because he still has a claim on her soul from the first book, when she traded it away to save Casey.  Nick who has been a tore up mess this whole book offers Hades the location of the therillum in trade for sparing Isadora’s life and soul.   Hades takes that deal, but wants more (greedy bastard) - he wants Nick, his body and soul right then and there.  Nick trades himself for Isadora without  a second thought.  You see, she’s his soulmate (so he thinks) as well as Demetrius’ because they are twins - it’s really been messing with him and Dem both, Dem thinking that he’s not good enough for her, and Nick generally being jealous and telling Dem that she would be safer with him.  Isadora has already smacked the shit out of Nick once in this book for kissing her.  

Nick disappears with Hades, who entirely too smug, even though he is getting a demigod in trade.  He tells Zagreus that Nick is all they need to harness Kronos’ powers.  Zagreus and Hades call off the attack on the colony.  About then Titus busts in, saying that Demetrius has to come with him RIGHT NOW.  Turns out Prometheus is on Pandora, the island where Isadora found the earth element, where she and Dem were stranded in Tempted.  Everybody heads through the portal that Dem opens, and the search for Prometheus is on.  Once they find him, they have to fight off the giant eagle (you know, the one that comes by everyday to rip out his liver….) only to have Prometheus tell them that he can’t save Natasa, only Hades can cheat death.

Back on Calypso’s island, Natasa is minutes away from dying from hemlock poisoning.  Poseidon appears, furious that she had found a way out of the deal they made.  He takes his rage out on Calypso, as Natasa is dying before his eyes.  Titus and the others storm in, and rush to Natasa.  Poseidon insists that she is his, alive or death, and Prometheus tell him that fire is stronger than water…...and Natasa bursts into flame.  The rest of the Argonauts drag Titus out of the house kicking and screaming, still trying to get to her.  The fire burns down Calypso’s house, burns so high and hot that everyone is forced back and away from it.  Titus collapses in the mud.  Then the impossible happens - I’ve learned that with this series, expect the impossible - Natasa wakes up.  Like the phoenix, like the meaning of her name, she is reborn through the fire!  Titus and the others can hardly believe their eyes.  Zeus and Poseidon appear, trying to take Natasa with them by force, but she is in complete control of her powers now, and backs them off with a wall of fire that they cannot break.  

Here we have a quick check in with Nick, who has just arrived with Hades and Zagreus to Zagreus’ underground little slice of hell.  We stay just long enough to find out one important fact  - that unlike Nick (and everyone else) has always thought, Nick is not the son of Atalanta and some nameless human serial killer.  His daddy is none other than Kronos himself.  Kronos made Atalanta mortal for a brief time, so Atalanta was the human half of his genetic equation.  I don’t know what’s about to go down with Nick, but I think that he is about to have a very um, uncomfortable time.  His book is up next, and I can’t wait to start it.

Now, back in Argolea Titus and Natasa need to tie up some loose ends.  Since her transformation, Titus can now read her mind.  The downside is that his curse now works on her, and she can’t touch him without him getting the same emotional transfer that he gets with everyone else.  Natasa is understandably upset, and wishes that she could just go back to being eaten alive by the fire element so that they could touch each other again.  Titus is at a loss as well.  I was beginning to think that this was a pretty messed up ending.  Titus can’t even touch her while wearing gloves, he is still getting jolts of pain through them.  They are both just miserable.  Remember Hera’s soul mate curse on all of the Argonauts?  That the one person that they love the most is the exact worst possible match for them?  It was cruelly demonstrated in this case.  Just when I was ready to throw my kindle across the room and get a drink, Lachesis appears to Titus and gives him some good advice.  What follows is what is probably - no puns, haha, - the hottest scenes in this book.  He has her tie him down and just touch him.

Eventually it isn’t painful, just intense.  The fact that she loves him so much changes the way he reacts to it.  He described it as a tiny electric shock, followed by pleasure.  He just had to get used to it.  **raises glass to author** Well done!

I am closing in on the last book in this series, which is Twisted. My sister in law, Laura, insists that it's the best one yet, so I am eager to get into it.  This author does a good job of getting you interested in the next book by the end of the current story.  I have an ARC to get out first (stretching my horizons again with another straight up romance), but Nick's story will be coming soon.

Until then, keep it between the pages.....

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