Sunday, November 16, 2014

Barb's Book Review... Alpha Divided

Fan-freaking-tastic!! Yet another part of the journey for Tessa, Dastien and the group of their friends. New friends (the witches) and old friend working together to fight off the evils of the new and old enemies. It made this a novel that is action packed, full of "Oh hell no" moments that make not turning the page not an option. I literally could not put the book down. It was all consuming and I am more than okay with that.

It's a day to celebrate. Tessa's 18th birthday party at her mom and dad's house with her family and her friends from school. Hamburgers, laughs and a few shared moments later its cake time. Tessa's cousins, the twin bruja's show up just as the cakes come out to wish her a happy birthday. The moment Tessa tells them that she and Dastien are doing the mating ceremony tonight Tessa gets a bad feeling. Dread eats at her. Did she do the right thing?

Before Dastien and Tessa get back to campus he takes her to a seclude place in the woods where there is a pond, 50 acres of land and its all theirs. His gift to her for their bonding ceremony. Seems its the mans duty to provide a suitable living place for his new mate, or bride if you will. The ceremony of true mates means so much more than just a little word or two. The full moon ceremony is in full swing. A slight hesitation takes over Tessa when it comes to biting Dastien, she doesn't want to hurt him. But before she can summon the courage to do the biting the witches coven shows up. As usual Luciana shows her ass. Demanding this to be put to a stop or risk war with the witches.

Things get hairy quickly. Wolves get hurt, the coven gets into place to cause more harm and Tessa, being Tessa agrees to hold off on the ceremony. Anything to keep her pack safe. In two days now there will be the Tribunal. This is not going to help them as they had hoped. Bonded mates could not be separated but without the ceremony that didn't happen. As her 'punishment' I guess you could call it Tessa agrees to go study with the coven, on their land until the night before the next full moon. The coven, Luciana agrees to this. 

Seems that once she gets there things aren't as they seem. Though we all guessed that. Her cousins had told only to get her here. They needed her to help them. Nice way to earn trust but soon Tessa came to see that they were being sincere. Her cousins Claudia and Raphael, along with a few of the others knew this was the only way to help Tessa and stop Luciana. After days of being off and having actual visions of the future, nightmares that she isn't sure are just nightmares Tessa decides she and whoever wants to leave need to get out now. But its too late. While she passes out she has a vision of her Gram, again. Gram tells her to keep strong and to wake up. The command. When she does she is in real trouble. 

She is in a dark place, Luciana's spelling room. Tied, gagged and scared shitless as she is faced down not only by Luciana but the ass-hoel. Seems that her fear of them working together was up in her face now. The spell they cast strips Tessa of everything. Her Alpha and Bruja powers. She is locked in a closet and words from Grams comes back to her. With a little help and courage she is able to get out. Cutting herself free. In the spelling room sit two jars on the alter. One holds her Bruja and hold holds her Alpha powers. Taking them she runs. Her cousins and a few others are waiting on her. She explains quickly what has happened and high tales it out of there. 

When she gets back to campus her mate, Dastien, her friends and Dr. Gonzales are waiting for her. She is so empty, scared and not sure what has happened. Why this why now? She tells her friends all about what has happened and Adrian alongside Chris get to work on some spells. Dono and Sebastian go to work on who the bad wolves in the pack are and Tessa... well Tessa goes to shower and then Dastian takes her off campus. They need some time to just be alone. When they get back to campus her cousins and a few friends from the coven are waiting on her along side the usual suspects.

They have until midnight to get things ready for Tessa's vision of a mass fight. The school will be attacked by vampires, then the coven along side the bad wolves who are following Hoel. When time comes Tessa will break the jars holding her powers and hope for the best. Until then, they wait.

Midnight arrives and everyone is in place. Just waiting then it happens. Her vision comes to life and the fight begins. Before she can get her powers back she is attacked by Heol. Daniel, Luciana's son helps and is killed by Hoel just as she gets her powers back. Returning the favor Tessa rips his throat out with her teeth. Who says ya can't piss off a passive person enough to do what they need to in the name of vengeance? As the fight rages on Luciana tries to raise a demon.. yeah that made me blink. I knew she was cray cray but just dayum.. shouldn't have surprised me though. Not really. 

The only thing to stop her was seeing her dead son laying on the ground where Hoel had killed him. With the promise to come back she leaves to bury her son. The fight, for now is over. After all is said and done all they can do is wait. Seems to be what they do a lot of. 

The next day as they all try to get a handle on what has happened Tessa goes to talk to her cousins, and the others from the coven who are staying to help the pack. Sees not everyone in the supernatural world is happy with what Luciana is doing. The Fey, yes they are real still and not like Tinkerbell will fight with the wolves. That is a plus right? But no one is prepared to fight a demon. They would not survive. The Alpha from the Andes, Muroco, suggests going to the Andes and seeing if they can find something in the ancient for the light (good magic). Like Tessa has time for that.. but it isn't her he suggests. Claudia, is the one to go. She is a special witch. One that is over looked even by herself. She will be the one to find the light.

This is going to be an adventure as she is to go alone. While Tessa and the others stay behind and wait for the inevitable to happen. War is upon them all and for now all they can do is wait and keep their heads above water.

Up next, Angelbound by Christina Bauer. 

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