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Barb's Book Review... Angelbound

Firstly, thank you to NetGalley and Ink Monster for allowing me an ARC of this novel. (This novel was actually part of a bundle with Becoming Alpha, that review was posted on 11/14/14.) Also, this is a new author for me. And after reading this novel, she is definitely a new favorite on my list.(Fist Pumps)

I wasn't sure what I would think of this book at first. Wai, let me explain… The blurb I saw was interesting so I kept an open mind as I started reading. Sometimes Sci-fi for me is not a good world to dive into. It lacks a lot to be honest... but Angelbound has renewed my faith in the genre! Holy Hannah this was a good book. The chapters are long chapters and being that its over 500 pages It flew by. I only wish real life and work had stayed out of my way. I had to fight myself to stop reading to sleep. I kid you not. That is one telltale sign the books great! There is a lot of stuff that happens in the progress of this book and nothing seems too far out of reach.

In the world Christina has made we meet Myla Lewis. Quasi-demon, a rare one at that. She is a very small part Furor demon, a big part human, has a dragon scaled tail that has an arrow shaped tip  (which has a mind of it's own most days) and is a spitfire with a need to fight. Good thing too, alongside her high school curriculum at Purgatory high she is an Arena fighter. (She is like a Gladiator, just not a big burly dude.) She’s a damn good fighter too. Her mother Camilla always worries and frets over Myla. She tries to keep her safe and unharmed but being an Arena fighter that could happen. See in this world Ghouls rule. (gags) Nasty lookin' freakazoids as they are; are nasty buggers but think the world revolves for them and only them.

Myla is a bit of a wildcard. Her 'big brother' Walker; legal name WKR-7, (the ghouls have stupid names like that) and look ugly. Big heads, grey skin.. I mean they are dead after all. Walker is not bad looking though. He is always there to accompany Myla to Arena fights, portal her mother around, he's just a good guy all around. Her best friend Cissy, who is also a quasi-demon with a dog like tail is her only real friend. One she has had since she was in 3rd grade. total bff's.

** Possible…. maybe probable Spoiler Alert **

The story for Myla unfolds in the only way it can… it starts with an invite to a party.  And not just any party but a party at Zeke Ryder’s mansion. The Ryder mansion is the only one of left standing with green grass and a manner of excellence. They work hard to keep it that way and the ghouls charge them up the ass to do so. Go figure, right? Thing is.. Zeke has a thing for Myla, Cissy has a thing for Zeke and Myla, only wants to fight. She could care less about dressing in a dress and standing around all night. But, she can't let Cissy down. this is her chance to get Zeke to actually notice her. And that is exactly what happens. it takes one stark look for Cissy and Zeke’s eyes to meet for it to click. As they go off to dance Myla finds a spot on the outside balcony in the cover of the darkness and watches her friend.

Her inner thoughts are interrupted when an older man and a younger man come out onto the balcony. Staying out of sight she watches them and as they talk her inner wrath demon comes out. Lincoln, the High Prince of the Thrax, a super sexy half-human and half-angel demon hunter is talking with his father Connor, the King of Thrax are discussing the Quasi at the party. Connor asks him if he would ask a young lady to dance. Well our little Prince acts as if its the most horrible idea he has ever heard. they are ‘demons’ after all. Once Connor leaves his side Myla makes a nose by dropping a can and he spins on her. What you think is going to be a face off is the mother of all face offs. Myla’s eyes glow red when pissed off and buddy those red eyes could have been seen on the moon. And that is saying something. Lincoln gets her so pissed off that she storms off into the party, snatches Cissy away from Zeke as they dance and leaves.

Then things get more and more dicey... she wants to hate the pompous ass but there is something about him that makes her mind whirl around him. She can’t stop picturing his lips. (laughs) I swear the girl is head over heels and has no clue. Thing is though… Cissy and Zeke think the reason she stormed out and was so pissed was because she was into Zeke. Yeah, um NO. Even after she tells them the truth that the Prince of Thrax had her upset they don’t believe her.  Myla tries to focus on the Arena fights and things that she sees there. When she is called to the Arena to beat down a soul she is stoked! As always but this time more so as she would like to take out her inner anger of Lincoln on whoever. Walker hands her a gift from Verus, the Angle Oracle. Its a fighting suit. not just any suit, a dragon scaled suit with a hood. One that will keep her safe while she fights.

The suit did save her ass, literally. Again, Myla kept a bad soul out of heaven. Armageddon, the king of Hell is not pleased but he’ll suck it up.. or not. After the match Myla is presented a sword for being such a strong fighter. The moment she sees Lincoln her nerves take over again. Then he makes a crack about her not being able to take on a ‘real Thrax warrior’. well Myla backs down from no one. Her ‘anytime, anywhere’ comment was a gasp and it made me give her a fist pump. (snickers) Her anger and her lust battle it out until she walks away with Walker to go home.

The next time Myla is called to the Arena its to witness the new Scala (the soul transporter) heir be ‘awakened’. The Scala, a thousand year old soul transporter is a rarity. There is only one Scala at a time and only one heir. The Scala has to have human, demon and angel blood in them. this is why they are so rare. A Thrax lady (and I use that word loosely.. she’s more like a bobble head) is named as the Scala heir. As Lady Adair, the new heiress is escorted from the Arena by the Prince his and her speaking of the lower being’s (aka the quasi-demons and such) rage floods Myla and it takes Walker tackling her to keep her from attacking the prince and the bobble head.

Things are still on edge for Myla. She is trying to research her family's past. her moms keeping secrets, as usual and the thoughts of Lincoln in her head aren’t helping her. It isn’t until the Prince and Myla have a second face off in the Ryder mansion’s Library that Cissy and Zeke figure out she wasn’t lying. And neither Lincoln or Myla are happy. (tension, tension, tension…) So its become a ‘Diplomatic incident’. (laughs)


As with anything all good things come in good time…. Even if you don’t see at the time that they are a good thing. in order to smooth out a bit of diplomatic.. stress Myla agrees to go to a fighting festival the Thrax are having. You have to dress up in ‘traditional’ Thrax attire. Translation.. a big poofy dress, heels and have to look like a lady. Well… yeah Myla’s agreed to come but as she was. So when Cissy sees her in a t-shirt and sweats she takes her to a tented area and they find her a dress. Big, poofy and white. Did I mention it was poofy…. (the fact that she looked like a big marshmallow was all I could think of when I read this… lol)

As myla and Cissy look for an open seat to watch the fighting they spot one.. and its next to Adair. (gags) but Myla takes it after Adair asks her in a not so nice way to sit so they can talk. As she watched the ‘fights’ begin she sees the Earl of Acca, the family Adair is from, it’s her father to be specific, is going to fight a Limus demon. Big, green and blobby. The devour their catch by swallowing them. (yacks) well the ear of Acca is a moron and tries to take it down with a bow. Shooting bolts at it.. well we can see how well that worked.Myla kept saying he was in trouble but no one listened. It wasn’t until he wa on the ground, and not moving that she snatched a lantern down, tossed it at the demon and made it go poof. only way to kill a Limus demon is with fire. The Earl and the others of his house started yelling she had disgraced him. She saved him but people are asses. Cissy gets to her and they move away from them all. It isn't until Cissy goes back to try and smooth shit out that Myla breaks down. Shes on her butt, in the mud in that poofy dress when she feels liLincolnome up behind her. he thanks her for saving the Earl and walks off. So, he’s not a total douche, eh. Who knew?

After this encounter things in the realm start to change. Small things at first. Bigger things next and then Myla gets a big surprise. The Queen of Thrax, Octavia has sent her an invite to the next ‘festival’ for the Thrax. She also provides the information for a dress make. Thank god, after the last 2 disasters she needs to look the part. As she watches the match the Queen asks to see her. They chat a bit then Octavia asks Myla to fight in the games for the House of Gurith. The queens former house. One of the few that let woman fight. of course this request is given a big ole yes!

So Myla suits up. Fights. And yes, kicks ass. After the fight she is brought to the King and Queen. As the winner of the Thrax winter games she is allowed one request, within reason, of course. it takes her no time to think. She wants to have Nightshade. A Thrax trained and charmed horse she bonded with from the Ryder family stables. When she goes to the stables later on to get Night so she can go home she finds Lincoln in the stables taking care of the dragon he deemed too young to fight during his time in the center ring. Come to find out, Night is liLincolnsorse. Well one of them. He and Myla have a bonding moment, they actually talk and don't get into a fight. When Myla goes to leave with Night liLincolnotices she was injured during her fight with the demon. She tries to play it off but Lincoln stops her. After he has her wound cleaned and medicated.. well the pain she is in takes over, then just when she thinks she is okay, the world goes dark.

When Myla wakes up she is not in her room, she is in the Queen’s cottage. She is out of danger and feeling better. Her mom says she is to stay there and rest though, ya know, doctor’s orders. Though her knight saves her from going bonkers. Lincoln and Myla go out for a ride. Which turns into a race, a competition between warriors. They are at ease with each other. Strange but delightful.

Something special happens to them while they are out there. They really get to see into each others souls. no one ever said love made sense or how it all worked out but I think that was it for them. Lincoln makes her blush, she was him wrapped around her finger and the world as they know it is changing.

This story builds from page one. So much happens that it would literally take me hooooours to tell it all to you, even leaving out some of the good bits. So I am stopping here. Is this where their story ends? Oh hell no. Far from it. but in order to not spoil one of the best sci-fi books I have read.. possibly ever. just gonna toss that out there, I will let you read and find out what happens when things really pick up between these two. What happens when the demons start popping up? What happens when Myla uncovers what her mother’s darkest and most hurtful memory of her past. The emotional roller coaster we all know, the one that makes it impossible to put a book down is slathered all over this bad boy; in thick layers.

Do I see myself reading the rest of this series? Let me think. In the words of Myla…


(snorts) You couldn’t pull these books from my cold dead hands.. I had Scala and Armageddon bought by Chapter 6 of Angelbound. so yes, that means something! now, I leave you my pretties, I have more yumminess to go read.. and you have some catching up to do.

Until next time... keep your books close!

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