Thursday, November 27, 2014

Barb's Book Review... Captivated By You

First I need to say I am a big fan of this series. My fiance and future sister-in-law introduced it to me at the beginning of this year and it was a new beginning for me. It is not the normal type of book I read. But, I am trying new things. And I loved the series from book one. I've even gotten a few other Sylvia Day novels since this series. So.. I was surprised by the feelings I got from this novel. And no most were not ones I expected. I expected to love it, right out and I didn't. My fiance wasn't impressed either. Not sure about my sister-in-law but my fiance warned me before hand when I said I was reading it next... Her words were, "Baby you trusted me about Lili's trust me on this one." Well I didn't listen. (laughs)

This is the 4th novel in the Crossfire Series and honestly after reading it I am just wondering.. what happened. It felt all out of sorts in this one. They were okay then fighting then fucking then okay and it was an on going cycle of love, hate, fight and fuck. Urm... I know this is an erotic/BDSM typish book so don;t hate but I wasn't impressed. I almost just left it sitting at 20% and said good day but then that little voice in my head was like "what if something epic happens?" so I finished it.. Why did I finish it? Well I'm a stickler for finishing books no matter how long it takes me. This one took 3 days. The others took a day.. so that says something there too. 

Once you get about half way through it is a repetitive motion over and over again. In the other novels there was sex, really good sex that made up who Eva and Gideon were.. but I feel in this one it was over done. There were good moments where you got to see them connect and there was meaning behind it. The rest... ugh was just sex. 

Eva and Gideon seem to be fighting a never ending circle of fucked up event, crazy ex's of Gideon's and their pasts. Like I said it had good moments. Eva's hot temper gets out to play a lot in this one. She will take on anyone that threatens her man. As he does for her. Though his protectiveness costs him a lot in the long run. There were many times I wanted to reach into the story and slap them both and tell them to get the fuck over it. Especially Gideon. he is trying to be the man Eva wants and needs but he is failing. Trying to hard on thing he should push her less about. 

But Eva is not innocent either. Pushing a man like Gideon never leads you to a road of daisies and chocolates. It will get you punished and tied to a hand rail in an elevator. (snorts) That was a very, very interesting and dangerously hot night but like all things it came to an end and just when you think they will be okay.... the brown bag of dog poo is set on the stoop and someone steps in it. 

Where this novel left off has me torn. The next books not out and I am debating if I will want to read it or not. I know not all things have happy endings but I was hoping for something that resembled that for this series. Though at this point I am not sure what will happen. I guess we will see what happens. I hate to sound negative in a review. It kills me a little but I'm honest. So here's to hoping the next two books make a difference and don't stay on the path to this one is headed down.

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