Monday, November 3, 2014

Barbs Book review... Her Perfect Mate

This is a new type of series for me. A new author and an amazing find all wrapped into one. I have to thank NetGalley for introducing me to Paige Tyler. As I do with any other new author or book that comes my way I hit Goodreads and her website before I decide to give it a go. The story sounded like it would be good. We all know I have a thing for shifters; all you have to do is look at my read list. Also, with it having a military theme it made my inner geek go hooah! I mean who doesn’t love a man or a woman in uniform? Yeah, that’s what I thought. As a military brat I was like score. I only hoped it wouldn’t technical and indulgent into the life of a military person. That wouldn’t have held my attention. Shocker! (Laughs) BUT, let me tell you I was so wrapped up in this book from page one I don’t think I blinked all day yesterday. I read for like 6 hours straight. Maybe… longer, I lost track. Anyway, I literally fell asleep with the book (my kindle) in my hand. I was trying to finish it but I had to do that this morning and I LOVED IT!

In this book we meet Ivy Halliwell who is a cat shifter. This wouldn’t be a bad thing as a set skill but in the world Paige created not everyone is as evolved to think that is the case. She is a covert operative working under the cover of being with Homeland Security. Not a bad cover I’d say. After her second partner shows what an ass he is and gets himself killed Ivy has to be reassigned to a new partner. And not just any partner. But a hunky military man with an equally impressive skill set. Landon Donovan, a Special Forces Captain who is pulled out an active duty mission (in the middle of said mission I might add) and told to report to D.C. Of course he thinks he has fucked up something, or pissed the wrong person off because that just doesn’t happen, right? Wrong. When the department of Covert Affairs wants you, they get you.

Neither Ivy nor Landon know what they are being tossed into. Ivy doesn’t know her new partner is not like other people. Landon isn’t like other men; not like her other partners especially. He isn’t a douche or an ass; well not to her at least. Their first meeting was…odd. Not every day you are walked into a room, see a hot little girl next door type and are instructed by your handlers to “put her on her ass”. (Laughs) For Landon and Ivy it became a game of cat and mouse. Then she taunted him. Nothing. Such a gentleman... then she let her animal side out enough to prove she wasn’t going to break so easily. Though in the end she put him on his ass but he took her with him. Still counts right?

After that they looked each other over, made assumptions and then it was training day. Rule one. Never underestimate the power of real team work. Things go so well that Ivy lets her guard down a little and gets cocky. You know that is not a smart idea. When you get cocky, you get careless and that is exactly what happened to Ivy... But Landon saved the day and her ass when she started to fall off of a rope bridge 50 foot in the air. It wouldn’t have killed her but it would have hurt like hell. That moment set into play a rollercoaster of emotions not only in her but him. There was something that was drawing the two of them closer but what was it?

As Landon gets settled into the training schedule and his first day a few of the other asses, I mean men in the unit try to tell him about the real Ivy. How she got her last partner killed and the usual BS that men shoot out of their asses when something involves a capable woman. I don’t see why they hate he so much just because she is different. But then that kind of crap is everywhere. And it makes the drama so much better. Landon being the smart, thinking man he is blows them off. He wants to get to know his partner for who she not what these asses have to say. After his run in with the others he and Ivy go back to training. Things go so well they are sent out on a mission a day or so later. One some of them hoping they fail. They are made to rough it across the hot and nasty Brazilian jungle to the spot they need to be. What’s walking 30 miles in the jungle? A pain in the ass but they make it work. Thanks to his military skills Landon is able to help make the time up they are losing and they get to their target. They take out the target and make it back to a rendezvous point. They are taken back to the states and everyone is elated and shocked at how well they worked together.

Then a scouting mission came their way. They were sent to a place they thought a known arms dealer among other things was hiding out. In the mountains of Washington state none the less. They were on their own. Help was available only if they got proof the bad guy was there. Well luck not being what they had hoped not only put them in the path of a crazed mad man but it exposed Ivy to the monsters that these people really were. She put herself in their hands but Landon has to do everything he can to get her back. Lies, pain and anger are the best emotions when you are trying to survive. Having the will to get to the one you love is a good reason to do all you can to survive.

What does he do? What happens to Ivy? Well you have to read to find out what happens. Anger and the prospects of revenge can make a person do all kinds of things; especially if it’s someone that you are close to.

Now again, I am really glad I discovered a new author that has a genre I like. I am particular about what I read but I am willing to try new things. This series really has a little bit of everything in it; Action, Passion, Drama and the reality that this could be real. Just let your imagination take over as you read. I do.

The next novel in this series “Her Lone Wolf” (X-Ops 2) is out tomorrow! And yes I am already nose deep in it. (Snorts) There is also a Novella for the series coming out December 2nd; Her Secret Agent (X-Ops 0.5) (available for preorder on Amazon) Y’all mark your calendars! And… then hopefully the next one in her series will be in May, hopefully!! I’m crossing my fingers.

So until next time, keep the pages turning....

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