Monday, November 10, 2014

Barb's Book Review... Walking on Her Grave

First, thanks to NetGalley and Montlake Romance for allowing me an ARC of "Walking on Her Grave" in exchange for an honest review. 

Secondly, I loved it! Score on for Kendra Elliot and Melinda Leigh. This series is awesome and I truly hate to see it end. I can only hope that int he future they are paired together again to do more. I'd so be the first on line. This novella, along with the previous 3, had my attention from page one. I like how it trades between characters, points of view and with this being the last of the series it moves you into the "okay, so who done it already" mode. I had my suspicions but I am humbled to say I was wrong. Close but no cigar as my nana would say.

Carly and Seth's relationship is mending, as I had hoped for. I've grown to love each of the characters. Stevie has Zane so Carly needed Seth back. Not only for her sake but for Brianna. Now, the fact that they (Carly and Seth) are working on their relationship means they are spending more time together. Progress. It all takes time. But when more clues start piling up, another man goes missing that tosses them into the case they are both already a big art of. Diving in head first to search for answers. That leads them back to the Phillips home. Seth asks Carly to go with him to question them since she is the caseworker for Peter Phillips. Their questioning scares the kid off. He runs away. 

A massive search is set out for him in the woods. Teams of two scower them looking for any sign of him. Well while on this search Carly and Seth find the missing man the cops have been searching for. Bad part is he is bug food. This makes them both worry more for Peter's safety. They make it to the old campgrounds and find a trailer, a generator and then two shifty lookin' fellas load boxes into the trailer. Seth goes in closer to get a better look and to get a signal on his radio. Movement makes him take a closer look and he finds Peter. The kids pouring gas everywhere. Okay even I know that was a STUPID idea. Well, once the match is lit all hell breaks loose.  

The fire blazes up, the dry as a desert forest catches fire and they literally have to run for their lives. Seth, Carly and Peter haul ass back up the path only to be stopped by the two guys delivering supplies. They try to tie them up but thanks to Seth getting a gun from one the situation presents itself for Carly to dive for the shot gun, clip one in the chin and smack the other in the face with it. Once they are down they run for the river to escape the blazing wildfire that is right on their asses. But the River is just as dangerous but by the skin of their teeth they make it out and are rescued. Carly takes Seth from the hospital to his home so he can shower, change and then he'll meet her at her moms. 

But is it that simple, no. The cop gets a call and goes into full cop mode. Breaking the promise to come straight to them. But he has dead bodies and all leads leading him towards the main suspect. His night gets a lot worse in the matter of minutes. Arriving at the home of a suspected suspect is dangerous but whats a kick in the ass is when you are there for one but its the other person standing there smiling in your face that is the true killer. The time that Carly is waiting for Seth she gets a feeling something isn;t right. But what? Her and her mom go to Seth's to trace his phone. When they find it they haul ass to him. That feelings just getting stronger. When they get to the door Carly sees him on the floor... her worlds turned upside down but he isn't gone yet. He's a tough SOB. The killer, drug supplier, dealer is caught, Seth and Carly are much closer. And no I won't say who it is.. (cackles) I guess almost losing the one you love will do that to you. So now the resident's of Solitude can go on and live their lives in peace... for now at least.

Again, this was an amazing series and I truly look forward to exploring other works of these two authors. I know it's a trip I will love. 

Until next time, keep the pages turning.

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