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Our Book Review's... Beauty from Pain

We came across this author and the series thanks to Inkslinger PR, so first things first we thank you Inkslinger PR for this and allowing us a copy of the trilogy to read in exchange for an honest review.

*/* Emmy’s Review */*

I’m not sure if I would classify this as romance or erotica. This is not my usual type of a novel; normally if there isn’t a dead body on the ground somewhere then it’s not going to hold my attention.  I was intrigued by the description, and decided to give it a shot.  I’m glad that I did!

Aspiring singer, Laurelyn Prescott, travels from America comes to Australia for a three month vacation with her best friend, Addison.  Addison’s brother is studying winemaking there, and they are staying with him.  Soon after arriving she is noticed by Jack MacLachlan, a big shot in the wine industry.  He proposes that they spend the next three months together, no strings, no attachments, no contact afterwards.  He makes a big effort to keep as much personal information as possible out of it - he won’t even give her his real name - but a least he tells her that he’s not giving her his real name instead of just straight up lying about it.  He’s a control freak, very direct and bold.  Barb tells me this is common for Australians, so Imma give him a pass for coming off as an arrogant bastard.  For now, anyway.  She considers his offer, wonders if she accepts if he will secretly think she’s a whore.  She winds up accepting his proposal anyway, and intends to make the most of the time they have together.  Isn’t it funny….A man can make such a proposal with no thought that he’s a whore, it’s just a mutually beneficial deal to him.  But the first thing that pops into a woman’s mind is that same question.

The plot reminds me a lot of Pretty Woman.  Jack - he tells her his name is Lachlan Henry - tells her that he works at these different vineyards around Australia, but I got the sense that he actually owns them.  He’s got plenty that he’s not telling, not even to himself, and therefore, us.  There is a fire - arson - at one of  the vineyards early on, and he seems to know who the culprit may be, but leaves us wondering.  When asked, he tells Laurelyn that he has made this same agreement with twelve different women before.  That puts her off at first, but she accepts anyway.  She has given him a fake name as well - Paige Beckett. What’s sauce for the gander, after all.  There’s tension with her best friend’s brother, Ben.  He has the hots for Laurelyn and is not happy about her hanging out with Lachlan.  Laurelyn has no interest in Ben though, so that should be interesting to watch.  Addison has hooked up with Ben’s friend Zac (like, right after she got off the damn plane) and has been absent (both in presence and in brains) for the better part of the story so far.  Some friend she is: yeah, I’m going to bring you with me halfway round the world to a whole new country only to dump your ass with my brother that you’ve never met but has the hots for you while I hook up with the first swinging dick I can get my hands on?  HUH?  Not loving Addison one bit, but I guess that’s not the point of the story, huh?

The story goes on, and Laurelyn falls deeply in love with Lachlan.  He doesn’t want to admit it to himself, but he does as well.  When he meets Addison she lets Laurelyn’s real first name slip, not knowing that she gave him any name other than her own.  Of course he wants to start calling her by it, even though he still won’t tell her his real name.  That rubbed me the wrong way for a bit, but I got over it.  Later during a heart attack scare with Lachlan’s father he takes her to the hospital with him - he doesn't’ want to be without her, but still won’t admit it to himself.  She meets his family, finds out his real name, and they have a good long talk which results in them finally being honest about who he is and why he wanted to keep his identity such a secret.  I was right, he owns all of those vineyards, and is a multi-millionaire.  They resolve to spend the last few weeks they have together honestly, but with the understanding that they will still part at the end of the three months.

Time winds down and Laurelyn admits that she loves him.  She does this right in the middle of sex, and he doesn’t say it back.  Dumbass.  She decides that this means that he means to be done with her at the end of their time together just like it was agreed.  She packs up her broken heart and makes the best of their last couple of days together.  She couldn’t stand the thought of him just walking away from her unemotionally at the airport, so she tells him she has to leave the next day after she is scheduled to actually leave, and lights out for the airport after he walks out the door to go to work.  He makes it through half the day and heads back to the house determined to tell her he loves her and ask her to stay.  He comes home to an empty house and finds the letter she wrote for him telling him that she loves him, will always love him, but not to worry, she will hold up her end of the deal and never try to contact him again.   He breaks every speed limit trying to get to the airport before she leaves.  He doesn’t make it, and is left standing in the airport with his hat in his hand and NO CLUE what her last name is!!  It was a good thing I had the second book all ready, cause I would have been most upset to not be able to go right into the next part of the story.

*/* Barb’s Review */*

I was in love with this book from page 1. And yes I will tell you why. First, it’s about an american gal, a southerner, running from her problems in the states to Australia. Secondly, not only does she meet her match when she meets “Lachlan” but she shows her stubborn southern ass. Which in turn makes his aggressive, control freak, cocky ass. (Drools) Okay, I had to explain to Emmy that trait.. well those traits are just how most Aussie's are. I know a few that all fit in that category but I judge all by my fiance and her family. And.. I’m sorry but for me that’s a huge turn on. (shrugs) So you know this book had my attention for many reasons. It went from kinky, to “OhMyGawd is he serious?” to “Holy shit did he just do that”. So many emotions happened between these pages. Some good, some bad and some made me blink more than once. Some made me blush and yes some made me so holy hell and wish my Aussie was closer to me at the moment. (laughs)

So, anyhow, here is what we know….

American Laurelyn Prescott is coming to Wagga Wagga with her friend Addison to escape a heartache and a past that no one should be saddled with. Three months of a different life with her best friend and some good old fashioned fun. Or so she thinks. Ben, Addison brother and his best mate meet the girls at the airport. Ben looks at her like she is the last t-bone on the plate and he wants her. She is not thrilled with this revelation at all. What had Addison told him about her? Zac however caught Addison’s attention the moment he smiled at her. Easy much?

Laurelyn isn’t sure what to make of Ben yet but she isn't into him. She didn't come to Australia to get into a relationship. She wants to hang out with Addi, relax and enjoy her vacation. The first night in Wagga Wagga she and her group go to a bar. Have a few drinks and Laurelyn gets up and does Karaoke. The moment Jack McLachlan sees her he is smitten. When she sings he knows she is the one he wants to spend the next three months with. He uses the waitress as a spy to find out a few minor things and pays her well. Can’t go off half cocked now can he? He does however make sure to run into her, literally in the hallway of the club. One look in those eyes of hers and he is already into her.

The next night be accidently bumps into her at a “Vintage Party” and they have a brief dance before her prince charming has to run off; but not before he has her agree to see him for dinner the next night.. The next few hours all they can think of is each other. She has no idea what his name is nor does he know hers. That she will learn is part of the fantasy he is going to offer her. So she meets him at a hotel, which let me tell you when his driver pulls up and she sees its a hotel she gets pissy. I don’t blame her. But he hurries to get it straight. This is where the work meeting he had was and he wants them to have dinner here, nothing more. So she agrees and they go inside. As Jack explains to her what he wants; her for 3 months, no strings attached, no real names but he promises her the time of her life. Is he for real? Laurelyn isn’t sure what to make of him yet. She will ‘think’ about it. Jack and Laurelyn, who have given their names as “Lachlan Henry” and “Paige Beckett”.

It’s only a few days before Christmas as it is so the girls go shopping. And the lingerie shop has a few pieces that have Mr. Lachlan Henry’s name written all over them.  Things between Jack and Laurelyn heat up quickly and I can see that this is not his usual MO. He takes her to his home on the vineyard. Again, it’s just before Christmas so she has a few presents stocked away for him. The staff are all gone for the holiday’s so it’s just the two of them until he leaves to go be with his family for Christmas.

As time passes they get closer and start to know each other even if they don’t know real names. But Addison, being a ‘good friend’ slip up and calls her by her real name one night and Jack loves the sound of her name. So now, he is one step ahead of her. It isn’t until New Years Eve that we get to see that possessive side come out of him. And man, it’s frigging hot. Addison, Zac, Ben and Laurelyn go to the club where she originally met Jack. She is missing him like crazy and he is missing her. But he isn’t scheduled to be home from a work assignment until tomorrow. So as Laurelyn takes the stage she sings a song she’d never be able to sing if he was there. He sends him a text and immediately she knows he is there. How else would he know what she sang. He gets to kiss her at Midnight and they leave to go to the apartment to pack her a bag. She is coming home with him.

As he waits in the car he sees Ben pull up in a cab. Great, right? Well he gives Laurelyn a few more minutes before he feels something is wrong. He moves to the door and hits the buzzer. When she answers he can hear she is crying, hears Ben yelling in the background and orders her to let him in. She does. He races up the stairs and when she opens the door he sees she was crying. He goes towards Ben demanding to know what he did. But with a few words from Laurelyn he manages to get her bag and get her out of there. Though he still wants to kill Ben.

When they are in the car she still refuses to tell him what Ben said or did to her. When they are a ways away from the city, and almost home she tells him Ben said she was only a whore to him. meaning she was Jacks’ whore. His soft side comes out in this moment more than you see in the beginning. Jack tells her he can't allow her to go back to that apartment with Ben and I don't blame him. Little shit needs a kick in the arse because he has her thinking maybe she is only Jack’s whore. Though Jack is determined to prove her wrong.

And does he. Sweet Jesus. Jack is a very naughty boy. (laughs) And I swear she isn’t much better. Must be that southern blood. The next few weeks go by and they are in the still new relationship phase even if its not a relationship by any other standards. As the weeks pass they grow as a ‘couple’ wanting more and more of each other. The pull to touch, kiss it gets more and more like a real relationship. But on a night in February, while out to the theatre things take a step over the line. Things change that they can’t take back. All the rules are tossed out the window when Jack’s brother calls and says their dads in the hospital from a possible heart attack. Jack needs Laurelyn with him. There is no way to keep her from meeting his family but he doesn’t care. At least this will make his mother happy. (laughs) His mother insists they stay in his family home while they wait to see what happens next with his father. (I can see in his moms head she already has them married and knocked up. lol) After a few days at his parents home in Sydney his family is in love with her.

Can you blame them. She is awesome, talented and in love with him. And once she realizes that she knows the last few weeks they’ve got together are going to be hard. But they had a deal. No strings attached, no contact after. The day comes that she has to leave and heartbroken as she is that she has to leave him she knows he doesn’t feel the same way. So she goes to get on the plane while he's at work. She can’t bare to say goodbye. Jack doesn’t find out she's gone for a few hours. She is already on a plane back to the states and he has no way of tracking her down with only a first name. Ben won’t help him so what can he do now? He is heartbroken, missing the only girl he has ever loved… that is right. He loves her too but is too late to tell her.

I think we can all in someway or the other feel what these two feel. I know I do. Letting someone slip away from you because you were unsure of what you felt or you were too scared to say “I Love You” and not get it back. It hurts but it can be fixed. My way of looking at it is to say “I Love You” as much as possible. Making sure that my fiancé know just how much she means to me. I was like Jack once. Scared of the way I felt until it was too late but I got the girl back, time to see if Jack does too.

Up next, Book 2 “Beauty from Surrender"

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