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Barb's Book Review... Bound by Fate

Okay, just real quick like I want to say this is a new author and series for me. And I am ever so frigging happy that I came across them both. thank you Twitter; you did something right for once. (laughs)

The God’s honest truth of it is... I am not sure how or where to start here. (In a GOOD way!!) This novel is jammed packed with so much friggin’ awesomeness. Ha! I think the roller coaster of feels is still jogging in my head. The anxiety, anticipation, drama, hurt, longing, shame, love, hurt, anger and lust… oh God the anger and lust... (dead) It was like a tidal wave of epic proportions. And no. I am not just blowing smoke up your ass. (Yes you see that a lot its my thing so you will have to get used to it. LOL) But, here we go…

**Small spoiler alert**

In this novel we meet Beth or as her den father and pack calls her ‘little wolf’. She was not born into the Loam Floor pack but she was rescued by her Den father when she was a wee pup.

Beth was found with her two deceased brothers in a hole, and was near death herself.  Their mother had been killed as a rogue wolf which means she was without a pack. So, Beth was raised as a member of the Loam Floor pack. She was the outcast. The kid the others always made fun of, talked about and even now as she grows, hitting that time she would be reaching for adulthood she is still gossiped about. As a pure blood she-wolf she would be a mighty good mate for a male. She’d have strong young to fulfill any bloodline.

But as things are strained around her she has a way to get away from it all, for a few hours at a time. This little act of slipping her guardian’s (the wolf assigned to protect her when she is not in her home) does get her into a bit of trouble. He is a little Houdini worthy of a medal. She is very fast, and all but untrackable. Though she meets her match when Gareth is made her guardian. Gareth is a very handsome, stubborn, sexy unmated wolf that has volunteered to keep an eye on her. Oh and he is an ass too.. Beth manages to slip away from him as well but unlike the others he finds her. This in itself bothers her but what gets her hackles in a bunch is that he is an ass. She makes him pay for finding her at her secret hideaway from everyone. She gets rather pissy to say the least. The fact that he makes her tummy flip and her heart race every time he’s around bothers her too. Poor girl.

Well… that leaves Gareth having to tell her Den Father that he lost her.. but then he shocks the hell out of her… he tells her den father that she apologized to him for running off. (laughs) She is stunned but puts that aside to figure out what his end game is. here. There has to be something, right? Nah, he’s just being a good fella. Later that night, at sunset, the hunting party -which she is the only female in- goes out hunting. Her den father takes down a big kill. A boar. So he traipsed off to celebrate and run the wolf of his out of his system. This leaves Gareth and Beth alone. Now, our little girl can hold a grudge. To be fair she is a brat at times. Her being an ass -at times- herself gets them into a pickle of a mess. To ‘teach him a lesson’ she runs off, again. (shakes my head)


This time however is not like the other times. As Beth gets further and further away from Gareth she gets into some serious trouble -as only she can- by falling into a hunter’s trap.  She has a broken bone popping out of her hip, blood going everywhere and no idea where she is. What does she do? She has to use her mind speak and find Gareth. He of course is pissy ‘cause he’s had to tell her den father -twice in one day- that she gave him the slip. But something in her voice finally gets his attention. When she says she’s hurt he busts his ass to find her. It takes him a while but he manages to find her. In order for her to heal she must shift. And she does with a scream… (Bet that will teach her not to run off….. lol not likely)
They look at their surroundings and they are far from their homes. But after a little looking Gareth and Beth come across a small cabin and are able to somewhat get out of the elements. There was one bed, one nasty scratchy blanket and two very naked bodies… (plants my mind in the gutter) But the gentleman in Gareth sits on the cold floor its Beth that tells him to get in the bed. She’s worried he’ll freeze but when he hesitates… she thinks it’s because he doesn't like her. (The girl really has issues. I wanted to shake her through all of this and scream at her. lol) But he quickly proves it isn’t his virtue he is worried over. It’s hers. (The gal can’t see he’s hot for her.. so special she is)  After being on the bed a few second her kisses her with all of his might. For all the power the two have they lose themselves for a few moments… things turn orgasmic and then its over. Leaving them both shocked and both feeling so many emotions. Gareth winds up in his fur on the floor and Beth almost cries herself to sleep. How can a moment of passion go oh so wrong?

When they get back to the pack things fall into place and fall apart all at the same time. Everything changes around Beth so fast. Her head spins. She now has to go to the pack’s alpha and ask to have the mating ceremony done. Its time to grow up and take a mate.  Does she want to do this? Urm.. no. But its time. The days count down and its time for the ceremony. Her den mother, Bea, gets her ready. Scrubbed, rubbed down in oil and sprinkled in gold… (This made me snort out loud. She’s not just a naked girl dancing around the fire now but a bedazzled one… LOL) Moving on..  she is brought out in front of the pack, the fire blazing, the drums beating and her wolf taking over as her body moves along the path around the fire. Her suitable mates are lined up and  was all into it then… she moved to rub her cheek on their thighs. (I lost my shit. I. Cracked. The. Fuck, Up. A little evil voice in my head said “oh haii daddy and yeah I lost it again. I’m crazy but there it is.)

Then out of the corner of her eye she sees a man. Her wolf wants him. She rubs against him, even if she thinks its wrong her wolf is a helluva lot stronger than she is. Gareth stands before her and she offers herself to him. He hesitates, until the Alpha nods his okay. But by then Beth feels his rejection. (grrr these two kill me) Before anyone has time to react though a stranger pops into the clearing. A stranger -Donovan of the Tall Grass pack - she has seen only once. Her wolf though… wants him too. (heffa is greedy) There she stands, going from no mate to two.. two that she will have to choose between. Does she choose Gareth, who she has known since they were kids. Or the Stranger from the Tall Grass pack? Both are alpha;s in the making so… it will be a hard choice. Her Alpha gives her 3 weeks. She is to spend one on one time with them both. Get to know one another and then Beth can make her choice.

The time passes and she does as she is ordered too. She spends time with them both.. then 3 nights until her deadline Gareth and Beth go for a walk. They end up at her secret hiding spot and of course she gets pissy -because she is cray cray- and then it turns playful. They both end up in the water, freezing and then things turn heated. As in 5 alarm fire. Gareth and Beth’s want and need for each other take over and he takes her. Right there on the bank of the river. Gareth takes her virginity, a piece of her heart and marks her as his. He wants her to tell the alpha she has chosen but she tries to tell him she has to think of Donovan. These two do one thing epically no matter what is going on.. that is fight. The fight gets so bad that Gareth snatches her up by the arm and pulls her back to the pack houses. Donovan is at her place -go figure- and when Gareth’s anger reaches volcanic he shoved Beth at Donovan’s feet and walks off.

See why he is an Ass? Stupid males. So her choice is made. Even though she and Gareth have mated and she’s been marked she leaves her pack to go with Donovan. She thinks she loves him but she is not in love with him. Maybe that will do for now at least. He was going to be patient so what happened happened. Arriving at the place she would now call home things get tense for a bit. Donovan has to tell his father, his alpha that he is now mated to the girl -he was supposed - to mate. Talk about awkward! This could work, they just needed time. But time is one thing they don’t have. A few days after she gets to the Tall Grass pack and meets Donovan’s father, the alpha, and her intended mate. She is glad that plan got foiled. He is a big bear of a man. Beth can sense darkness in him.. and who needs that?

The Alpha -Bradley - tells Donovan to take her around to meet people. She is in desperate need of some learning. Her old pack each wolf was assigned one thing. You belonged to one group Like Beth for instance was a hunter. But this pack everyone has every skill possible. Exhausting. But she meets the ladies -elders if you will- when Donovan takes her to them. they do all the weaving and sewing. Fun times. Margo and Marybell. She instantly feels at ease and spends much time with them. She meets more of the wolves in the pack and it’s as she is has gone from being the outside -as she felt in her old pack- to the new future alpha female. It was strange to get used to that.

Days pass yet again Beth gets lost in herself and tries to spend time with more pack members and all the time she pushes Donovan away when it comes to sex.. she just isn’t ready for that. Truth is she loves Gareth but is too stubborn to admit that out loud. But as always the Alpha -Bradley- makes her an offer she can’t refuse or hell will come of it. She is to bond with his son. Get Gareth’s scent marker off of her or it will be him visiting her at night. Yeah lets tell the girl you will rape her and see how that goes over.

Things eventually go from bad to worse to holy Mary of God what in the hell is happening. Bradley, the nasty alpha gets his way. He takes Beth from Donovan. As alpha he can do that. So in two days time she will be his during a mating ceremony. -Gags- Margo and Marybell help her come up with a plan of escape. There is no way she can mate the Alpha. He is just not right in the head. But her plans are thrown up in the air when Donovan comes to her and says Gareth is in their territory. If Bradley finds him he is dead. So.. Beth goes to him. The only way to get Gareth to leave her when he finds out what is happening is to -hurt- him. Badly. She lies, convincingly that she doesn’t love him and he leaves.

He was safe now. That was what mattered. But the night of the mating ceremony Beth is challenged and a plan comes to mind… if she loses they will have to send her back to her pack. She can go home.. but as the fight proceeds and she lets the other wolf best her her world goes black. When she wakes up -hours or days later- she finds herself chained and shackled in a dungeon cell. Seems Bradley isn’t ready to let her go. The entire pack thinks she is dead… but she is far from that.

Finally things work in her favor and by a small miracle she is able to escape her cell. And when she is free she runs. Runs like the dickens. But… the alpha follows her and it comes to a stand off. Her in wolf, hi in human form. As he gets closer to her a wolf jumps Bradley and he is wounded. -Not bad but meh- Bradley tells Donovan -the attacker- he can’t fight him. And he is right he isn’t. When a voice pops up and confronts the alpha it isn’t Donovan, its Gareth. When Donovan found out Beth was alive and in terrible trouble he went after Gareth and brought him to her. They seemed to have gotten back -just- in time. Bradley accepts the challenge - not like he would turn it down- and the two face off.

This is where things heat up and the roller coaster of feels slaps you again hard. I laughed, cried -well teared up and sniffled- and stared blankly at the pages as I read. It was intense… but if you want to know who Beth winds up with.. or if she winds up dead read it. I promise you will love it. This book has a little of this and that and a perfect mix of all of them. It;s no secret I love Paranormal and anything shifter.. but this one is definitely one of my favorites now. I am so glad I came across the author and her stories. I am anxiously waiting for more. -Not so patiently- waiting I should say.

Now, go jump at the books. Squeeze them, love them and enjoy!

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