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Barb's Book Review... Bound by Revenge

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First I need to thank Mandy for providing me with an ARC of Bound by Revenge in exchange for an honest review. And secondly, Holy Crap. Talk about a heart racing, over intense and exhausting story. Ha! I freaking LOVED IT! Totally deserves more than a 5, ‘cause just damn.

Revenge. Anger. Deceit. Fear. Pride. All things that can get us into trouble but only if we give in to the animal inside us. That is exactly what Donovan Tall Grass, now a free wolf on a mission to hunt down a former pack mate. A healer. A murderer. The one woman responsible for the death of his mother. The revelation is something that has settled into his bones. He will have his revenge no matter the cost. Not only for his mother, now, but for himself. As she fled the confines of the Tall Grass Pack Felicity poisoned Donovan with silver and wolfsbane. It has hindered him during his travels as he tracks her. Having to stop and seek out the healers of the other packs. The fear and unknown seeping into him as he approaches a new pack. They could see him as a rogue wolf and attack without giving him a chance to explain his reasons for being there.

When he comes across the Dapple Woods Pack he meets Greta and Marc. He is taken to their healer, as a free wolf he is watched but he poses them no danger. As one wolf could never take on a pack. Even if he is a strapping young brute. There is something about this pack, their lackadaisical ways that intrigue yet get under his skin. Especially Greta. She is a total smart ass. A hot smart-ass at that. She has a beauty that is more with her than just her looks. She manages to get under Donovan’s skin at every turn of his hand. (Its quite comical.)

But with her along side him they set out to track down Felicity. As they search they come across yet another victim of hers. She is attacking humans and just leaving them about as they are. She has become reckless and it is going to cause them all trouble if they can’t get rid of her. And that task right there is not an easy one. She gives them the slip many times. Causing more pain and aggression to rise in the ones left in her wake. She slips them many times. There is something about her that has them puzzled. It isn’t until the Alpha female calls in the Council for help. Seems Felicity has turned herself into a Chimera. Part wolf, part vampire, part human… and a whole lotta crazy! She was nuttier than a basket full of nuts but now, she’s off the deep end.

Things with Donovan and Greta change slowly as they work together. Both denying that things are different and push themselves further apart. One night as her heat hits Greta pushes him away. Out of her room and he willingly goes. This is the night he meets the original Chimera. Part wolf, vampire and warlock. He too is after Felicity. Seems the nasty thing she has become is because she stole his blood. HA. (Such a man thing to say) As they are out talking Greta is taken… that’s when things really get wild. (well wilder.)

Donovan and the Chimera set off after Felicities trail. He has to find Greta. Of course he blames himself for not staying close and keeping her safe. He left her in her heat, alone, no one around to protect her. Thankfully Felicity left them a crumb trail.. as in way of pieces of Greta’s clothes covered in blood. (Told ya she was bat shit crazy!) But Donovan is able to track her, finally. He agrees to trade himself for Greta. And it was going so well until Felicity decided that wasn’t going to happen. Though through pure willpower and determination after hours of torture they both manage to escape. But… again that doesn’t last long. Donovan makes it so Greta can escape. Ordering her to run to her pack, to get help. Trusting he can keep Felicity occupied long enough to ensure the females protection. That’s when the real torture begins. In many forms. But he holds out for the female and the pack to return.. only he hopes Greta doesn’t see him this way.. when he slips into darkness its time once again to see things he may not be ready for but he needs to see them.

I can’t say enough about this series. It’s fantastic. Full of energy, humor, pain, and pure unadulterated madness. But only the best kind. So many emotions are written within the pages that you, yourself are on the ride along with the characters. With each book (as this is technically the 3rd in the series) the intensity of the emotions grows. I can’t wait for more! This is definitely one of my favorite new series I have come across this year.

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