Sunday, December 21, 2014

Barb's Book Review... Control Me

I have had this book on my kindle for a couple of months, just waiting for the right time to add it into my reading list. This is a new author for me. As well as a new series. I am so very happy I came across this book on FB… I friggin’ L-O-V-E-D it! Like totes got into it and was glued to each page! Ha. Man I love hot tempered, stubborn, controlling Aussies. 

We first meet Jada Sinclair, eldest child and one of the heirs to the Sinclair Winery, Australia’s top model and a spirited girl is in a world all her own. 9 months ago after an awards event was attacked in her dressing room by someone wanting something from her that she wasn't giving up. He left near death. Thankfully her best friend Mia Brunetti finds her and calls for help. When she wakes up Jada makes Mia promise to not say anything. Now her rehab and therapy is done in Sydney so she is going home to the Barossa. Spending time with her family and away from the hustle and bustle of a busy town will help her heal the rest of the way. 

When Jada gets home she plans to find a way to talk to Max Brunetti and see f they can work out a way for a loan so she can help her father save their winery. After a few bad investments and Tate’s embezzling, her family's winery is on the brink of being lost.But before Jada can go to Max something happens that makes her world go upside down in a tumble. Topsy turvy in a mess of legs, arms and ecstasy. Her long time crush Max Brunetti, Mia’s very sexy, very rich, playboy of a brother walks into her life with an offer she can’t possibly turn down after a moment of unplanned passion in her family's pool house. 

Maxs wants the winery. Jada wants money to save her family's legacy. Her father wants the winery to stay in the family. Its his daughters future. So Max, being the smart, cunning business man he is comes up with a plan. A foolproof plan. He asks Jada to marry him. There is no way to deny the attractions they both have for each other so it would work. He’d get the winery, the stocks for the winery would still be hers and her sister Milan’s and in the family. Can they actually pull this off? They both have this uncanny need to be around one another, its as if they are being drawn into each other. Max being close to her makes her feel safe and Jada being close to him set something off inside him. They are like each others drug. 

Their fake relationship starts to blossom into more than just lust, sex and a little business. When he touches Jada she loses all train of thought. When Max isn’t with her she is all he can think about. As their engagement party and then the wedding are planned they still keep up the ‘we are in love’ facade for everyone else but the feelings start to eat at them. Both of them start to realize this is more than a faced. It is real. Maybe they have always loved one another. Could it be so? Jada had a crush on him when she was younger, since they grew up together. As time passes they get closer and closer even if they fight like cats and dogs at times. Jada has a fast, hot temper that his strength and aggression feed off of. They are both ticking time bombs until they learn to stop fighting the feelings. But even then they fight and then make up for it multiple times.

While on a business trip Max notices a scar on Jada’s tummy. When he asks her about it she plays it off and agrees to tell him another day. On their way home Jada decides to tell him. As they sit on the plane she tells Max all about the night that Tate attacked her. And of course she is a hysterical mess and he is trying to stay calm so he can console her. She doesn't get to finish their talk on the plane but when they get back home to the Penthouse Jada lets it all out. That Tate had cause internal injuries and she wasn't able to have kids. (Though they said she may have trouble getting pregnant and going full term she could possibly get pregnant but she doesn't tell him that.) Needless to say he is speechless in rage at the man that hurt the woman before him and Jada takes his silence as a confirmation that he can do better than a broken girl like her. By the time he comes to his senses she is gone. 

When he tracks her down the next day he is just in time to keep her from leaving him. He tells her he loves her. And she in turn confirms that she is in love with him. But wouldn’t ya know… things don’t always stay happy for long. Not when the bad guy shows back up. Yes Tate. The bastard manages to corner Jada at her childhood home and if not for Max and his best friend, who is a cop getting to her just in time he would have finished what he started almost a year ago. 

This story was action packed. So much happened in these pages. It is a great well built, crazy ass story that I could so see as being something that can or has happened in Real Life. Ya know their are crazy mofo's all around us. And the love story tossed into the mix was absolutely perfect. They started out as fire and ice and ended up squished together like peanut butter and jelly. (laughs) Stupid analogy aside its a fantastic little story!

Until next time... Now, I'm off to read book 2 in this series. "Initiate Me"

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