Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Barb's Book Review... A Face in The Crowd

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Okay, so its no surprise that I am a huuuuuge Stephen King fan. Have been since I was a kid. The thing I love most about reading a King novel is the unexpected. You never know what kind of 'gotcha' moment you're going to get. (laughs) It’s like going to a haunted house and waiting to see what's going to pop out and scare the shit out of ya. 'Cause ya know its coming. I bought the e-book copy of Face in the Crowd almost a year ago. It was one of the first ones I bought and... yes I fail I am -just- getting to it. And I can say this... its not what I expected but in a good way. I was waiting for something to pop out and it didn't. Well not really.

We meet Dean Evers alone in his condo apartment watching the Red Sox. Its a new habit he picked up after his wife died last year. Strange things start happening while he's watching. (stage whispers) He starts seeing dead people at the game... But of course he doesn't believe his old eyes at first. When he sees 'Young Doctor Young' he thinks he's just seeing things. But is he? (snorts) Of course he is. Maybe he's going crazier than a chipmunk on a nut high, maybe not. As the story unfolds before us Dean sees a new face every game. And yes, that person has expired. Dead. He can't seem to fathom why he's seeing the dead. But when he sees his dead wife at the game... he knows he's in for it. Because not only does she wave at him through the tv....she calls him!! She reads Dean up one side, down the other then verbally gives him the heave ho in the nuts. Ha! Its not long after that when Dean decides to take a taxi to the ball field. There is an easy way to settle this.

Though when Dean gets to the ticket booth and asks if a ticket was left by someone for him -and there is- And he is ushered to his seat behind home plate. While he sits there a friend calls his phone. The man gushes about how an officer came by and told him Dean was dead... but he was talking to him on the phone and... he could see him on the television. The cop was wrong. But Dean knew. And if his friend was seeing him.... well that meant he'd save him a seat. He' be seeing him soon.

I liked this novel. It had me laughing almost all the way through it. The main character (Evers) himself is a big arrogant ass but.. he is funny. I wish it had been longer and more to it. I enjoyed it that much.

Now.. onto more books. Until next time, keep it turnin’.

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