Thursday, December 18, 2014

Barb's Book Review... Face Time

First I would like to thank Choosy Bookworm and the author, S.J. Pajonas  for a copy of this book in return for an honest review. This is a new author for me but I will tell you the title and the blurb I read of the book is what caught my attention. It hit home for me. The whole struggle of a long distance relationship. Can you make 7,000 miles between you work? I know from personal experience that you can but it takes a lot of hard work, trust and love to make it so you don’t go crazy with worry and want daily.

We meet Laura, single gal, hard working HBO employee who has been stood up -again- by her co-workers. So she is sitting at The Blue Bar, alone and kind of pissy. This is when she meets Lee. He is at the bar, barely functioning after a long flight from Seoul (Korea). After he makes a chatty comment to Laura she -being pissy and all- snaps at him. Then has to apologize. And she does so by buying him a drink and gives him a little bit of talkin’. When they both go to part ways, Laura doesn’t want the talk to end and as f he is reading her mind Lee asks her to meet him the next night for dinner. And she agrees, telling him she’ll be in the bar they just walked out of.

When they meet the next night they have the date of a lifetime. Not only is Lee sweet, kind and a great guy to get to know he is the perfect guy for her. And the kiss he leaves on her at the end of the night has her missing him from the moment they part. They agreed to Face Time and text. Keeping in touch the only way they can since they are going to be 7000 miles apart starting the next morning. When Lee gets back to Soule his friend’s Chris and Cori and their daughter Evie and he goes out to dinner. And of course Cori grills him about Laura. I mean its her job after all.

Their second date a Face Time chat only sets the wheels in motion for more. They are both addicted to each other whether they really want to admit it or not. He is falling in love with this sweet girl and she is head over heels for this man she’s only met. Beth’s worried her history, her past will make this all fall apart. Her mother already hates Lee and everyone seems to say the same thing. “Why cant you find a nice guy that's in NYC?” Why should she even contemplate anyone else when she has Lee. Yes this is hard but they can make it work.

When Beth’s mother comes in one morning telling her she and Richard -her moms rich boyfriend- are getting married and she is going to the Bahamas for it -alone- Beth is hurt. But that is not the kicker. Her botch of a mother -who is a few fries short of a happy meal- tells Laura she is cutting her apron strings. She will be selling the apartment. Then she tells her once she -meaning Laura- tells Lee about her past he will leave her too. She needs to start looking for a place of her own. Laura figures she has a month or so before she is kicked out. Talk about a whole pile of shit. Now, she knows she has to tell Lee.. but how will he take it. (Something tells me this won't be as bad as she thinks but… you never know.)

Things get rocky for Laura and Lee after the ghosts of Laura’s past come back to slap her in the face. She let her mothers betrayal, her fear and the thoughts of losing Lee make her skittish to the point where she tells him not to call her or want to see her again. She isn’t good enough for him. So, what’s a man to do? After talking to Cori he gets his ass on a plane and comes straight to NYC to talk to her face to face. In the mean time Laura gets herself together enough to go to her friend Teresa’s and tells her what happened. Of course Teresa -being the good friend she is- tells her to get on a plane and go to Seoul to tell him she still wants what they have. Thankfully he gets to her door as she is walking out with her suitcase. I mean literally. HA!

The moment they are back up in her place there is no talking, they don’t need talking, they need lovin'. And that is what they both get. Then Lauren tells him -most- of her dirty little secrets. He is heartbroken for her not himself. She panics and manages to flip her shit. Lee is there to calm her and just hold her. to let her know that he is there with her, he loves her and he isn’t going anywhere. Just as they are getting back on track Lee gets a call from his mom in Seattle. It’s his mom -who never calls him- and she is upset. His father has passed away. Lee is lost immediately. How could this happen? It seems every time things start to go good.. something pulls them down.

When they arrive in Seattle his mother is not pleased that he brought his ‘girlfriend’ along. But he needs her to be with him, its the only time he feels calm during this time. His dads wake’s -there were 3 in on day spaced out by a couple of hours, of course- were held the day after they arrived. then they would have the cremation and then a family dinner at his parents house the next day. thankfully between Lee’s sister-in-law and his sister - to his surprise- Laura was kept out of the wake of unease. As much as possible that is. His mother -the nasty bitch that she is- gives Lauren the cold shoulder and refuses to speak in English around her. LOL

But in the end Lee chooses to do what -he- needs. That is to ask Laura -again- to move to Seoul and be with him. travel with him and live out the life she wants. He is losing parts of his family and that hurts but for once in his life -and hers- they are choosing to be the people they want to be. Be young, free and live life to it’s fullest.

I really enjoyed this book. It has heart, emotion and a story that is not only close to my heart -for a few reasons- but its a story I think anyone can relate to. I look forward to reading more of this series.

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